Hello there! I'm back with my regular feature Fashion Illustration Friday. As regular readers of my blog probably know, this is a feature devoted to my fashion illustrations. I don't necessarily post my fashion illustrations weekly, but I try to devote at least one Friday a month to my fashion illustrations. I try to keep up this fashion illustrating hobby of mine and you guys seems to enjoy it, so why not share my sketches?  Today I have a couple of fashion illustrations based on Dolce and Gabbana SS 2020 woman collection to share with you. The medium is mixed- mostly ballpoint pen plus digital retouching. 
One of the things I like about D&G duo is that they have a signature style. When it comes to their collections for ladies, there are a few things you can count on. In terms of cuts, there is that classical tailored look that is a part of any collection. In terms of length, this may vary a bit depending on the season but midi dresses and skirts are almost always present in their collections. When it comes to patterns, you can always count on floral and animal print to make the cut. So, how does D&G Spring and Summer 2020 differ from their other collections? Were they true to their style? Were there any new trends they embraced? Were there any surprises? The first thing that strikes me about Spring and Summer 2020 collection is the presence of two colours: khaki and green. In particular, I was surprised by the amount of khaki looks present on their SS 2020 runaway. In a way, it makes sense because khaki pairs with leopard perfectly and animal print is one of D&G signature patterns. Still, from a brand that simultaneously embraces vivid colours and black, a collection dominated by khaki was not what I expected. The presence of green was less of a surprise as it is a very trendy colour at the moment. Moreover, green was quite present in their collections up to now, especially in connection with floral prints and patterns. Speaking of which, there were a lot of tropical floral patterns present in D&G 2020 collection. It makes sense seeing that it is spring and summer collection.  Now, when it comes to cuts and designs themselves, there weren't any surprises. Suits are still trending and D&G take on it is a logical development from their last collection. In terms of cuts, they're true to their somewhat classical Mediterranean style. No surprises there!

To make this illustration I used one of my old watercolour designs (this one) and coloured it digitally in a program called Paint 3D. I'm not  really sure I know what I'm doing to be honest, but that is alright because you don't have to have it all figured out. I started playing with this program back in April and that is what I use to make my digital fashion illustrations. I know very little about digital illustration, I'm learning as I go and I'm trying to have fun in the process. As I said on my blog before, I haven't really been able to buy any new art supplies since this coronavirus thing started. If you remember, I moved for work about eight months ago and haven't really been on a hunt for new art supplies at first because it wasn't a priority and then all this chaos happened.  In the last few months, I pretty much settled to drawing sketches with a ball point pen and colouring them using  a computer program. I wrote about my experiences with digital art here. Anyhow, it was fun illustrating this sexy midi dress.  I had a bit of a deja vu feeling as I already illustrated a D&G black midi dress in the past.

Besides collages with my art, I prepared a step by step collages to show you how I paint digitally. I wrote about ballpoint pen illustration in the past so not much to add there. It is hard to dark cover up ballpoint pen lines but you can make them lighter digitally. Personally, I just love to leave them as they are because I like that ballpoint pen look. What I typically do is to use a watercolour brush in Paint 3D program. I adjust the transparency for different effects and layering. This tool also allows me to layer colour. I don't know, I feel like it isn't that hard to paint on ballpoint sketches. I can see how a pencil sketch would work just fine.  I suppose it depends on what you want. Ballpoint pen is a good medium to opt for as it is easily accessible. It is quite easy to carry a pen with you, most of us do it anyway. In addition, the combination of ballpoint pen and digital can work well you're pressed for time or financially challenged. It is an interesting medium for both beginners and advanced artists. It is also educating to be able to see every line. In short, ballpoint pen is used by many, for various reasons. Bellow you can see a ballpoint pen sketch followed by digital art collage. I have used Paint 3D computer program to manually colour the fashion illustration on the collage you can see bellow as well as for other illustrations. 
Let me know what you think. You can buy prints, posters, t-shirts and other stuff (even face masks) with my art printed on it via redbubble site.  My shop's name is IvanaKada. Thank you for reading and commenting. Take care and stay safe. 


  1. Evo mene nazad i napisao sam nvi post, prije toga sam odlučio malo se odmoriti od blogovanja. Sviđaju mi se tvoje ilustracije i članak je odličan. Vidim da si i ti tek objavila i drago mi je da prvi komentiram. Pozz! :)

  2. These are absolutely amazing, love them!! Hope you have a great weekend xx

  3. Ah very inspiring! Your illustrations are evolving, thanks for posting :)

    Allie of

  4. Hello Ivana
    You are a truly artist!!! I loved that effect you did with your illustrations !! And who is the woman who can resist the style of D&G !! Continue to post your wonderful illustrations, I love it !!


  5. The collection looks amazing and your illustration are fantastic xx

    Elegant Duchess xx

  6. You have such a talent doing this Ivana. And I love all of the colors too.

  7. I have always liked the D&G proposal, they never go unnoticed, and although they are ornate they always look avant-garde, it is a waste of talent and creativity, I liked how you were inspired by this collection for your fashion illustrations, I congratulate you! Kisses.

  8. It's a beautiful collection! I really like that green dress, I can see why you just had to sketch it! So pretty, both the original and your artwork! :)

    Hope you are having a nice weekend :) We spent the day enjoying the sunshine outside at some parks, even if it was a bit windy!

    Away From Blue

  9. Le collezioni di D&G sono sempre stupende! Complimenti per i disegni, sono molto belli

    The World Of A Vet

  10. I'm once again admiring your talent, Ivana! It's incredible that these fashion illustrations started out as ballpoint sketches. The digital retouching seems incredibly intricate. I especially love the one based around that amazing green dress! xxx

    1. Thank you dear. Nice of you to like them.

  11. I'm a fan of D&G's work - that jungle-print dress is very reminiscent of Jennifer Lopez's striking and famous deep-V dress from ages ago, and I'm sure it's nodding to that. I have one of their lingerie-inspired dresses in black wool from the 90s that I love.

    I enjoy seeing you get creative and use Paint 3D to push your creations a little bit further. Whatever works to get us making something and exercising that side of our brains, right? :)

    1. Thank you Sheila. It does make one think of JLo's famous dress, doesn't it?

  12. Već znaš da obožavam tvoje ilustracije. Ova mi ze posebno dopala i uživala sam čitajući post.❤️

  13. D&G's syle is always so distinctively bold and feminine. You have done a fantastic job of also capturing that spirit in your illustrations inspired by their work.


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