For the love of drawing ('How I learned to enjoy drawing more'?): Fashion illustrations of the day (pencil)

This particular drawing was inspired by one Dolce and Gabbana dress (as you might have noticed, I kind like this brand), worn by Monica Belluci ages ages ago. However, I took some artistic liberties and drew this fashion illustration in my personal drawing style (now that I finally have one) meaning en-longed neck and fingers. I might try to turn this drawing into something more eventually. For now, I'm happy with how it turned out- not that bad considering the time I had at the disposal last Summer. 

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Maybe it is good as time as any to mentioned that these photographs were taken in Summer 2017? Not that I couldn't just as well take them now. I mean my new home is extremely warm. Turns out that spending a lot of money on quality isolation (those who know something about construction will get what I mean) was a good idea. The kitchen area (as well as the living room, they're joined) is filled with lots of natural light so that keeps the temperature up as well. Naturally, there is also a benefit of living in a Mediterranean climate, but the house was designed to make the most out of natural sunlight. I love it. I almost feel like living in a glass-house. 

#pencildrawing #modaodaradosti #fashionillustration #drawing #art

I suppose that my new house is also a testament to the fact that amateurs can be really great at something, as long as they take it as seriously as professionals do. I mean my husband was the architect of this house and despite the fact he'd never studied architecture, it turned out pretty impressive. He had designed  and even drew our house by himself. We're pretty much settled in our new home. We have set money aside to buy a wood pellet stove, but I'm not even sure that we're going to need it. Right now, the new air conditioner that we bought seems to be more than enough. I might write more about the whole construction, inner decoration and moving process, especially since we did so much work ourselves so I feel like I actually have some useful information to share. Still, it will have to wait.

#pencildrawing #modaodaradosti #fashionillustration #drawing #art

 #fashionillustration #drawing #art

Back to the subject of drawing. You know, I used to think that drawing wasn't for me. I was more attracted to painting as such. All I knew is that painting felt more natural to me. However, somehow I changed my mind. Now I genuinely enjoy working with pencil. I still don't think it's my main medium, but I'm starting to enjoy it more. What ever you do, it does good to challenge yourself - at least occasionally. I have wrote more about this here and here. These days I reach for both coloured pencils & pencils quite often. 

#pencildrawing #fashionillustration #drawing #art

How did I learn to enjoy drawing more? Simply by doing more of it. Even if you feel like drawing isn't your main medium, even if you have no plans for making elaborate artworks in pencil, it is still good to draw. I remember a period of my life when I had absolutely no time for any kind of art, but I kept making little sketches and doodles. Some of those doodles became illustrations and paintings. In life, you just have to make that first step. True, sometimes you really don't have more than 5 minutes to spare for your hobby, but still it is amazing how far 5 minutes can take you. Obviously, you won't improve your drawing skills by working on them 5 minutes a day, but it can make a lot of difference in terms of your motivation. It can help you stay on the right track, and then when an opportunity presents itself, you can jump at the chance of improving your skills.

#pencildrawing #modaodaradosti #fashionillustration #drawing #art #bojice

#pencildrawing #moda #fashionillustration #drawing #art


Two years ago,  I published an article What Do I Talk About When I Talk About Painting? in which I tried to explain what painting means to me. My meditations might have been motivated by the fact that despite not considering myself a painter (or a visual artist), painting remains essential to me.  It just does. I suppose I still haven't come up with a why. It just does. And you know what? That's enough. These photographs were actually taken shortly after we moved into the new house, but I already look very much at home. I wonder why. :) Only one of the drawings that follow was made with colour pencils. It is a quick sketch but it gave me an opportunity to play with flowers (a while after these photographs were taken). I will probably share those floral designs in my next post. They are always fun to do. Today I'm basically sharing just these 3 drawings, but I'm also taking the chance to do a bit of writing done. 

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#pencildrawing #atwork #artinprogress #fashionillustration #drawing #art

#modaodaradosti #fashionillustration #drawing #art

I know it is such a cliche but motivation is really everything. There were and still are periods of time, when I simply can't get any drawing & painting done. There were also periods when I could have organized my time better, but that's another subject. It doesn't really matter. No matter how young or old you are, you can improve your drawings by working on. There is a good change you'll live to experience that famous saying- the more you work on it, the more easier it will feel. This applies to many things, from sports, to cooking to art. Work on it. If you can't work on it, think about it, let it linger in your mind. When you really want something, you find time for it. If not now, then in 10 days, or in 10 months, or in 10 years. 

You're not a failure if you not manage to implement something you love, some activity or skill, in your life. If you are motivated to do lots of thing, if you show interest in many various subjects, if you have many hobbies, that in itself is really not a bad thing and don't let anyone tell you otherwise. We can't have it all, but there is nothing wrong it wanting it all, as long as we are aware that we can't have it all at once. As long as we know that it will take a lot of balancing to figure out what is right for us in some time in our lives. While I was in hospital, I obviously couldn't get any drawing or painting done. The stuff I'll share this month was all made in time I managed to steal. 

#pencildrawing #modaodaradosti #fashionillustration #drawing #art

#pencildrawing #drawing #fashionillustration #drawing #art

#pencildrawing #draw #fashionillustration #drawing #art

Anyhow, I still have a few things to say about drawing. For one, I think it is very useful for developing one's skill, even if you happen to be more attracted to pains (watercolour, oil and acrylic). Moreover, it is obviously easier to carry around a pencil and a sketching notebook as opposed to carrying paint and brushes around (though, there are those mini/travel painting kits one can purchase) In addition, drawing is in many ways more practical. The changes you will get paint on everything around yourself are rather slim. Although, it can still happen, if you happen to be as clumsy as I am sometimes. Still, generally speaking, there are many advantages to drawing. If you want to enjoy drawing more, you might want to consider them all.

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#pencildrawing #moda #fashionillustration #drawing #art

#pencildrawing  #fashionillustration #drawing #art

  I think that realizing that I really don't have to give up colour is one of the things that attracted me to do more drawing. I've started warming up to using coloured pencils more often. They can be a wonderful medium indeed. They are not reserved only for realistic art, you can do whatever you like with them.  Similar, pencil doesn't have to be used to make the classical 'almost photograph like' portrait. You can use them any way like. There are so many effects that can be achieved with pencil that I haven't known anything about! I'm not saying that I will try to learn them all (or even any) but it is good to know about them. I think I'm the kind of person who enjoys something more, the more she knows about it. The more I learn about working with pencil, the more I want to learn.

Last year I even started a feature on my blog titled 'The world of pencil'. I realized that pencil is such a beautiful medium. There are so many amazing artists who choose to work solely in pencil. Before I knew it, I who have always been addicted to colour, fell in love with pencil. Moreover, then I started enjoying working with a monochrome or one colour sheme. I even started using a single coloured marker to create illustrations (for example here). Another thing that made me enjoy and love drawing more is simply realizing that I can adjust to make it more approachable to my personal aesthetic. 

#pencildrawing #modaodaradosti #fashionillustration #drawing #art

#pencildrawing #modaodaradosti #fashionillustration #drawing #art

#pencildrawing #fashionillustration #drawing #art

#pencildrawing#fashionillustration #drawing #art

#pencildrawing #fashionillustration #drawing #art

DRAWINGS/ CRTEŽI: all by me/svi su moji
DRESS/HALJINA: Adriatic (Galeb) 


  1. In effetti qualche volta i tuoi disegni mi ricordano lo stile di Modigliani! Bellissima la tua cucina.
    Buon Anno!
    Don't Call Me Fashion Blogger

  2. A house that feels as though you're living in a glasshouse? That sounds dreamy! Especially as I adore the warm, humid weather haha :) You look really beautiful and elegant in these photos Ivana, and gosh, your skills really are improving month by month - the faces on your illustrations are brilliant here! So lovely!

  3. I liked your pictures and your drawings, dear Ivana, and it's true, amateurs can do a great job, I am really happy for your house and what your husband did! The kitchen looks lovely! I agree with you, we need motivation and some minutes to practice our hobbies, but if we don't manage to do all, we are not a failure! I hope you go on ding what you love and that you have a very amazing new year, Ivana, many hugs! So good you are back!

  4. Baš su mi falili tvoji postovi! Jako mi je drago da ste se preselili u svoju kuću i super za izolaciju, čuda čini, znam :)
    I drago mi je da ponovno objavljuješ svoje crteže :)

  5. Dear Ivana, how wonderful your new home is that warm and full of light! Kudos to your husband who planned this house and also to you as I know for sure you have a great deal on everything. The kitchen where the pictures obviously have been taken is very beautiful (I like white kitchens and as far I can remember I had only white kitchens so far - my current kitchen is for sure also white.) And you look beautiful and thoughtful on the pictures - yellow suits you very well. I think you are right with what you wrote here about drawing. Like everything in life skills can only grow with exercising and 5 minutes drawing each day will make for sure the difference! Yes, you have your own fashion illustration style and I really like it! I like the drawing with the pencil!
    Happy New Year!
    With love from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  6. You have a big talent Dear, I love your illustarions:*
    Happy New Year:)

  7. I missed coming on your blog Ivana <3 Happy New Year lovely, I love your drawings you're a wonderful illustrator! :)

    Serene xoxo

  8. Your drawings seems to get better and better with each stroke, Ivana and congratulations on fully stealing into your new home! I had no idea that your husband designed the home and wow, your kitchen looks amazing.

    Shireen⎜Reflection of Sanity

  9. It's good to see your drawing again, Ivana. I guess it's a good way of destressing too. Wishing you the best of 2018, dear!

  10. "This particular drawing was inspired by one Dolce and Gabbana dress" - i see, you take only the best!!!

    i like your kitchen furniture, it looks so modern, nice! i also like your neo dress - this is a dress, right? i think you find the right place for drawing!


  11. It was such a pleasure to get an inside look at your creative process and motivations. This drawing is lovely! And the peek inside your new house is wonderful as well. Your husband did such a great job on the design one would think he was an architect.


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