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Inspired by Jessica from Not Jess Fashion (Fashion illustration: Watercolour)

Hi guys! Today it's time for my regular 'Inspired by' feature. That means I'm back with another fashion illustration of mine. But as you know, when it comes to this feature, it's not going to be just any kind of fashion illustration. It's going to be a fashion illustration inspired by a fashion blogger. Over the years, I've  illustrated so many fashion bloggers. I love fashion bloggers (big surprise!:)).  I've always maintain that when it comes to regular features on my blog, this is my favourite one. Perhaps because it allows me to join two things I love, fashion bloggers and my art.

This time I illustrated a blogger from Not Jess Fashion (you can visit her blog here). The medium is watercolour on paper. I added some finishing touches with coloured markers. I absolutely love this outfit. Well, I obviously love it since I illustrated it and all. I think it's feminine, beautiful and simply perfect for these transitional days. Great take on the ultra violet trend as well. Do check out Jessica's blog if you're looking for some inspiration. She has a fabulous sense of style. That would be all for today. Scroll down to see the 'making of' process. Have a lovely day everyone! Thank your for reading. 

#InspiredbyJessica from #NotJessFashion (#Fashionillustration: #Watercolour)

#modaodaradosti #fashionblogger #art

Inspired by Jessica from Not Jess Fashion (Fashion illustration: Watercolour)

Inspired by Jessica from Not Jess Fashion (Fashion illustration: Watercolour)

Inspired by Jessica from Not Jess Fashion (Fashion illustration: Watercolour)



  1. Great inspiration! I love this illustrayion, iy's so lovely.

  2. Hello!!
    I know this blog, she is very stylish. Beautiful illustration ...

  3. Molto bella la tua illustrazione ed anche il look a cui ti sei ispirata, Ivana!
    Mi piace moltissimo l'effetto dell'acqueello sugli abiti!

  4. Wow, I know her, she is wonderful in fashion. I really loved this outfit of Jess but I'm loving your illustration more than her original one. You have done it so beautifully. i know that it's not easy. I'm sure she will be happy to see herself in your art <3 <3
    Have a fantastic day <3

  5. Great Illustration! Also the Outfit in Violet looks gorgeous. :)


  6. That is a really chic monochromatic outfit and I love the way you illustrated the fluidity of her dress.

  7. I love that your illustration captures the basic shape, look of the design, colour, and flow of the fabric used in the couture worn by Jessica from Not Jess Fashion. I too love fashion bloggers. I can easily imagine your illustrations capturing your own ideas for fashion creations on paper, begging to be transformed from your artwork to into fashion designs. I think you make a brilliant fashion designer.
    P.S. THANK YOU for your lovely comment on my blog post at
    I also love your Twitter @modaodaradosti (Ivana Split) and would love to subscribe to your YouTube channel if you get one :D

    1. thank you, I have a YouTube Chanel but I'm not very active there.

  8. I love this fashion blogger Not Jess Fashion and I follow her on Instagram. She has a fabulous sense of style and you really captured her sense of style perfectly. Lovely job Ivana!

  9. Great Illustration dear thanks for sharing.. online shopping in pakistan

  10. Wonderful illustration! You are the great painter!♥

    Blog: Witty Sweety
    Instagram: @witty_sweety

  11. Thanks a lot :D

    day by day your are better! loved your work <3

    InstagramFacebook Official PageMiguel Gouveia / Blog Pieces Of Me :D

  12. Ma che bello questo bozzetto. Mi piace molto sia il modello che hai scelto che come lo hai realizzato.

    Don't Call Me Fashion Blogger

  13. Pooh this one's cool! I think this one is probably my favourite one, there's something different about the illustration that I really like. One day I will wear an outfit cute enough to wind up on your blog, I'm determined. Also you know my Crohn's which I was dealing with? Turns out I was actually pretty unwell so have been put on a bunch of medication which is fun. Any updates on your illness?

    Wandering Everywhere

    1. thank you so much! I'd love to illustrate you some day.

      In this post operation period I've only been taking Pentasa, but my symptoms are pretty bad. The doctors were planning to put me on Humira again, but now it seems they've changed their mind. Right now, I'm waiting for blood tests so I can have an appointment with my doctor to agree on new medications. She wants to put me on Imuran and stereoids again.

  14. Beautiful illustration and great inspiration:)

  15. You did an excellent job illustrating her. That purple is fabulous and I always appreciate how you capture movement in your drawings.

    1. thank you, capturing movement can be tricky but it is also a lot of fun.

  16. Hi Ivana! I'm sooo flattered! You're the sweetest, I absolutely love your illustration! This is the coolest thing I've ever seen in a while. Kisses!

    Jessica |

  17. it´s also a nice one. i like the colour you paint - violet is a nice colour.


  18. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.


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