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Bay Torac, Island Hvar: Would You Like To Vacation Here?

Island Hvar is definitely my first love. I spend a lot of time there while growing up, and perhaps no place has had a greater impact on me from an artistic point of view, not even my native town.  I blogged about bay Torac often enough, but one more time can't hurt. This bay can boast of an incredibly beautiful beach, it may not look that long from this perspective, but it is actually one of the longest beaches in this Southern part of an island. The reason why this place was featured on my blog often is because my parents own a house there so obviously I will go there to pay them a visit whenever I can. My grandmother resides there as well, and so do many family members and relatives. We're all pretty much related to one another in this area.  As I explained in one of my a previous posts (here), recently I have payed island Hvar a new visit. The reason why I went there was not to vacation but to help my parents prepare the house for the tourists. We only spent one night there, and altogether we were there for about a day and a half. If you remember, we we left hanging with the ferry, but we managed to get on the next one, do what was needed, so it's all good. I was really happy I managed to see my grandmother. The weather only improved the last day we were there, that first day was rainy, but I didn't mind because Hvar is beautiful no matter the weather. Besides, I wasn't planning any excursions because I had things to do.  Obviously, I didn't managed to get around much because I had spent all the time cleaning but I'm happy I went there. It was lovely.

Bay Torac, Island Hvar

Bay Torac, Island Hvar

Bay Torac, Island Hvar

Bay Torac, Island Hvar

Bay Torac, Island Hvar- Would You Like To Vacation Here?
Bay Torac, Island Hvar
Bay Torac, Island Hvar #modaodaradosti
dress & top: old, jeggings: old, boots: old, necklace: DIY, birch hair clip and earrings: gift from my lovely Natalia Lianina

Bay Torac, Island Hvar- Would You Like To Vacation Here?

Bay Torac, Island Hvar- Would You Like To Vacation Here?

Bay Torac, Island Hvar- Would You Like To Vacation Here?

Are you interested in vacationing here?

Here is a link to a travel/tourist agency that rents my parent's apartment and there you should be able to find a precise description of this apartment. However, pay in mind that if you go through this or any other agency you will pay a higher price. That's how all travel agencies work, they take up a certain  percent for themselves in exchange for their services. Hence if you want a lower price, you will want to book with the owner directly. Take a look and see if you like what you see. The tourism in this part of the island is more calmer in nature, it's more about peace and quiet combined with an easy access to crystal clear sea than about fancy accommodation, so keep that in mind. If you would like to book an accommodation in this house with a price significantly lower that than of an agency, you can send an email to my father: kardummile at or if it is more convenient for you, email me and I will forward it to my dad. The apartment is already booked for most of  Summer season, i.e. July and August ( except for the period of 12.8. - 17.8),  but there are still vacancies during Spring time (May and June). I think October isn't fully booked yet either. If you would like to see more photographs from this bay, you can check out my old posts  here, here and here. Thank you for reading!

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  1. Island Hvar looks like a splendid vacation destination! I remember some of your past posts about it.

  2. Great photos and amazing place! Gorgeous as always! xx

  3. Sai che è il mio sogno andare a Hvar? Se ci vado scrivo a tuo padre o a te, mi piacerebbe proprio!
    Don't Call Me Fashion Blogger

  4. Wonderful photos! Nice look!

  5. Thanks a lot :D seriously? Oh, I'm so sorry ... I think it's not easy, but we think that the days ahead will be better. When it comes to health, there is always to be patient and very careful, above all.

    Let me tell you that you're a maximum. love the whole look. I'm extremely fond of stripes and I found the shirt to the waist gave a more modern to coordinated!

    InstagramFacebook Official PageMiguel Gouveia / Blog Pieces Of Me :D

  6. Gledajui sa umjetničkog aspekta, ovo je predivno mjesto za slikanja outfita i generalno prirode! Mnogo mi se sviđa ovaj post!

    Mihaailo |

  7. It seems to be a great destination! Beautiful and quiet, I like that ;)

  8. It looks spectacularly beautiful there by your parents' apartment. It's wonderful that you were able to spend so much time there while you were growing up and that you have family members and relatives there.
    I love the look of the dress you were wearing in your scenic outfit photos.

  9. "Would You Like To Vacation Here?" - oh my gosh, yes of course!!! i dont live on a seaside, a drive to the open sea is a very long ride for me. i´ve got some barrier lake in my region, i like it to drive there - it´s always a quiet place there.

    but your region is so lovely and cool - nice pics and what a view from this mountain side!!!

    P.S.: i need your help on my new blog-post outfit. i wrote you about my overall, this time i show it on my blog and i need fashion ideas to this..

    1. Thank you Jennifer. I'd be glad to help, I left you my suggestion. I think that the red or shiny heels would be perfect for that jumpsuit. Maybe you can also try pairing it with flats.

  10. Amazing Pictures and Outfit Ivana! I love the great Jeans in Kombination with White and Stripes. :)

    Happy Sunday, kisses

  11. Really nice pictures and outfit!! ;)
    Agnese & Elisa

  12. What a beautiful place to vacay! Hvar island looks spectacular and you look like a real darling. I love the comfort factor of this outfit and you accessorizing it gives it a unique touch. It's so sweet of you to help out your parents turning their home into a summer spot for holidays. I am already in love with the place looking at the sea, greenery and terrains there. And it's so sunny I probably will have to wait until the sun goes down a bit for any type of excursion hahah. I wish you a relaxing weekend and a vibrant week ahead :) x

  13. I didn't stop on Hvar at all when we were in Split and Korcula because we were worried it would be very busy and too partyish for us but everywhere was like that I suppose! If we do ever go back to Split, I will definitely bear this in mind! You look lovely in the white dress with your handmade necklace- very clean, fresh and Spring-like!x

  14. What a beautiful place!!! I would LOVE to visit some day! I've never really thought about it till just now when you mentioned your parents' would be so lovely to visit Hvar, Mostar and all these pretty places you write about. Maybe in October, some day? I don't deal well with heat, so Fall would be ideal for me. Maybe some day I can book your parents apartment and meet with my parents in this gorgeous place. And of course meet with you! That would be awesome!

    I am glad that you wear the birch bark jewelry. They are unique, hand-carved, durable, and I love that they are so lightweight! I would keep them away from water (shower, swimming etc.), but otherwise they should be in great shape for centuries! :)


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