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Yesterday I finally took the the time to watch (and listen) to the Dolce & Gabbana Autumn/Winter 2019/2020 collection. The runaway show was organized in retro style and lasted about half and hour. Instead of music, it featured a British narrator who commented on the designs in the old style (that is how fashion shows used to be presented, narrated instead of accompanied by the music). Anyhow, I found the both the narration and the narrator charming. The fact that the narrator pointed out all the materials used was quite helpful. The models seemed to move quite quickly, but there were 127 looks displayed so the show took a quite some time to finish. It took me twice as long to study the photographs as to see the show. The trend analysis took even more time. However, that time was not spent in vain for I was finally inspired to ponder my autumn and winter outfits. What do you know? D&G Autumn/Winter collection gave me plenty of inspiration for the colder season ahead. I don't plan to do any shopping this Autumn, so I'll be shopping these looks in my closet (not that I could afford them anyway). If you can afford them, more power to you but if you're interested into translating these runaway styles for every day, this is a post for you. Have a look at my outfit selection and analysis and find all the inspiration you need to start thinking Autumn fashion.
Hats are an essential part of D&G Autumn Winter 2019/2020 runaway looks, particularly black ones. Black long coats and blazers dominate the collection's outwear, especially when it comes to all black runaway looks. Double- breast seems to be the predominant style. Black blazers are often longer,  with cropped versions being featured mostly in tuxedo designs. This makes me think that I will wear my black double-breasted coats more often this upcoming  Autumn/Winter season. What do you think? I will also be looking for ways to style dark hats for that dramatic black outfit. 
HOW TO WEAR THIS TREND FOR EVERYDAY? Dark coats and hats are pretty standard when it comes to winter style and it is quite possible that you already have the items you need to wear this style. D&G presented a lot of suited looks to go along with coats. Wearing a suit is such a great way to appear professional and put together. D&G's choice of footwear for this collection was often a flat one (masculine style shoes) so that makes this look even easier to wear for everyday. You can see how I wore this trend here, here and here.
It is impossible to imagine a D&G collection without floral print, for this print is surely one of the designers' signature marks. Naturally, floral print gets adjusted for the colder season. The designer duo mixed it up with grey, neutrals and darker tones. They also went for some unique statement floral looks, such as a dress made from two different contrasting prints. That is not all. What makes floral designs really unique this season? Well, the new collage technique and materials they used. That is what really makes some of their floral creations from this collection stand out!
HOW TO WEAR THIS TREND FOR EVERYDAY? If you find the floral trend a bit overwhelming for the colder months, you can always start small. Floral accessories such as hair accessories or a floral bag (or even floral tights) can be a great way to start. If you think about it, you probably already have something floral in your closet, be it a top or a dress. If it is happens to be a summer item you can adjust it for summer, you can always layer it. I wear my floral dress all year long! You can see how I styled florals for autumn and winter here, here and here

I trusted D&G to include some red into their collection. Early into the show, I was a bit surprised by the apparent lack of colour, but soon enough I was rewarded with plenty of colourful outfits. Those that caught my eye the most (besides the sequined ones) were perhaps the bold red ones.Red was also very present in floral print and brocade fabrics used. I just love a bold red look for the winter, don't you? It live for those fairy-tale Red Riding Hood vibes. 
HOW TO WEAR THESE OUTFITS FOR EVERY DAY? To keep warm this autumn and winter pair your red dresses with coats and blazers. You can also channel your inner fairy heroine by wearing a red coat or a hat. If you find bold red a bit intimidating, you can simply wear a red scarf. Find some inspiration here and here.

The classical black was the predominant colour in this Dolce and Gabbana  collection . Often used to emphasize flawless tailoring, black can be the colour of elegance. Seducing and tragic at the same, the appeal of the all black outfit is something not to be ignored. This D&G collection presented numerous all black outfits. As I already pointed out, suits and tuxedos were often a component of these all black looks. While the classical black dresses and skirts weren't the only garments that came in black, the black midi dresses were quite dominant among the dress looks. 
HOW TO WEAR THIS TREND FOR EVERY DAY? Look for all the black garments in your closet and see how you can combine them. If you don't have any midi length dresses, consider wearing your maxi dresses or skirts higher up. In case of skirts, this should be easy if they come with an elastic but if not a  belt can help you with this with both maxi dresses and skirts. If you're decided on being sustainable and not shopping, you can alter some of your clothes to fit this trend. Taking your old clothes to a seamstress for a touch up is generally a good idea. Find some inspiration here and here

The only surprising element of the fashion show was perhaps the dandy chic one. There was a distinct British touch to many of the designs, something we don't see that often in D&G fashion shows.  Houndstooth and tartan were widely represented but mostly in their minimalist incarnation: think black, white and grey tones. The colour in this show was saved for sequins and art deco looks. The looks inspired by British chic were beautiful and tailored to perfection.
HOW TO WEAR THIS TREND FOR EVERYDAY? This is one trend that is so easy to pull off. Tartan and other typically British prints are pretty widespread. If you don't happen to have any of these prints in your closet, you can always recreate these houndstooth looks by option for a white, black and grey colour palette. Find some inspiration here , here and here.

The amount of glitter and bling in this D&G show was dazzling. Sequin items were widely represented and they came in all shapes and forms. From sequin dresses and skirts to blazers and coats. Sequins were everywhere. Metallic fabrics and brocade were put to their best use as well. Nothing makes a woman look like a fashion royalty like luxurious brocade. If we are to trust the D&G duo, the upcoming season will be all about dazzling gold and metallic fabrics. As far as accessories goes, the sequined and brocade runaway looks were paired with statement accessories such as oversize jewellery and feathers. Fascinators made these dazzling looks even more glam. 
HOW TO STYLE THIS LOOK FOR EVERYDAY? Now, sequin is not a new trend so finding inspiration shouldn't be that difficult. You probably have some sequin item in your closet. The key for styling it for everyday is wearing it with something casual. You can easily dress down a sequin dress by pairing it with a sweater. A shorter dress will be easier to transition into everyday wear. Personally, I'm the kind of girl who loves to done a dramatic gold maxi skirt for everyday, but I think most people would prefer a tone downed version of this gold, metallic and sequin trend. Look for some inspiration here and here

When it comes to leopard print in D&G collection, it was widely represented. Mixed with other prints or its own, leopard print has made its ways into the new D&G collection. Leopard print was used in combination with lux materials, achieving that dreamy Sicilian princess look that is said to be the inspiration for the show.  My favourite looks were those with midi leopard dresses. Pairing leopard dresses with leopard tights? Pure Bliss! I also liked those runaway looks that features leopard print designed in a more subtle ways,  by it being applied on pockets or in form of details. 
HOW TO WEAR THIS TREND FOR EVERY DAY? Leopard is actually not difficult to style. In fact, many consider leopard a timeless and classical print. That means you can style it as a neutral! If you're feeling bold, you can always mix different leopard prints. If you're more conservative in your style, why not pair leopard with black and brown tones for an elegant look. If you are new to the leopard print start with something small, like a pair of leopard shoes or a leopard print bag. If you already have a leopard print in your closet, you can make the most out of it by figuring out different ways to wear it.You can look for inspiration here , here and here

Black (or navy blue)  contrasted with white is always a good look. This season D&G proposed the black and white colour combination in many elegant variations. Classical cuts be very empowering. Strong tuxedo and suit looks dominated the collections. Besides the all black ones, some sequin and brocade ones, there was also a fair amount of black and white suit looks.  D&G showed just how good pencil pants and wide shoulder blazers can look when worn together. 
HOW TO WEAR THIS TREND FOR EVERYDAY? You can translate their white and black tuxedo looks for everyday by pairing the blazers you have in your closet with pencil pants or white jeans. A white shirt worn with a darker blazer is a look that never gets old. Look for some inspiration here , here , here , here and here

Surely enough, the bathrobe coat made its appearance in this fashion D&G Autumn/ Winter show. It was featured in a more subdued versions, featuring minimalist tones such as black and white and grey. The bathrobe coat is nothing new either, we've seen a lot of it last season. I have a feeling that we will be seeing it this one as well. Moreover, the lounge and lingerie wear trend is not going away anywhere (but more about that in my next post). Designers are definitely reexamining clothes that used to be reserved for indoors.
HOW TO STYLE THIS TREND FOR EVERYDAY: The bathrobe coat is practical in sense that it can be quite warm and comfortable to wear (just like your regular bathrobe). To make it look less like something that should be worn only at home, you should pick one in a quality material. Moreover, layering it well will not only make you look more stylish, it will also keep you warm and cozy. Pair your bathrobe coat with blazers or suits for an elegant look. More inspiration here and here.

That would be all for today! Taking inspiration from runaway styles is always a quick and easy way to refresh our personal style. Plus, it is the perfect way to figure out relevant outfits for the next season. Moreover, it is interesting to see how fashion shows can subconsciously influence us. I find trend analysis fascinating in so many ways. Do you? I think that when we follow some designer for a long time, it tends to influence our purchases and style even if we don't shop the designer in question. That is why I browsed my old outfits while studying this D&G collection. Not just to find inspiration, but to reexamine my own style- sometimes it is useful to do before a new season starts. How did you like this collection? Did you see it? Do you study fashion shows? As I pointed out in this article, I took a great liking for the D&G Women Autumn and Winter 2019/2020 collection.  Understandingly, I will need another post to fully comment on this collection. To be continued....


  1. What a stunning show and such beautiful outfits! I like how you took the inspiration from the different trends and looked for similar pieces in your own wardrobe - while I'm better at doing that now, i really need to shop my wardrobe more instead of just buying things!

    Hope that you had a great weekend! I had a fun night out with some Insta friends in Brisbane which was awesome :)

    Away From Blue

    1. Thank you dear. Shopping our closets definitely has its advantages especially for the environment. I'm happy to hear you had a fun night with your friends.

  2. Thanks a lot :D

    absolutelly great post my friend.
    loved it

    InstagramFacebook Official PageMiguel Gouveia / Blog Pieces Of Me :D

  3. Unas fotos preciosas ! Gracias por pasarte por mi blog! Que tengas una feliz semana! ♡♡♡

  4. Wow what an amazing collection, loving all the pieces hun! Your drawings look fab too! Have a wonderful week.


  5. fantastic post! so much work behind:)

  6. What a brilliant homage to the D&G campaign. I love the Gucci adverts, the way the stylists combine different patterns and styles makes their modern clothes look vintage! xxx

    1. Thank you Vix! Both Gucci and D&G seem to have a vintage flair about them. I think it has to do with the fact that they often use traditionally made materials in their designs such as brocade, silk, tweet, embroidery, velvet and so on. That and combining different styles created a vintage feel to their collections.

  7. This is stunning, I really love all of your pictures, they look fantastic!! All of these designs are stunning too!! Happy Monday lovely x

  8. Anche io ho trovati davvero bella ed interessante questa collezione, mi sono subito innamorata del vestito rosso con lagonna di tutlle!
    Mi piacciono molto anche le tue idee su come riproporre quei look per la vita di tutti i giorni, hai proposto delle soluzioni semplici ma stilosissime! :)

    1. anche a me piace tantissimo questo vestito in rosso! Bellissima anche quello in nero.

  9. Una collezione che come sempre mi è piaciuta tantissimo e a quanto pare anche a te visto che sei riuscita a interpretare più di una tendenza! Brava!

  10. Quei cappotti lunghi sono meravigliosi, adoro anche le stampe floreale! Mi piace come hai interpretato i vari look!!

  11. Svaki pit me oduševi revija D&G. Oni su stvarno nevjerovatni dizajnerski dvojac koja stvara čuda i ova revija svjedoči tome u prilog. Voljela bih u svom ormaru vidjeti većinu outfita koje su pustili niz modnu pistu. Također jako mi se sviđa ovaj tvoj post kada rekreiraš lookove s modnih pista. Stvarno to savršeno radiš tako da ne znam gdje sam dobila veću inspiraciju, u njihovim ili tvojim izdanjima. Također mi se jako sviđa ilustracija sa pravim cvijećem. Predivno.

    New Post -

    1. Hvala ti puno. Mene isto njihove revije oduševljavaju jer imaju taj neki svoj prepoznatljivi stil, a opet uspiju svaki put ubaciti i nešto novo ili ponuditi neku novu intepretaciju svoga stila.

  12. What an amazing, in-depth look at the new D&G collection. I love it that the runway show was without music but with a narrator. Must have been amazing to watch. Although I'm not a follower of trends, there are quite a few looks I can find myself in, and which I would be able to achieve by just shopping my closet. I'm very pleased to see that Winter florals are making an appearance, which means that for once I might very well be on trend this Winter ;-) That black floral midi dress is just stunning! xxx

    1. Maybe all fashion shows should get back to that kind of narrating. It is really helpful to hear the narrator discussing fabrics and cuts, it saved me the usual mental and eye straining I do trying to figure out the materials and the patterns used and allowed me to just watch and enjoy.

  13. So many beautiful photos of you looking so stylish and pretty! xx

  14. Gosh I love black clothing. And the tartan looks are fantastic! Looking forward to shop for fall.

  15. Their autumn/winter collection is beautiful! You did a really good job of using it as inspiration and creating looks with what you already own. Sometimes shopping your own closet is the best choice!

    x Kara |

    1. Thank you Kara. Shopping our closet is always a good choice!

  16. Que artigo sensacional, seu blog é muito bom mesmo, estou toda semana visitando e lendo seus artigos.


    Meu Blog: Capixaba Cap

  17. D&G does a good job of making ready-to-wear fashions for their runway looks (well, for the most part) and I love some of these retro looks. Most people aren't going to wear most of the runway fashion and I love the way you've interpreted them with what you have in your closet - your closet is way better than mine :/ I love the idea of shopping what we already have in our closets (sustainability and budget). And I always enjoy seeing your drawings. You do an amazing job capturing hand positions and face shapes, not to mention the style and fashion. I laughed when I saw the drawing with nothing but flowers in place of her dress. Floral has gone a little crazy these days, hasn't it? I had to laugh at one of the D&G "red" fashions. She's wearing big flowers under her red hat with a red bathrobe-style coat. At first glance, I thought she WAS wearing a bathrobe and curlers in her hair :P Thanks so much for sharing this and I look forward to Part 2.


    1. they do look like curlers don't they?:) I'm glad to hear you enjoyed this post.


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