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Painting with make up (fashion illustrations) + FAQ / Slikanje šminkom (modne ilustracije)+ česta pitanja

What is painting with make up? What it is like? Is painting with make up even possible?  Sure it is possible. You can paint with pretty much anything that leaves traces on paper. In fact, depending on the product you can both paint and draw with make up. It is something that can be done.  I've done it without ever googling it or reading about it, without seeing a tutorial or researching it.  I rememeber how natural it felt to make the first make up paintings and illustrations back in 2014 ( here  and here ). To this day I haven't really researched this subject because it was so much fun figuring it out for myself. No need to follow my example, though. Internet is packed with ideas and tricks that can make our lives easier. What does it feel like to use beauty products to create paintings?   Well, it is fun but it is also a bit challenging. You take some make up product (mascara, lipstick, eyepencil or eyeshadow) and you play around with it. It can be very enterta