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From sketch to painting (Fashion illustrations of the day) / Od skice do slike (Modne ilustracije dana)

Truth be told, I've been into fashion illustration ever since I was a kid. I have so many sketchbook filled with fashion illustration. Back in the nineties, I would sometimes draw them in MS paint. Remember when paint (windows) was a thing? However, I have always felt more comfortable with paper. I love digital art, but I'm not very good at it. Personally I prefer working on paper. So, here I am, turned thirty and still working on fashion illustrations. Sometimes you grow out some things, sometimes you make them your own. Do you have a hobbies like that, hobbies that you have been doing for a long time? Do you think it's good to stick to one hobby? I think that whatever works for us, works for us. Sometimes it is good to try something new, sometimes it is good to stick with something we genuinely like. I do have other hobbies,  but this is something I love to come back to. Istinu govoreći, zanimam se modnim ilustracijama otkada sam bila mala. Imam hrpu bilježnica ispu