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Interview with bloggers from Best Dressed Poland/ U razgovoru s blogericama s Best Dressed Poland/intervista con bloggers dal blog Best Dressed Poland

As the title suggest today I've prepared an interview with bloggers from Best Dressed Poland.   It is a street photography blog run by  Agnieszka & Dorota.  They post every day no matter what weather conditions and they always have such fun photographs. What I like about this blog (besides the quality of the photography) is that it is very versatile in terms of style. What follows is a short interview with  Agnieszka & Dorota.   1 . When did you decided to make a blog about street fashion ? Well , the first picture on Best Dressed Poland was published July 20th 2012 , so our blog is relatively new. Actually, we hadn`t been thinking much about opening a blog before that. It was a very spontaneous decision. We came up with the idea one day over coffee and just went with it. We are sisters, and we both came to Cracow for College. We spend a lot of time together, and we`ve always been interested in fashion. We never really plann

wild horses+ one outfit post....divlji konji i jedna odjevna kombinacija

I have a thing about horses. I know I'm not the only one. Many feel a special connection with these noble animals. I know this is an outfit that I have shown you earlier put I forgot to post photos of something much more beautiful and that is the scenary and the wild horses. You may have noticed that the horses are not afraid of me. That is because I spend a lot of time on this hill and they have gotten used to me and my husband. Maybe they aren't wild after all but belong to somebody. If that is the case they sure spend a lot of time by themselves. Have a lovely day, my stylish beautiful friends:) Obožavan konje i znan da nisan jedina koja osjeća neku posebnu vezu s njima. Ovu san van odjevnu kombinaciju već pokazala, ma san zaboravila ono najlipše, a to sigurno nisan ja, već  krajolik i ove divne životinje. Možda vidite da me se konji ne boje, to je zato što san stalno tu pa su se navikli na mene i muža. Mislim da čak i nisu divji već nečiji, al