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Book review (Invisible men by Ralph Ellison)/ Ogled knjige ( Ralph Ellison, Nevidljivi čovjek)

What can one say about masterpiece that hasn't been said before? That is the question I asked myself when I wanted to write this review but than I realized that there is always more to say, there is always something we can add. That is in fact one of the qualities that make a masterpiece what it is. Every time we read it, we can read something new from it. There is always a message within a message, a meaning within a meaning. In every masterpiece we will find a quality that is timeless and that makes it ever relevant. Furthermore, reading a book is often a personal experience, so that is another angle we can take when we are wondering what to say about a particular book that hasn't been said before. Što se može reći o remek djelu da već nije bilo rečeno? To sam se pitala kada sam željela napisati ovaj ogled, ali onda sam shvatila da se uvijek može reći više, da uvijek postoji nešto što se može dodati. To je zapravo jedna od kvaliteta remek djela. Svaki put kada ga pr

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