Personally, I'm quite happy about the suit trend for I'm a big fan of suits. I have already wrote about this trend on my blog here and here. Today I have an outfit proposal that is suitable for a number of occasions. A nice suit can take you from a business meeting to a nice lunch/brunch. There is undoubtedly something empowering about wearing a suit. If you want to make your suit styling more feminine, a good way to do so is to opt for a skirt suit. Now, skirt suits usually leave us more exposed to the cold but you can combat this by wearing tights (or even leggings) and boots. This pair of heeled caramel boots has served me well previous winters and I plan to wear this pair this spring as well. Nothing like a good heeled boots to add some chic and attitude to your outfit. Once the spring finally arrives, you can pair your suits with sandals. I'm sure we all can't wait for the spring to arrive, especially with the corona virus and everything but until it does, it makes sense to dress warmly (especially with the corona virus and everything)! Scroll down to see and read more. 
Before you go off and buy a new suit, why not try finding one in your closet? Maybe you have an old suit that you can style in a new way. That is what I did for I'm all about shopping one's closet.  The only thing relatively new about this outfit is the pale blue shirt from Mana. I actually wore this shirt a couple of times since I've bought it but I'm not sure have I posted any outfits featuring it yet or is this a first one. Now, let's talk about the central point of this outfit- the skirt suit! This grey suit consisting of a matching blazer and skirt is second hand (gifted item not purchased but second hand nevertheless). I styled it with things I already have in my closet, such as the above mentioned pale blue shirt, this magenta coat and this old and super comfy pair of caramel heeled booties (all of these items you have had the chance of seeing in my old outfit posts). I accessorized with a DIY headband. do try to keep my fashion habits sustainable by opting to restyle items I already have in my closet, taking good care of my clothing items and/or shopping second hand. I have never been prone to fast fashion habits because I'm quite sentimental when it comes to clothes, I get easily attached to clothing items and I like to create stories with them. Moreover, I was always attracted to vintage clothes. When I was a little girl I would roam my grandmother's and mother's closet and I would always prevent them from throwing clothes away by promising to wear it (and I did live up to my promise). So, sustainable fashion comes naturally to me. However, there is always room for improvement. I always think twice before I buy something.
If you're new to wearing suits, you might want to start with a neutral one. Lately I found myself drawn to grey suits. Neutral suits are practical because they are easy to dress up and down. Plus, you can always add some colour with accessories and outwear. I often pair my grey suits with this vibrant magenta coat.  These caramel boots served as a lovely pop of colour for this outfit. Good thing about neutral suits is that you can always add some colour to them. In that sense, they're almost like a blank canvas to paint on. Today all kind of suit styling options are trending, so you can even wear a suit with sneakers. Isn't it great that the suit trend is so democratic? You can wear it in different ways from rock chic to dressed up versions.Pair them with heels for a more feminine outfit. You can also combine different neutral suit pieces to create visual contrasts. White, black, navy and great are all wonderful neutral options that always look elegant and chic.  Scroll down to see more ideas about styling neutral suits. 
The city park is definitely one of the highlights of Jelsa village. In Jelsa you can  find one of the largest is the most beautiful parks in Dalmatia - Perivoj, built in 1870. As you could have seen from my numerous post, Jelsa is a beautiful little place. What else to see in Jelsa? There are certainly quite a few beautiful and historical attractions to see here. To start, why not visit the old city (Civitas Vetus Ielsae)? The old city of Jelsa (where part of the defensive wall is also preserved) is definitely worth a visit! There are also many beautiful churches to see: the church of the Saint Mary of Health (built in 1535), the church of San Roch (built in the second half of the 16th century), the church of Saint Michael (built in 1463). If you want to see more of Jelsa and island Hvar, you can visit some of my old posts (I'll leave the links bellow):
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  1. Nice outfits 😊 thanks for your sharing 😊

  2. Adoro i tailleur mi fanno sentire sempre così di classe! Mi piacciono i tuoi look e le tue foto!
    Spero la situazione sia sotto controllo lì da voi in Croazia!
    Kisses, Paola.


  3. I love how you styled the suit while still incorporate some feminine qualities. I love the outfit combination! I have a few suits I used to wear for work - gotta bring them out again!

    Nancy ♥

  4. I'm very much a fan of suits, and I also shop my closet for them, including slightly mismatched pieces, just for fun. I love your look with the black hat (you suit hats, pun intended!) and I love the idea of belting a suit with a scarf - must try that.

    Thanks for the inspiration - I like that you're mixing unexpected neutrals, like caramel with grey, here. It's so much more fresh and interesting than going with black/grey.

    Have a great weekend, Ivana!

  5. You wear your suit so well! I don't have any suits but I do have separates that look a little suit-like when I wear them together. In my office, not even the most senior people wear suits, so they are a bit overdressed for my work. They do look so good on others though, and I have fun making something look a little suit like by wearing the same coloured skirts and blazers together.

    Hope that you are having a lovely weekend! We are having a quiet one here :)

    Away From Blue

  6. Hvar is on my list of islands to visit for sure. I'll have to remember to visit Jelsa too. I used to HATE suit ensembles, mainly because (many, many years ago) of an old retail job I had for a luxury label that made us wear a specific type of suit and have our hair and make up a certain way and I hated it hahaha. Whenever I saw this trend pop up it always brought bad memories for me. I slowly started to get used to it. Started embracing blazers and now I find myself wanting to buy a set for myself. But in a colourful hue. I don't think I could ever do all black again. I still think of that job when I see a black suit. Even blazers I stay clear of!


  7. I like elegant style. Yoy looks great. Your suit is cool

  8. You look fabulous! Suit dressing is always a chic option and more versatile than people would think. I also think a pair of a good heeled boots is such a great way to style them not to mention they're a fantastic wardrobe staple. I have a pair of classic stack heeled Frye boots that are at least 10 years old that I still pull out to wear every winter.

  9. I'm very much a fan of suits, but have a preference for skirt suits, as I do not like wearing trousers very much. I have, in fact, several vintage skirt suits, none of which, I'm afraid, is in any way a neutral! But I'm definitely loving that pale grey skirt suits of yours, and applaud the fact that it was bought second hand. The pale blue blouse is very cute! And wearing it with thick tights and those lovely caramel boots makes it even better! Can't wait for Spring to finally arrive and especially for the Coronavirus to go away, as things are getting pretty dire here in Belgium. Have a wonderful week, and do stay safe Ivana xxx

    1. I know you do. I like skirt suits too! Thank you.

  10. Odlično ti stoje odijela, i sa suknjom i sa hlačama!

  11. This is exactly why I'm glad I didn't get rid of my suits when I retired. They work so wonderfully to make us feel better and dare I say powerful??

  12. Having been forced to wear grey suits for years I don't do them (or tailoring) now. You look lovely in yours, particularly the trouser suit, such a cool, androgynous look. Wonderful background! xxx

  13. What a great post about suits, Iwana!!
    That blue shirt is this trendy color, and it goes well with those gray suits!
    I also love the outfit with gray pants suit<3
    Please stay safe from corona virus!!



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