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Winter magic (my fashion illustrations of the day)/ Zimska čarolija (moje modne ilustracije dana)

My last illustration was focused on Spring. Today, my inspiration is Winter. Maxi dresses. Crazy accessories. Big sleeves. Fur coats. That calm at the end of the day. Silent nights.  Sky filled with twinkling stars. Winter magic. 

Moja zadnja ilustracija bila je u tonu proljeća. Nadahnuće za današnju je zima. Duge haljine. Ludi modni dodaci. Veliki rukavi. Krzneni kaputi. Zimska čarolija. Taj smiraj na kraju dana. Tihe noće. Nebo prekriveno zvijezdama koje sjaje. Zimska čarolija.


#fashionillustration #maxidress #bigsleeves

This illustration is actually a remake of this one. Yes, I didn't manage to salvage it. However, I managed to turn it into something else. I used only watercolours on this one, but I managed to create a collage effect. I'm not sure does this one qualified as mixed media. As you can see I added tiny bits of paper and bonded them with water and then painted on them with watercolour. So, the components are just paper, water and watercolours. How do you like this fashion illustration? Do you like this trend of big sleeves?

Ova ilustracija je zapravo prepravak ove. Da, nažalost nisam je uspjela spasiti. No, uspjela sam je pretvoriti u nešto drugo. Koristila sam samo vodene boje, ali uspjela sam stvoriti efekt kolaža. Nisam sigurna je li se ovo može nazvati mješanim medijem. Kao što vidite dodala sam male komadiće papira i povezala ih vodom i onda sam ih oslikala vodenim bojama. Tako da su u pitanju samo vodene boje, papir i voda. Kako vam se sviđa ova modna ilustracija? Sviđa li vam se ovaj trend velikih rukava?


modaodaradosti #painting

detalji (slika)

. This illustration on the other hand is mixed media. I used red nail-polish on top of the watercolours. That would be the red part of this dress. I played with collage on this one as well. This second illustration also depicts a maxi dress but there is a fur coat on top of it. Do you like it?

 Ova ilustracija pak je mješavina medija. Koristila sam crveni lak za nokte povrh vodenih boja. I na ovoj sam se zaigrala na temu kolaža.  To bi bio crveni dio ove haljine. Druga ilustracija također prikazuje dugu haljinu, ali preko nje je i krzneni kaput. Sviđa li vam se?





  1. I love the sleeves of the blue dress! Lovely drawings :)

  2. This illustration is so beautiful. I really love it! It's great how you used mixed media items like nail polish in your work. I do like big bell sleeves. I see a lot of vintage pieces from the 80's with fantastic bubble sleeves and more flowy sleeves in boho styles. I am a huge fan of this style in design. The fur maxi dress looks so Fabulous with fur over it. You are so talented dear, can't wait to see more of your fashion illustrations. Hope you have a great week:)

    1. thank you sweetie. I'm a fan of this style as well.

  3. Lovely post dear! Have a great weekend! xx

  4. Sei la mia artista del cuore. MERAVIGLIOSA!! <3 <3 Che brava sei, amica mia. Una stilista, un'artista, una pittrice.. you've really got a talent!! Oh my, these are beautiful inspirations!! Love you dear!! <3

  5. I love the fur jacket :)

  6. I really like these, I use watercolours myself but I usually make landscapes, I love how you added other textures and painting materials like using the nail varnish too.

    Rosy | Sparkles of Light Blog
    My Instagram | Instagram

    1. thank you Rosy. So great you use watercolours too. They're a really interesting media to work with.

  7. Such a lovely post! Have an amazing new week.


  8. Beautiful illustrations!!!

  9. i love this illustrations,they are so pretty

  10. amazing ilustrations!!!!kiss

  11. Ooooh it is such a dramatic look!!!!! I love it!!!!

  12. I really like how you added different types of media to create a 3D effect on these illustrations. The collage really adds to the visual interest of the designs. I love the remake and the transformation you made with it. The flared sleeves are a really cool detail and create a great focal point to the entire outfit.

  13. Naravno da mi se sviđa :) Tako je moćna i dramatična, ma savršena! Tvoje ideje me zaista iznova oduševljavaju, a posebno kada mešaš različite elementa, sredstva i ideje <3

    1. uvijek sam prepuna nekih ideja, a ovakve je barem lako realizirati:)

  14. Interesting illustration, Ivana, and well done, indeed. Love the first one the most, looks so regal, if you know what I mean.
    New update: Animal Park

    1. I know! That is what I was going for. Royal chic<3

  15. Your winter princesses are lovely. Long sleeves a new trend, feather, fur - great winter ideas. Kisses - Margot :)


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