Hello dear readers! Today I'm back with  selection of my fashion illustrations.  It's Friday and that means it's time for another post in my regular blog feature titled- FASHION ILLUSTRATION FRIDAY. As the name suggests, this feature is all about fashion illustrations and art.  In this post, I'll share fashion illustrations that were inspired by things I actually wore. The theme for these fashion sketches and illustrations of mine is autumn and winter fashion. So, if you like art, scroll down to see more. 

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Fashion during autumn and winter is  wonderful thing. The more clothes we get to wear, the more fun with layering we get to have. I wasn't always aware of this fashion wisdom. Fortunately, one thing I learned is that feeling the cold is optional. That is how I learned to love winter (and I wrote about it in more detail here). Basically, I learned to dress better for winter. I figured out that you can still wear all the cute dresses you want and not freeze to death. The trick is in layering. You can do the whole layering over your feminine dress in two ways: you can go for multiple layers or you can pick one really warm outwear item. That is what I did with both outfit proposals I have for you today. You know, if you find good quality outwear, you should be warm no matter what you wear. Another important aspect of winter wardrobe is comfy and cozy shoes. My solution for winter is: heeled boots. What I like about a good pair of heeled boots is that it keeps our feet warm while at the same time keeping our outfits more feminine (check out this post for more tips on how to dress femininely in winter) and making us look leaner. Winter  and Autumn inspired looks and styling do not have to be dull. They can be fun and stylish, I promise.  

Winter and Autumn style tips for dressing more feminine 

1. Think before you get dressed

Alright, maybe this is kind of obvious, but putting some though and effort into getting dressed can pay off in the long run. You might want to put together a list of things that worked for you in the past, a list of things and outfits you want to try out. Take a minute and think before you get dressed.

2. Look for inspiration 

If you're feeling stuck or uninspired, don't be afraid to look for inspiration. With the help of various social media and fashion sites ( such as Pinterest, fashion blog/magazines and Instagram) , and search engines ( google and whatever else you're using) you should be able to come up with great outfit ideas.  

3. Don't forget about layering

I know it is pretty obvious but still. You need to stay warm. The best way to do that is layering. In addition, layering gives us more options. Creating a feminine outfit is easier once you master the layering. For example, when you want to wear a pair of warm leggings, consider wearing a nice elegant skirt or a dress over them. Wearing a dress or a skirt over leggings or even pants is a great way to fight the cold.

4. Pay attention to the accessories

Anything from a nice scarf, leather gloves to a pretty necklace can take your outfit to a new level. Write down all the feminine accessories you can think of. Check out what you have in your closet. Remember that gorgeous pair of earrings you totally forgot about and finally wear them. You do not have to wait for the Spring to wear your favourite necklaces. Wear your necklaces over turtlenecks and scarves. 

5. Wear fitted items or a belt

Fitted items are often by definition feminine. They make any outfit appear more dressed up and feminine. If you cannot invest in tailored and fitted items right now, consider belting your clothes. A nice belt can create an illusion of a fitted cut. 

6. Skirts and dresses are an obvious choice (so don't you ignore it)

Well, they are. Skirts and dresses are clothing items that are by definition feminine. Today dresses and skirts come in all shapes and forms, so finding a cut that suits you should not be a problem. The same goes for finding a style. From rock chic to classical elegance, there is a dress for every style.

7. Don't forget about 'formal' clothing items 

By formal clothing items I mean anything you would wear for formal meetings, special occasions or office. Most of us have shirts, blouses, dresses, blazers that fall into the dressed up category. Sometimes we do not wear them as often as we could. There is no reason why we should wait to be invited to a wedding so we could wear our best blazer. 
8. Opt for luxurious fabrics

Luxurious fabrics such as velvet, silk or satin will always make an outfit seem more feminine. I mentioned formal clothing as a way to create more feminine clothing in my previous note, and we might notice that often the art of the appeal is in the fabric. Moreover, when we think about formal clothing, there is often a connotations of a special type of fabric. Cotton, suede and denim are considered casual materials, while silk for example is considered a more luxurious material. Inspect your closet. Find those luxurious fabrics and think of a way to wear them.

9.  Suit up and don't forget a pair of nice heels

Wearing a classical suit is always a good idea. Whether it is a pants plus blazer or skirt plus blazer, a nice suit adds elegance into every look. If you want to look extra feminine when you are wearing a suit, do not forget to wear dressed up shoes, it does not matter whether it is a pair of heels or a pair of fancy flats, what matters is they match the suit and make the outfit more polished.

10. Vintage clothing- the obvious feminine choice

Vintage fashion bloggers and models can be your perfect inspiration. Yes, vintage can be the best place to look for feminine garments, especially vintage clothing from the fifties and earlier. Be it second hand, inherited, bought or whatever, a vintage clothing item can add femininity in our closet. There are many vintage shops out there, but if you are not in the mood for shopping, you can always ask your mothers and grandmothers, family members and friends and see if they have some item they would like to get rid off.  

11. Faux fur or wool lining for jackets and coats

Faux fur/wool lining is a great way to keep warm. Such jackets and coats can be your best friends during the winter months. Take this faux leather coat with faux fur lining that I'm wearing. It's super warm. I could literally wear a tank top under this thing and still be warm. I'm not kidding. I know I said that layering is everything, but sometimes when you find the perfect jacket or coat, you don't need to layer that much. Just pick a nice dress or a jumper and you're ready to go. 


1. PRACTICE REGULARLY-  Illustrating is a skill, and just like with every skill, it can be developed with time and practice. Practice makes perfect!  Regular practice makes it easier for your muscles and brain to remember what they are supposed to do. 
2. PRACTICE AS OFTEN AS POSSIBLE- Seizing every opportunity you get to illustrate and work on your art skills is the way to go. You don't have to set aside a few hours every day, sometimes even a few minutes can be enough to get some idea down on paper but do PRACTICE AS OFTEN AS POSSIBLE.
3. CARRY A SKETCHBOOK WITH YOU AT ALL TIMES-Having a sketchbook at hand is extremely useful in developing one's illustrating skill because it serves both as a reminder to do art and an easy way to get down to it.
4. FIND NEW WAYS TO INSPIRE YOURSELF - Try doing collages, journaling, scrapebooking and so on. Enjoying in different creative activities can inspire you to be more creative with your illustrating. I sometimes pair my illustrations with my photography. Illustration is not an isolated area. Everything you learn doing  some other creative stuff can probably be applied to illustrating as well. 
5. ILLUSTRATE WITH A REFERENCE- This will surely help you improve your perception and technique. Moreover, working with a reference is extremely useful in developing one's art skills. You have to learn how to see things to be able to draw them. An eye for detail is something we can and must develop if we want to illustrate well. Using a reference, you'll practice how to work out proportions and distance (and other things that you'd need to take your illustrating skills to a new level). 
6. ILLUSTRATE WITHOUT A REFERENCE- This one seems to contract my previous tip, but they are two sides of the same coin. Illustrating without a reference helps you improve your imagination. When it comes to developing your skills, this kind of illustrating is just as useful as the one done with a reference. You need to be able to do both well. Illustrating from your head can make you feel more independent and free. Plus, it  can be a great boost to your confidence. 
7. EXPERIMENT WITH DIFFERENT MEDIA- Experimenting with different media can give you fresh ideas and lookout on things. I, for example, sometimes draw fashion illustrations with old make up. 
8. CONSIDER USING TEMPLATES OR/AND FIND OTHER ART TOOLS & LEARNING MATERIALS- I don't really use temples because by the time I figured out how useful they potentially were, I already made my own. However, if you are a beginner, there is no reason why you shouldn't use them. You can buy them or even find them for free (some artists  and illustration teacher offer and share them for free on their sites and/ or social media) 
9. DON'T RELY TOO MUCH ON ART SUPPLIES- If you're just starting to work on your art skills there is no need to stress yourself financially by buying the most expensive art brands. You can start with what you have. You don't need that much to get started. Even when you get really started, keeping in mind that art supplies are just a tool.
10. TRY TO FIND A TEACHER AND/ OR OTHER ARTISTS TO LEARN FROM- If there is no illustrating/drawing course where you live, you can always try to find teacher or courses online, get involved in art communities and talk  to other artists. 

Thank you for stopping by!


  1. The grey puffer coat illustration is my favourite. :) I also love it when you place your fashion ladies in "real" settings - that makes me smile. Good tips, Ivana!

    Have a wonderful weekend, my friend!

  2. Me gusta los trajes negros. Geniales ilustraciones. Tienes mucho talento. Te mando un beso.

  3. Your illustrations are so beautiful and I love how you did that puffer coat! I really like how you get inspiration from the different outfits you wear. Good tips too! :)

    Hope you are having a wonderful weekend :)

    Away From The Blue

  4. Love the details from the puffer jacket! Lovely colors. Such cool stylings. Thanks for the tips. So great to see your artwork. Happy October❤️🎃🖤🍂🍁☕

  5. Che belle illistrazioni, Ivana!
    Mi piace soprattutto quella con il maxi piumino bianco, ha davvero un bel movimento!
    Ma il tuo look che preferisco è quello con la gonna lilla e la tunica ots, sei adorabile!!!

  6. Lovely details, the jacket is lovely

  7. Lovely artwork for your fashions. You really are talented :-D <3

  8. Thank you for the tips and inspiration, Ivana! I've been thoroughly enjoying the various fashion illustrations you've been treating us to here, which are definitely your forte! I particularly love the puffer coat illustrations! Have a nice week ahead, my friend! xxx

  9. I love your illustrations especially the puffa jacket one, you've really captured the texture well! x

  10. Your illustrations are really gorgeous and that with puffer coat is absolutely amazing!

  11. This down jacket looks perfect :)

  12. Sempre bellissime le tue illustrazioni e trovo molto interessanti i consigli di stile!
    Kisses, Paola.


    My Instagram

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  14. I am impressed with your beautiful 3D illustrations, the dresses look like they are alive :) Congratulations

  15. Your illustrations are always amazing Ivana! I love the puffer coat! You're so talented!

  16. Beautiful post and perfect Illustrations.
    I send you a hug and I wait for you on my blog.

  17. So many beautiful pictures of both you in your inspired outfits AND your art! I love the way you color so intricately! Great to see and read you again, my friend!

  18. Thanks for these beautiful and colorful art-works. Merry Christmas to you dear friend. Happy 2023 to your family and you. Greetings.


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