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I've been living on island Hvar (in Croatia, Europe) for a few months now and I can testify that it is called sunny island for a good reason. Hvar town is a beautiful historical town. It has been popular with the tourists for quite some time, but in the recent years it has turned into a jet set destination. In addition, Hvar town can boost itself with a record high number of sunny days.  Now, I've blogged about Hvar town a couple of times since I've been here (read more here, here and here). It is only natural that I take every chance to visit this gorgeous historical town. I'm at doubt whether I should call it a town because it is not that big or city because it is important from a historical point of view.

THE  CATHEDRAL OF SAINT STEPHEN (16th CENTURY) In immediate vicinity of the theatre you can find the historical city cathedral of Saint Stephen. Dating back to the 16th century, this late Renaissance/early baroque church is a beauty. The bell tower dating to 17th ce…