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Garance Dore Love x Style x Life ( Book review and recommendation / Ogled i preporuka knjige)

When you title your blog post ‘book review and recommendation’, you’re basically inserting a spoiler in your title. If you’re recommending the book, then you must have liked it. Yes, I can’t argue with that. To tell you the truth, when I’m writing book reviews, I don’t like to keep my readers in suspense. Hence I will tell you right away that I really enjoyed reading this book. What motivates me to me write any book review is the fact that I want to talk about it and share that (preferably positive) experience. Very rarely will I be motivated to write in length about some book that I didn’t fancy because well that just doesn’t sound very exciting, does it? There would have to be some specific reason to prompt me to do something like that. Now that is settled, let’s talk about this book. First of all, it is visually stunning. The design is fantastic, the layout is gorgeous and the pages are very thick. You visual tipes will love it for all those lovely illustrations and phot