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Stari Grad on island Hvar is a beautiful historical city. Its name, meaning old city, couldn't be more appropriate. In fact, Stari Grad was formed the same year Aristotle was born in! Moreover, the connection with the ancient Greeks doesn't stop there. This city was actually formed by Greek colonists from island Paros who came here looking for a safe place to live after a natural catastrophe destroyed their homes. In this secluded bay, the ancient Greeks found both safety and beauty. They named this city Faros. This stunning port city, Aristotle's contemporary, can boast with five thousand years of continuous urban tradition. It is also an amazingly beautiful, authentic and picturesque touristic destination. More than five thousand years of urban tradition is not something you see every day. Walking these streets, you can really breathe in history and culture. Autumn is a great time to visit but winters are also pretty mild here, so a winter stay makes sense too.

As I explain Stari Grad (old city) is indeed an appropriate name for this city, for it is the oldest city in Croatia. In fact, it is one of the oldest cities in Europe. Being such a historical treasure, it is protected by UNESCO. Originally island Hvar was populated by Illyrians, an ancient Indo-European tribe that didn't survive as such but is preserved in genetic mix of this area. Stari Grad city was originally founded by the ancient Greeks from the island of Paros in 384 BC. The Greeks were not the first people that had lived there. I already mentioned the Illyrians but the history of this island goes even further into the past, to the eve of mankind we could say. You see, the neolithic tribes lived there between 3500 and 2500 BC. At any rate, the ancient Greeks were the first who had formed a formal city.  As you may know, the culture and cities of the ancient Greeks were quite advanced for its time. I'm not sure how familiar with the history of the Adriatic you are, but long story short, the ancient Romans took the city from the Greeks with the rise of the Roman Empire. Later on, Croats (Slavic tribe) took it from the Romans when some of them settled here in the 8th century. During history Stari Grad city was placed under Venetian rule for a number of years. In the 16th  century Stari Grad was attacked twice by the Turks. Furthermore, some parts of the city were burned in the second attack. Those parts were slowly rebuild in the following centuries and the town has grown very prosperous because of the sea trade and agriculture. Today the population of the city isn't numerous in the colder months, but during the warmer months, this city is visited by many tourists. 

There is a number of historical churches in Stari grad on island Hvar. Considering that the city is about five thousand years old, it is hardly surprising that all the churches to be found there are historical. Today I will show just two historical churches to you: the church of saint Roch and the church of saint Peter with the accompanying monastery. If you want, you can read more about church of Saint Stephen in this post. I will write about other churches some other time. 

The church of saint Roch is not large, but what it lacks in size, it makes up for in charm. Named after the patron saint of Stari Grad city, this beautiful little church dates back all the way to the 16th century. You can find it located in the vicinity of Hektorovich's Tvrdalj and not far from the bay. 
One of the first things you'll notice about the church of saint Peter the martyr (and the accompanying Dominican monastery) is the fortified part of it. My husband is really amazed by how many fortified  churches (and even some church fortresses) there are on island Hvar. If you have read my earlier posts about the Turkish attacks on this island, you'll understand why the churches were fortified. In this beautiful historical church you can find the tomb of a famous Croatian Renaissance poet and noble man Petar Hektorovich. This church was founded in 1482. The accompanying Dominican monastery holds a collection of old works and writings, including writings in ancient Greek. 

Not all the restaurants remain open during autumn and fall. So, the culinary offer is typically not as varied in the colder months as it is in summer. Fortunately, there are exceptions to the rule.  We were fortunate to stumble on this cult little restaurant named 'Bistro kod Damira' that specializes in local cuisine. They remain open all year around and their selection of dishes is really impressive. There is a daily offer and it is wonderfully versatile. We really enjoyed dinning there. Both the service and the food were amazing. I had fish soup and grilled veggies and my husband had beans with a sausage. I will probably revisit it, for you can't beat friendly service and great food. 

I broke my 'no new purchases' period or better to say, my husband broke it for me when he bought me this beige coat. To be honest, I don't really like it. This shade of camel is a bad choice for my skin shade  and the cut of this coat feels clumsy. It is definitely not something I would pick up for myself, the kind of fast fashion purchase I try to avoid, but I'll probably wear it for sentimental reason (and to avoid being wasteful). Speaking about being less wasteful, the other items in my outfits are old so I'll link them up with my older posts to show you multiple ways to wear them.

This orange dress from Bellissima is quite versatile and very comfortable. I've had for a few years now. You can see how I styled this orange dress before with a faux fur coat (here), with a tartan blazer (here), with a white blazer and leopard heels (here)  and with a green vest (here).  The biker boots are one of the most worn shoes in my closet. You can see how I styled them before here, here, here , here , here and here.

 Let me know what you think about this look. Do you like wearing dresses? How do you typically style them? Do you wear biker boots? Do you find them comfortable? Do you own a shorter camel coat? If yes, how do you style it? Do you like my new umbrella? How is the weather where you're from?

How do you like Stari Grad city? Would you like to visit it? If yes, what time would you choose autumn and winter or spring and summer? I always enjoyed my summer visits to this place, but I think I like it even more in the colder ones. I'm already looking forward to visiting this place again.
As always, thank you for reading and visiting!


  1. The harbour of this locations looks so lovely; for some reason I'm always drawn to boats and harbours haha! This is a lovely travel post Ivana :) hope you're having a lovely week so far!! x

  2. We always love seeing the older churches like these. There is so much history associated with them.
    I bet you'll will get lots of use from that coat...because knowing you, you'll make it look ten times better with a colorful scarf and such.

  3. Oh, I've actually heard of this (as Faros) - wow, Ivana, Croatia is amazingly beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing these posts - it makes me want to visit!

    I love the orange dress with the biker boots. I've tried camel-coloured coats like this before and I'm not a huge fan - it's a really tricky colour to wear. Too bad it's a fast-fashion piece and not a good quality cashmere. Do you have re-sale shops where you could get some money for it?

  4. What a beautiful spot!

    It's a shame you don't like the camel coat, it looks so warm and a nice neutral that will go with everything! It looks great with the orange dress :)

    Hope that you are having a great week! :)

  5. To start with, your outfit is great. The harbour is too. Thanks for sharing. Kisses!

  6. That's too bad you don't like the coat because it looks fabulous on you Ivana!

  7. Such a beautiful location and such a pity you did not like the coat, it looked stunning on you :) xx


  8. As you know, I like Hvar very much as well. Unfortunately it is a few years ago when I was in Stari Grad for the last time. Thanks for the great tips.
    I love your cool outfit. Your dress not only looks great, but also very comfortable. The styling with the biker boots is amazing.
    xxxxx Nadine

  9. Hello Ivana
    I am surprised by how old this place is !! Didn't know that the Greeks walked around, no wonder the place is beautiful and according to you, safe !! Although you broke your non-consumption the coat is beautiful and this color is always trend. I think you might like him looks great on you!!


  10. Hello dear Ivana, hope you're having a fantastic November so far!

    First of all thanks for all the comments and the feedback you always give me, I honestly appreciate every word you tell me, Ivana ❤️

    And Stari Grad is one more place that I need to add to my bucket list, right? You're always feeding me up with stories from new corners in this big world. I must confess this is the first time I hear about Stari Grad but all the little corners you showed us are like a postcard, especially that church.... And I can't believe it is so old.... there a lot to discover in the things that surround us right? It is cool to find out that there are so young cities and on the other hand so ancestral places!

    And talking about the outfit the cool thing is the layering, it is my favorite resource when it comes to colder weather and you did a very good job mixing long garments with shorter.... Such a clever idea that adds an interesting game to the OOTD game :D

    Best regards dear! Gonna check the other posts of the week :)


    1. thank you for your awesome feedback as well.

  11. I have to confess that before I started reading your blog, I knew absolutely nothing about your part of the world. Your day-trip posts have certainly been an education. Stari Grad looks and sounds like a gorgeous town, which just oozes history. I particularly like the coloured houses at the harbour side, which remind me of a certain seaside town in Wales, one of my favourites. Your orange dress is delightful, but I am certainly hearing you on the subject of the beige coat. It's a tricky colour to style, and the shape and colour have to be just right. xxx

    1. my husband observed the same thing. Coloured houses aren't the most typical sight here, but in some coastal cities they can be found.

  12. Trovo sempre super interessanti e ricchi di informazioni utili questi tuoi post sui posti che visiti!
    E poi, che belle foto!
    Mi piace molto anche il tuo look, io sono una fan del cappotto cammello, peccato a te non piaccia molto perchè io lo trovo carino quel cappotto...
    magari potresti provarlo con una maglia a collo alto di un colore che stia bene con il tuo incarnato (tipo rossa) in modo che crei uno stacco tra il color cammello e la tua pelle e così l'effetto del colore del cappotto risulterebbe molto meno evidente!
    Comunque secondo me sei molto carina ed elegante anche così!

  13. E si, è proprio la destinazione top, ne ho sentito tanto parlare... devo andarci!
    Tu sei super stilosa!
    Kisses, Paola.


  14. Stari Grad is my kind of place! What a fascinating history. Any non-European reader would be reeling over those dates, we Europeans take ancient history in our stride.
    Despite your misgivings your jacket looks great with the orange knitted midi dress and the cool boots add sass and interest. I think you look very chic for a day of sightseeing. xxx

  15. Oh very cute style darling
    Great place

  16. Stunningly beautiful place and you look so nice!

  17. Thanks for sharing this great guide! It sounds like a wonderful place to visit. I also love all the information on history that you added. It was very interesting. And your outfit is lovely.

    Kathrin | Polar Bear Style

  18. Amazing Outfit, you look adorable <3


  19. Wow, what a fantastic place. I love all the buildings and water too. Especially with the water coming up over the edge a bit. How peaceful. I want to go here now. You look fantastic and chic too. Perfect for the settings. I hope you have a sweet day lovely x

  20. The city of Stari Grad looks splendid, I did not know that it was the oldest city in Europe and recognized by Unesco as a world heritage, thanks for showing us a bit of Croatia, it is like seeing the place where human civilization began. I see you warm and imagine that you are in the middle of winter where I live soon summer will come. Hugs.

  21. I have never been to Croatia. I would love to visit these places.

  22. Wow amazing trip, so beauty pictures. Love this post


  23. Thanks for showing us around Stari Grad Ivana! I love that you always tell us about the history of the places you introduce. Stari Grad is certainly fascinating especially with it's Greek connection. You really should be a tourism ambassador fo Croatia :)

  24. Such a pretty place Ivana, you loo great in your attire too. Wishing you a fab weekend darling.


  25. Seems to be a lovely place! :)
    Have a nice weekend!

  26. I have never been to Croatia. Sounds like a wonderful place to visit.
    Thanks for sharing dear.

  27. Ты очень красиво выглядишь!

  28. Oh this looks like such an interesting and pretty place to visit. That is what I love about Europe the sense of history. Not too much of that in the states. I sometimes think it would be lovely to live in a small village kind of like Doc Martin, but then I watched "Gregory" on Netflix and the reality is a little different. I think your look is perfect!

    Allie of

  29. It looks absolutely amazing through your photography!!! Great insight and you look fabulous xx

    Elegant Duchess xx

  30. It's wonderful island, Ivana.
    I like your outfit. You look gorgeous with skirt, coat. boots, and umbrella :)

  31. Stari grad is looking beautiful! I would imagine it being so lovely to visit in the spring/summer.
    Love your outfit!

  32. Island Hvar looks really cool! I need to travel some more. Pretty cool that the church has a lot of history and the architecture really reflects the time period it was built. Glad you enjoyed your time out there!

    Nancy ♥

  33. It looks beautiful there, I would love to live in a place like this. You are beautiful, carina!


    1. thank you, I'd love to live here too. I mean I'm currently living on this island but I wouldn't mind living in this particular town.

  34. This looks like a beautiful place to explore! I actually really like that coat and it looks great with the dress you wore.

    x Kara |

  35. Grad je prelijep i oduševljena sam. Podsjeća me na Stari Kotor i Perast, kod nas u Crnoj Gori. Sjajan post!💖 - novi post

    1. hvala, vjerujem da su primorski gradovi u Crnoj Gori i Hrvatskoj jako slični, ipak je to isto podneblje i slična povijest.

  36. Love both the place and your outfit! The orange dress is stunning and it's a shame you don't like the coat as I think it really suits you!
    Julia x

  37. How fantastic to visit a town established the year Aristotle was born! I can certainly see why the ancient Greeks settled here. What a history before and after as well. The walls of the churches truly add to their beauty. The jacket is so classic that you can really wear it with almost any outfit. The overall outfit is very cute. The boots make it look comfortable too.

  38. Wow what an amazing post! I visited Hvar before but I didn't know all the facts about the island. Thank you so much for filling the gaps :) Your pictures look amazing!

    lots of love, Miri

    1. thank you Miri. I'm glad you liked this post.

  39. What a casual and elegant outfit!
    It is such a lovely story that your husband gave the coat for you!
    Colorful house and boats are lovely, too<3


  40. Such a lovely and stylish outfit. So glad to read about this coat's story. You are looking so stylish and beautiful.
    Have a great Monday.
    Kisses <3

  41. What an incredible place! I feel like it's so full of history! You look incredible in that coat too girl!

    xx, mel

  42. Bardzo fajne zdjęcia, takie klimatyczne :) no i ślicznie wyglądasz :)


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