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Conversation (short story, writer link up)

Today I'm joining a writer's link up. Feel free to read other stories and find out more about it  here . It is organized monthly by blogger  +Natalia Lialina  and everyone is welcome to join in. My story is about 1100 words long and titled  Conversation . Original version was twice as long and written in Croatian, so I guess  this is a rewrite.  Without any further ado, here is my short story for this month.                                                                  Conversation  I was in a hurry, running to catch the bus  and doing my best not to look ridiculous in the process, when suddenly I saw a familiar face.  He was sitting on a bench in an ordinarily looking park that started where the bus station ended and despite the fact I couldn’t see his face I recognized him immediately. His back was slightly hunched and the tips of his wings, dragging on the grass, haven't been white in ages. Their colour was more ash like and perhaps there was actual ash on

Sights to see, places to visit (+outfit post) / Znamenitosti za vidjeti, mjesta za posjetiti (+ odjevna kombinacija)

I'm starting a new feature on my blog called  Sights to see, places to visit  and this is my first post of the kind. Today I have for you one dinning recommendation and a bit of history to spice it up. That doesn't sound too bad, does it?. So if you ever happen to come to Mostar, I recommend you to visit one pub that besides a wonderful selection of beers, also serves exquisite wines (this is a wine region after all) and delicious dishes.  When I first came into Mostar, I have fallen in love with one particular street. It was the trees that so enamored me. They belong to the Platanus family of trees and in English they are called plane or plane trees. Thanks to this pub's website I have learned that these trees were planted in 1889 to welcome Belgian Crown princess Stephanie and Crown prince Rudolf of Austria and celebrate their visit to Mostar.  Let's get back to the way this history information connects with the pub I just recommended visiting. You see, many

etno selo (treći dio)/ ethno village (part 3)

 This is my last post from the ethno village ( I promise:)). I won't take much of you time today. Have a great Sunday!  Ovo je zadnja objava iz etno sela (obećavam:)). Danas vam neću oduzimati puno vremena. Uživajte u nedjelji!

Life lately (3 outfits, 3 dishes) /Život u zadnje vrijeme ( tri obroka, tri odjevne kombinacije)

My favourite time of the day is when I prepare lunch. Often I feel that is the only time I really have for myself, a short break from life that is to be welcomed with open hands...On the other hand, I might  just be  such a foodie. I can never get bored of cooking and baking cakes. Moj najdraži dio dana je pripremanje ručka. Često imam osjećaj da je to jedino vrijeme koje zaista imam za sebe, kratki predah od života koji je više nego dobro došao...a naravno možda se jednostavno radi o tome da jako volim jesti. Nikad mi ne može dosaditi kuhanje i pečenje kolača. typical vegeterian lunch/ tipičan vegetarijanski ručak cheese, eggs, carrots, zucchini and spices/ sir, jaja, mrkva, tikvice i začini Wearing tights for the first day of Summer...chilly wind made me do it! / Debele najlonke za prvi dan ljeta....kriv je hladan vjetar OOTD/ necklace: diy, cardi and dress: no name, shoes: naughty monkey, bag: vintage svaki dan je dobar dan za pravljenje kolača

Inspired by..... / Nadahnuta s.......

Time for another  "Inspired by" post . This is a regular feature on my blog where I post my illustrations of fashion bloggers. You can see some of my previous illustrations here , here , here  and here . Blogger illustrated today is  +Tijana J. Dominguez   Vrijeme za još jednu " Nadahnuta s" objavu   ( inače redovita rubrika na mom blogu koja se sastoji od mojih ilustracija modnih blogerica) . ...Možete pogledati neke moje prošle ilustracije modnih blogerica ovdje , ovdje , ovdje i ovdje . Danas ilustrirana blogerica je   +Tijana J. Dominguez   inspired by......

etno selo (drugi dio) / ethno village (part 2)

Today I'll show you different ways to wear a scarf. If you always wanted to know how to style a semi turban (i.e. tie a scarf as a semi turban) you've come to the right place.  Danas ću vam pokazati različite načine za nositi rubac (maramu). Ako ste uvijek htjeli znati kako vezati rubac (maramu) kao polu turban, došli ste na pravo mjesto . step 1. take a scarf korak 1. uzmite rubac/maramu first I'll show you the usual way to tie a scarf prvo uobičajen način za vezanje rubca/ marame around the head and tucked in /oko glave, krajevi uvučeni Now I'll explain the semi turban method/ sada objašnjavam kako vezati maramu u polu turban semi turban - meet both ends at your forehead, cross them one around the other  and then tied them in the back - that's all there is to it/ polu turban- oba kraja dovedite do čela, unakrstite i zavežite je sve. I repeat: semi turban - meet both ends of the scarf at your forehead, cro