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Inspired by....Nadahnuta sa....

Seven fashion bloggers are featured in this post. All of the illustration I have made today (and let me tell you I have a terrible backache...scroll down to see if it was worth it....)

Sedam modnih blogerica je uključeno u ovaj post. Sve sam ilustracije danas napravila ( i da vam kažem leđa me nastavite sa čitanjem i vidite je li vrijedilo toga)

My illustration/ Moje ilustracije

We shall start with +Fabrizia Spinelli 

Inspired by / Nadahnuta sa....

my fashion illustration (water colours)/ moja modna ilustracija (vodene bojice)


 Inspired by Fabrizia and her post Pastel shades. The illustration  itself is an attempt to illustrate the post, not just the look, so original text is also included.


Next one is +Kizzy Von Doll

water colours/ vodene boje

Inspired by/ Nadahnuta sa

Inspired by beautiful Kitty and her post.  I just love this vintage dress, makes her look like a princess. 


We'll continue with +Lilli Ludo 

water colours/ vodene boje

Inspired by/ Nadahnuta sa....

Inspired by gorgeous Lilli and her post Navy Mood in Fall. This is such a phenomenal outfit, I love the maxi skirt!

Next one is our darling Fashion Abejita aka +Tijana J. Dominguez 

Inspired by/ Nadahnuta sa....

watercolours/ vodene boje

Inspired by Tijana and her post Simple yet special. She looks dreamy in royal blue!


When it comes to +francesca romana capizzi , I've just couldn't make up my mind about what outfit to portray....and hence I've decided to make two illustrations.

Inspired by/ Nadahnuta sa....

Inspired by very fashionable and stylish (not a) fashion blogger Francesca and two of her latest outfits.


Charming +Nikki Shaw mentioned in her comment today that she likes my illustrations and now she's got one of her own.
Inspired by/ Nadahnuta sa.... Nikki from

Inspired by pretty Nikki and her post Blush Pink Jacket and Slip Ons.


One more to go! Have I saved the best for last? I present +Magdalena Pińska 

Inspired with/ Nadahnuta sa....

vodene bojice/ water colours

Inspired by Magdalena, fabulous Polish blogger. The illustration includes sampling of a  text from original post. Out the two outfits presented  in the post, I choose a sporty one because I really like the energy of this photograph.


That would be all folks! I must say after completing these illustrations, I have a whole new appreciation for the beauty of my fellow bloggers. I mentioned that one of the things I like about painting/drawing/ illustrating is that the act itself allows me to see something in a new light....and in a new light you look more marvelous than ever!

 I don't usually post more than once a day but I couldn't wait to share these images with you. I hope you like them. I'm not completely satisfied...the new water colours I got are not very good and as always I wish I had more time.

Nevertheless, I'm so happy and grateful that my laptop didn't shut off (as it does so often) and that I've managed to complete everything! If you're one of the bloggers included in the post and you like the way the illustrations turned out, feel free to use them in  any way you like. In other words, consider them my gift to you. 


  1. I really like these illustrations

  2. These illustrations are really great and you are talented person! I like the drawing where you drew Fabrizia Spinelli and Lilli Ludo!

  3. E' veroooo sono proprio loro, le hai fatte benissimo Ivana!! Wow!!

  4. Sono favolosi questi disegni Ivana, bravissima! Lucy

  5. Sono senza parole Ivana <3 Ti ringrazio tantissimo, mi hai fatto un regalo super speciale, ne sono davvero onorata! Hai tanto talento e sei bravissima, hai illustrato anche le altre perfettamente. Grazie davvero di cuore! <3

  6. wow bome si se naradila danas, ovdje je stvarno bilo puno posla, ali odličan je rezultat, svaka čast! :))

  7. Amazing Work! You are great :)

    big Hugs and kisses <3

  8. Amazing drawing. You inspire me to draw again.
    Great job!!


  9. Ooohhh, this is so very sweet!! Thank you sooooo much for including me, I love it! I'm very honoured you took the time to draw and include me, makes me smile so much!!! Bless you doll. I hope your back gets to feeling better soon too. Lots of loves and hugs to you doll, this really made my day xoxoxo <3

  10. prekrasne ilustracije! :) vrijedilo je, draga :*

  11. This is fabulous painting by you! You've done very well painting these works of these lovely ladies. You surely get my respect for these pieces.

  12. So pretty! Amazing work!


  13. Hahahaha, oh my gosh, this is so cute. I giggled my way from the beginning to the end of this post. Great job Ivana! Meanwhile, sorry to hear about your back ache. Please rest dear.

  14. Ivana, that was so nice! You did a fabulous job and I know they appreciate it. The paintings of them are beautiful.I know Lilli and Kizzy! And now you've introduced me to some other fashion bloggers. Great job!

  15. Svidja mi se. Lijepo si to ilustrirala. :)

  16. wow,they are really fashion,and I need have a try like u,i am well in it
    what we wear is fashion!

  17. Pa stvarno nemaš mira, ti kada kreneš, nema kraja :) Svkaa čast, isplatilo se jer su sve cure divne i na fotkama i na tvojim ilustracijama i odlično su ispale! Svaka čast, Ivana! :)

  18. WOOOOW, sono super super super contenta di questo dipinto, grazie mille è stupendo! Lo condivido sui miei social adesso!!!
    Fabrizia – Cosa Mi Metto???

  19. Jao, draga moja Ivana, ulepšala si mi jedan ne tako lep dan. Hvala ti od srca, zaista mi je čast što sam se još jednom našla među tvojim ilustracijama :) I sama na osnovu tvog ugla gledanja vidim i sebe na neki drugi način, a i ostale devojke. Predivno! <3

  20. I immediatly spoted Tijana on the first picture :D
    Great work Ivana! They all look great!

  21. Lovely illustrations, you are very talented!


  22. You're a very creative artistic person :))

    Lu |

  23. What beautiful illustrations, so original, what lucky ladies!! Hope to inspire you one day as well, it would be an honour!!

    Lots of Love,

  24. Che brava, quelle che seguo anche io, come Francesca, le ho riconosciute subito!

    40 OUTFITS for SCHOOL and COLLEGE on lb-lc fashion blog

  25. wow! I do LOVE how you shift your way of painting on each piece.
    I feel their characters of all of them...!!

  26. Beautiful illustrations...I love the detail

  27. Beautiful post, really interesting! Kisses dear, have a good evening! xo

  28. Che belli!! :)

  29. Wow! This looks great… I’m loving the paintings
    Kisses from Miami,

  30. I really want to do some illustrations now

  31. Oh wow, wow wow! Thank you soooo much for taking the time to illustrate me, I'm so honored:) I love your illustrations!!

    I'll definitely be a doing a post on it soon, so keep a look out for that one:) I hope your back feels better soon! Thank you again!!

    Have a lovely weekend <3 X

  32. Ivanaaaaaaaaaaaaa ma grazieee non l'avevo vista!!! Grazie mille!!!

  33. svaka cast! imas prave umjetnicke prste <3 samo naprijed <3

  34. Your work is amazing ! I love these illustrations <3


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