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You can keep your smile on....Možeš zadržati osmijeh....

No make up. Rainy and gloomy day. Even the ducks seemed depressed and not sociable as usual. Lots of layers. Nothing glam about this outfit. Yet I remember how happy I felt that day. I was so full of joy even if there wasn't a particular reason to smile about.  Maybe it was because I realized  there is always something to smile about. Life as such is a gift. A precious gift. Often we forget it. We forget what a blessing it is simply to be alive and to have someone to share it with. Welcome May! I'm not going to complain about the rain or the sudden drop in temperature, because it doesn't really bother me. After the rain, there always comes the sun. I wish you all a fantastic May! Bez šminke. Kišovit i tmuran dan. Čak su se i patke činile depresivnima i napustila ih je njihova druželjubivost. Puno slojeva. Ništa nema glam kada je u pitanju ova kombinacija. Ipak se sjećam kako sam sretna bila toga dana, ispunjena radošću iako nije postojao neki poseban razlog za osmije