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Customizing a Notebook With a Hand- Drawn Fashion Illustration: DIY Project of the Day

Hello everyone! Today I'm back with one DIY project. 

For this DIY project I have used: 

1. Paper
 (depending on the size of the illustration you'll need a piece or a sheet of paper)
2. A pair of scissors
3. Pencil (for sketching)
4. Coloured pencils (for colouring the illustration)
5. Glue (to glue the illustration)

Customizing a Notebook With a Hand- Drawn Fashion Illustration: DIY Project of the Day

Customizing a Notebook With a Hand- Drawn #FashionIllustration: #DIY Project of the Day


 Customized Notebook Tutorial:

1. Sketch a fashion illustration in pencil. If you don't know how to draw, find a fashion illustration or a magazine photograph you like and copy/ trace it with a pencil. 

*(Alternatively, you could also cut a fashion illustration out directly from the magazine and glue it to the notebook but that would be another kind of DIY.)

2. Colour the fashion illustration using coloured pencils. Alternately, you can also use markers or some other medium (but you need to make use you use the paper appropriate for that medium).

3. Cut out the illustration with scissors. Don't worry if you cut out a hand or something like that. You can always glue it on later. (When you scroll down, you'll see it happened to me).

5. Glue the illustration on the notebook. Wait for it to dry. That's all !

Customizing a Notebook With a Hand- Drawn Fashion Illustration: DIY Project of the Day

Customizing a Notebook With a Hand- Drawn Fashion Illustration: DIY Project of the Day

Customizing a Notebook With a #Hand- Drawn #FashionIllustration: #DIYProject of the Day

If you look carefully, you'll see that I have accidentally cut out one of the heel on the shoes in this fashion illustration. Nothing to worry about! I have just cut out another piece of paper, glued it and then coloured it with coloured pencil. I've also cut out a few pieces of paper and glued them. You can  use these blank pieces of paper to write down your name or the whatever you like. Personally, I use this notebook for studying and note taking, so that is what I will write down on these pieces of paper. In case I forget what this notebook is for, it will be easier to remember. Details like this can help with organizing our things, especially if you have a lot of notebooks. Speaking of which, do you use notebooks? Do you use planners? Do you have a scrap book? Do you keep a diary? 

Customizing a Notebook With a Hand- Drawn Fashion Illustration: DIY Project of the Day

Customizing a Notebook With a Hand- Drawn Fashion Illustration: DIY Project of the Day


In this digital time, there is something special about taking the time to write down something on a piece of paper. It feels almost like a luxury. I've read somewhere that the process of writing down something with our hand helps us to remember it better. Hence, this technique can be used  both for planning and as a learning tool. Would you be willing to give it a try? Two studying advice I remember best from my student days are: picking a nice place to study and customizing our notes.  Supposedly, using the colours we like and/or drawing on our notes helps with studying. There you go, you now have the perfect excuse to doodle. The next step to take is mind mapping. Have you ever tried making a mind map? I admit it's been a while since I last made one, but I remember using mind maps as a tool for studying back in the day. I might try it again, as I'm trying to make studying a part of my life again.  Moreover, a lot of people swear by keeping a planner. Having a planner you can pull out at any moment, doddle and write in, might be a great way to organize our time better. It's definitely something to keep in mind. If you like fashion, then customizing a notebook with a fashion illustration makes perfect sense. Perhaps you can even consider planning. Do you think that surrounding ourselves with things we love can help us fight stress?  One thing I'm certain of and that is that surrounding ourselves with creativity can't hurt. Would you be willing to give this DIY project a try? Would you be interested in seeing more similar projects?

Customizing a Notebook With a Hand- Drawn Fashion Illustration: DIY Project of the Day

Customizing a Notebook With a Hand- Drawn Fashion Illustration: DIY Project of the Day
dress: modna kuća Bellissima, vest: no name, boots: Peko + DIY

Customizing a Notebook With a Hand- Drawn Fashion Illustration: DIY Project of the Day



  1. This is such a fun idea Ivana! Combining your passion for illustrating with a backdrop of gorgeous travel/colourful villa imagery on your notebook's cover is a brilliant idea. Your balcony looks like such a lovely and sunny spot to enjoy illustrating, by the way :) Have a fabulous week! x

    1. thank you Gabrielle. My new balcony is bathed in sun and it is indeed a nice place to do some illustrating.

  2. The result looks so beautiful! A personalised notebook is a great gift idea ❤️
    Have a great week sweetie!
    Nuria 😘

  3. What a great idea. Look so good. xx

  4. wow, it looks amazing! a personalized notebook is always the best idea! i wish i could draw as good as you do x
    have a wonderful day!

  5. Looks very interesting) thanks a lot for sharing!

  6. That's a really nice and very good looking idea, dearest Ivana!
    And I think it fits perfectly to my ANL-Linkup because it's a very easy DIY which makes a simple notebook to an artwork :-) > Her's the link:
    Hugs my dear, Traude

  7. That is a lovely DIY! Definitely do share more of your lovely creative projects, they are so nice to see :)

    I used to write out notes for study a lot - it's the best way for me to learn, to write it down and read it back later. Now it seems the only way I can remember something, I have to write it down, haha!

    Hope you are having a nice week so far! It's a good one for me as we have a day off here and I'm planning to relax a little, as much as the kids allow, ha! :)

    Away From The Blue Blog

  8. Mi piace come lo hai personalizzato, bellissimo il risultato!
    Kisses, Paola.


  9. I love the result:) Beautiful DIY:)

  10. That notebook looks so chic now!!

  11. Good idea!!
    Thanks to share with us

  12. świetny pomysł! zeszyt super! :)

  13. Ma che bella idea!!! Io adoro gli articoli di cancelleria e sopratutto le cose personalizzate, solo che ormai faccio praticamente tutto con lo smartphone, il pc o il tablet, che rendono tutto più rapido ed organizzato, per cui non li uso più...

  14. A me queste creazioni piacciono tantissimo non stancarti mai di questa tua passione

  15. Adorei o post !
    Beijokas da Camila e Carol

    Estamos de volta, já tem post novo no blog

    Vamos Papear 

  16. That’s a fabulous work of art, Ivana! xoxo

  17. Thanks a lot :D

    I really love this kind of easy DIY's :D Super cool :D

    InstagramFacebook Official PageMiguel Gouveia / Blog Pieces Of Me :D

  18. This is such a nice way to add a personalized touch to any notebook. Yes I agree that taking pen to paper to write things down seems like such a luxury these days.

  19. This turned out so cute! Well done, babe!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  20. That's really cute! Love how it came out. I also liked when you did a bookmark.

  21. this DIY is super super pretty! :)

    Check out my beauty related new post:


  22. I remember playing paper dolls when I was a kid.
    This is pretty creative

    Much Love,
    Jane | The Bandwagon Chic

  23. Wow, this post is beautiful, what a nice idea to combine a personalized touch to any notebook. I love your balcony. I'm sure you always create your illustrating here. You are looking so relaxed and fresh. I love your comfy outfit too <3
    Have a fabulous weekend dear <3


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