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 Hello! Today I'm back with an art update. In this post I will share four female portraits. This year I was mostly focused on landscape (seascape) paintings, but recently I have done some portraits and fashion illustrations. You may remember that I have shared some of my new fashion illustrations  fairly recently. I was fun to get back to illustrating with watercolour pencils, so I also sketched some portraits. I did use reference (and old DM catalogue) for some of these, but it's mostly my imagination. I did these portraits just for practice, so I'm not sure what exactly I will do with them. Maybe gift them to someone or just store them in some folder, I really don't know. The medium for all of them is watercolour pencils on paper (art supplies used the same as in my last art post). Let's me first share some art tips of mine with you really quickly and then we'll have a look at these quick watercolour portrait sketches. TEN TIPS FOR IMPROVING ONE'S ILLUSTRA