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Hello dear readers! Today I'm taking you to Kaštela town. This city is located in vicinity of my home town Split city.  The origin of Kaštela town is really interesting. It's composed of different villages that merged into one and with time this complex of villages became a town. Kaštela is composed of seven different settlements (villages).  In fact, Kaštela has been rewarded the status of a town fairly recently. When I was a little girl, Kaštela was a part of Split city, a suburbs of sorts. However, this place has definitely grown. Tourists are starting to discover it as well. Some parts of this city are quite historic. There are beautiful stone castles and houses.  You can also enjoy a beautiful view of Split city and of the islands. You can read more about Kaštela on their Tourist Board.  Look at those stone houses that seem to grow out of the sea. Isn't that quite something. A famous Croatian painter painted this scene, maybe you have seen it somewhere in print (becaus


Hello dear readers! I had some technical problems yesterday, so I wasn't able to publish my Friday Fashion Illustration post on time. Therefore, the post shall get published today (fingers crossed because my computer froze on me again while I was writing this post). Anyhow, today's post is going to be all about summer vibes. We're going to hang out on my balcony for a bit. Do you see these fashion illustrations I'm holding in the first picture? I actually already shared some of these before, but in the meantime I decided to cut them out. I remember making and then playing with this type of DIY  'paper Barbie dolls' when I was little, so why not do it today and keep up the fashion tradition? I think I mentioned quite a few times on this blog that fashion illustration was something I did even when I didn't know what it was called. I used to always doodle outfits in my notebooks (and even handbooks). I remember doing fashion illustrations in Paint on my old co