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Inspired by....... Dolce &Gabbana Spring 2016 collection (fashion illustration of the day- runaway look )

Spring.  Believe it or not, I'm not anxious for Spring to get here. Yes, I find it hard to believe myself but I'm a newfound lover of Winter. The weather has been rather gloomy lately, today being no exception. I haven't been able to take a decent shot in days, but somehow I don't even mind it.  I'm content with the season at hand. However, that doesn't mean  that I don't have my eye open for upcoming trends. That doesn't mean that I'm not thinking about what I will wear this Spring. Speaking of which....

Today I have a new fashion illustration to share with you. Recently I shared an illustration from D&G 2017 collection (here). Today I'm illustrating something from a different collection. It is in fact a runaway look from the last year's collection- but from the same designers. So, I suppose you could say that I like Dolce& Gabbana:). #Italyislove and all that! Does anyone remember D&G Spring 2016 collection? Well, here is a little reminder. The medium is watercolour on paper. Do you like this runaway look? Do you like the illustration?

Proljeće. Vjerovali ili ne, nisam nešto nestrpljiva za dolaskom proljeća. Da, teško mi je i samoj u to povjerovati, ali u meni se probudio ljubitelj zime. Vrijeme je bilo poprilično tmurno u zadnje vrijeme, a današnji dan nije bio nikakva iznimka. Nisam bila u stanju uslikati pristojnu fotografiju danima, ali nekako me to ne smeta. Zadovoljna sam s godišnjim dobom koje je tu. No, to ne znači da ne razmišljam o proljetnim trendovima i o tome što ću nositi ovoga proljeća...A kada smo kod toga...

Danas sa vama dijelim novu modnu ilustraciju. Nedavno sam podijela ilustraciju kreacije iz D&G proljetne kolekcije za 2017.godinu (ovdje). Danas ilustriram nešto iz druge kolekcije. To je zapravo kreacija iz prošlogodišnje kreacije, ali istih kreatora. Moglo bi se reći da mi se sviđa D&G duo.:) #Italyislove i tako to! Sjeća li se itko njihove prošlogodišnje proljetne kolekcije? Evo maloga podsjetnika. Medij su vodene boje na papiru? Sviđa li vam se ova kreacija? Sviđa li vam se ilustracija?

moda oda radosti #italiaislove


Unfortunately, while I was touching up this illustration, I somehow managed to ruin it. More or less. I'll see if I salvage it tomorrow. But that is the difference between digital art and art on paper. When it comes to paper, there is no 'undo' option. All it takes it a second and everything you worked on gets ruined. When that error happened, I was annoyed. However, then I thought to myself: 'What is the big deal? I'll draw a new one.'

That got me thinking. In life we can't always fix what we mess up. Nevertheless, we can always start again. Always. Scarlet O'Hara got that part right. Tomorrow is a new day. Always. In life nothing lasts for ever anyway. We lose everything, sooner or later. No amount of effort can bring us exactly what we wanted at the exact time we want it- and sometimes it is for the better because we often don't know what is good for us. At the end of the day, we either tried to do our best or we didn't. Deep inside, we always know which one is the case. Perhaps that is all that it matters.

Nažalost, dok sam dovršavala ovu ilustraciju, nekako sam je uspjela upropastiti. Više manje. Vidjet ću mogu li je spasiti sutra. To je razlika između digitalnog slikanja i slikanja na papiru. Kada je papir u pitanju, nema 'poništi' opcije. Sve što je potrebno je sekunda i sve na čemu ste radili se upropasti. Kada mi se ova greška dogodila, iživcirala sam se. Onda sam se zamislila i pitala sebe u čemu je stvar, mogu jednostavno nacrtati novu.

To me zamislilo. U životu ne možemo uvijek popraviti nešto što zaprskamo. Međutim, možemo uvijek početi iznova. Uvijek. Scarlet O'Hara je tu bila u pravu. Sutra je novi dan. Uvijek. U životu ionako ništa ne traje zauvijek. Sve izgubimo, prije ili kasnije. Nikakva količina truda ne može nam donijeti točno ono što želimo u točnom trenutku u kojem to želimo- a ponekad je tako i bolje jer često i ne znamo što je dobro. Na kraju dana, ili smo pokušali najbolje što smo mogli ili nismo. To zapravo  znamo samo mi, negdje duboko u nama. Možda je samo to i važno.

fashion illustration


#dolceandgabbana #fashionillustration


  1. I love your illustration.... amazing work
    I think we all get very impressed with this collection of Dolce and Gabbana

    Glamorous without the Guilt

  2. Beautiful Illustration, you are so talented

  3. Absolutely stunning artwork hun! Thank you so much for sharing :)

    XO Jessi,

  4. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  5. Thanks a lot :D

    congrats for all work dear :D so amazing

    NEW OUTFIT POST | Life Lessons That I Learned.
    InstagramFacebook Oficial PageMiguel Gouveia / Blog Pieces Of Me :D

  6. Davvero stupenda la tua illustrazione Ivana, sei super talentuosa!!! Baci

    Fashion and Cookies - fashion and beauty blog

  7. The illustration looks amazing. Good job!

    Jessy xx Kleidermaedchen

  8. They do look the same, great illustration.

  9. Dicas ótimas, obrigado pela visita.

  10. Točno to, svaki dan nam nudi priliku za neki novi početak i sitne greške po putu ne treba promatrati fatalistički već kao priliku da iz njih nešto naučimo o sebi i stvarima kojima se bavimo :) Ja volim pratiti tvoje ilustracije još od samih početaka i baš fino napreduješ, a najviše od svega se iz svake vidi koliko uživaš u procesu crtanja - samo naprijed! :D

  11. Such a lovely illustration. You are a talent.

    Gemma x

  12. Ivana, this illustration is simply wonderful :)

  13. I used to be a huge fan of D&G during my flying days, but the brand is so expensive here in S'pore. Miss flying, don't you?? xoxo

  14. Ivana, your attention to detail is marvelous. Love the head dress, top & skirt. So pretty. I hope you're able to salvage it.

  15. Wow! beautiful! I love D&G so much though I haven't own any item from them yet! Must be because of the flowers! ehehhe your artwork reflects their designs so much dear! stay awesome as always!!!

    love lots,

  16. Lovely post dear! Have a great weekend! xx

  17. Da, meni se veoma dopada! D&G mi je uvek nekako nov, svež i inspirativan brend.
    Veliki pozdrav

  18. Another good one, Ivana. Gee I am so far behind, I'll try to catch up over the weekend, hope to find time, hahaha. Anyhow, glad to hear you are now loving the magical time of the time called winter. I so love this season and it's so much more fun to dress for winter than for summer. Happy Friday, Ivana.
    New update: Home Front Friday

  19. I adore this look. SO pretty and yes,Spring-like! Sorry,I love Spring! The sleeves are beauitiful!x

  20. Well, I am not the biggest fan of Winter, so I am looking forward to Spring. However, this painting is amazing! I love this beautiful skirt!

    xoxo Nadine

  21. LOvely picture - Dolce and Gabana - my favourite designers - greetings - Margot


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