As the title indicates, today I'll show you two ways to style a red top/blouse with flared sleeves. As you might know, I have a soft spot for statement sleeves. This is one trend that I can't get enough of.  Drama sleeves are such an easy way to jazzy up an outfit. Flared sleeves in particular can be such a wonderful option for summer because they're often breezy and light. No wonder I've been wearing this flare sleeved top a lot lately. Moreover, scarlet red is such a fun colour to wear in the summer. If you want to try a more bolder shade of red, summer is a great time to do it. Both of my outfit proposals feature a flared top paired with a skirt. In the first outfit I paired this red top with a mini skirt and in the second I paired it with a maxi gypsy skirt. I kept the colours pretty simple in my first look, opting to pair a red top with a neutral grey mini skirt. However, in the second I decided to contrast colours. Scroll down to see more and do tell me how you feel about statement sleeves? Do you like them? Do you wear them? What kind of sleeves are your favourite ones? Have you tried rocking puffed sleeves yet? Do you like ruffled sleeves? How do you feel about flare sleeves? 

I've been trying to do the math and calculate whether this red flared top could pass as vintage. You see, I bought it as a teenager, so it might be already vintage (because I'm 34 years old). If it isn't there already, this top is certainly on its way to become a vintage item. Now, when it comes to this skirt, I bought it a few years ago from a local Croatian brand Modain. I'm not sure whether I wore it 30 times, but I'm definitely getting there. I do like the combination of this top with this skirt. These Borovo sandals are an obvious choice when comfort is needed and a straw hat is a must when the sun is strong. To spice things up I bit, I accessorized with a statement necklace and a beautiful second hand bag. This bag really deserves a story of its own. A friend gifted it to me. She told me how she was looking for a bag but they all seemed too ordinary for my style until she saw the bag. It turned out that the bag belonged to the owner of the shop, and you know what? She managed to persuade the shop owner to sell it to her. So, this bag is quite literally second hand.:) 
                                                             HOW I WORE IT BEFORE? 
Some say that it takes thirty wears for an item to become sustainable.  Based on the fact that I have had this red top  for years, I'm pretty sure I wore it more than 30 times. I do try to wear the clothes I own. Here are some links with outfits that prove it:
You can see how I styled this red top before here and here
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A new Chinese restaurant opened in vicinity of Mostar, (address: Ortiješ- located on the banks of Neretva river, where the wedding saloon XXL used to be). Naturally, we had to go and check it out. So far, we have dined there twice and we really enjoyed ourselves both times. We pretty much always order the same things: dumplings with meat and noodles with vegetables. Perfect comfort food if you ask me. The restaurant is quite spacious (it used to be a wedding saloon).The portions are large, the food is well prepared and the prices are affordable affordable. So, I can definitely recommend it.
Alright, now let me show you the second outfit proposal of the day, this one features a maxi gypsy skirt. I suppose that I could also call it a midi skirt, the waist is elastic so it can be worn riding higher or lower. When I wear it as a high waist item, this gypsy skirt technically gets turned into a midi skirt. I do like skirts whose length can be altered depending on how I wear it. I bought this gypsy skirt when I was twenty so I definitely had it for a while. I wanted to pair it with this top because I like to contrast colours, especially red and purple. This gypsy skirt is dark green but it has purple details and I like how they clash with this scarlet flare top. I finished the outfit with a yellow plastic bag and a pair of high heeled block sandals. Let me tell you, it was such a comfortable outfit! I accessories with a DIY fringed necklace and I also added a fringed pedant I made myself to a pair of earrings I was wearing. Nothing like a bit of matching chic! I did enjoy the boho vibes of this outfit. My only dilemma was whether I should tuck in this top or not. It has ruffles so that makes tucking it a bit harder but I opted to do it anyway. What do you think of this combo? The occasion I wore this outfit for was another date with my significant other. We went for a walk and a sat down for a cup of coffee. It was such a lovely evening really. Do you know that feeling when you find the perfect outfit to match your mood? This was it basically. 
In an effort to be more sustainable in my posts, I've decided to link up old post that show me wearing items I worn before. A great thing about having a blog is being able to keep a visual track of one's outfits. I don't photograph all of my outfits (though, that's not a bad idea, I might do it some day), but I still feel like having a fashion blog is a bit like writing a style diary. It sure makes it easier to be more sustainable and aware of what we are wearing and why. With that in mind.....
You can see how I styled this DIY necklace here, here and here
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See how I worn this yellow bag here, here , here and here.
See how I styled this pair of block heel sandals here, here, here , here
 As always, thank you for reading and visiting. Your comments always mean a lot to me!


  1. Troppo bello questo top, il primo look è il mio preferito!
    Kisses, Paola.


  2. that's such a fun red top, the statement sleeves look great and it is so nice with both skirts. I think the second outfit is my favourite though, that's a great midi skirt! :)

    Hope that your week is going well :)

    Away From Blue

  3. I love these sleeves! However I don't like to wear flared sleeves since they get in the way. I love that you have had this top since you were a teenager! That is such a great skirt in a classic color and style. You will surely wear is many more than 30 times. The flowing skirt is gorgeous with this top too.

  4. ou look so beautiful, loved these outfits on you. And the food looks delicious. Happy Thursday Ivana.

  5. I am big fan of this kind of sleeves :-) Both version are great- but the second one is more boho, more gypsy - more in the style that I really like. So stunning pictures dear

    Have a nice weekend dear

  6. Your outfits are gorgeous!! Love a flowy skirt and flouncy sleeves too!! The food looks so good too, ha!! You always look fantastic. I hope you have a great weekend lovely xx

    1. thank you Kizzy. Have a great weekend too!

  7. Hi Ivana.. this post is so always! xx

  8. Such a beaitufl red blouse! I think a piece like this is a statement, will last for ever in fashion. It's classic since it has been around for a long time and it will continue. I love how you styled it in the second look darling!!

    Cats in the City

  9. Io ogni volta che ti vedo vestita di rosso non posso fare a meno di pensare a quanto ti doni quel colore! E' proprio tuo!
    Quanto al top, è delizioso e ti sta a pennello, e ora che stanno tornando di moda gli anni 90/2000 diventarà sempre più trendy, vedrai!
    Mi piacciono molto entrambi i look, ma quello che preferisco è il primo (nonostante adori la gonna del secondo) perchè, essendo più semplice, mette più in risalto il top!
    In entrambi i casi stai comunque davvero bene, e sei molto elegante!
    Carinissma la storia della tua borsa! ^^

  10. It's no wonder you're such a fan of statement sleeves since they look fabulous on you. This top looks great with the pencil skirt but I'm really loving how the silhouette plays off your flowy midi skirt with the fun tiered detail and print. Dumplings and noodles are my idea of comfort food too. I made noodles the other night but it's been awhile since I made dumplings at home. They can be labor intensive so I usually just buy some from Chinatown when the craving hits.

    1. thank you Rowena. I haven't tried making home made dumplings yet, but I've been googling the recipes...maybe I'll try to make them myself some day:)

  11. That red top is so fun! I love the flared statement sleeves and that color looks beautiful on you. My favorite is the second outfit with the long skirt!

    x Kara |

  12. Red dress looks pretty with the printed ruffle skirt.
    You look awesome!

  13. I love flared tops. They are very feminine and beautiful. Your red top is really great.

  14. You are so good about rewearing things over and over yet making them seem so new, Ivana!!
    I just love the statement sleeves myself. They are so fun.

  15. I absolutely love statements sleeves! I think I've tried almost every type of statement sleep there is and I enjoy wearing all of them! Of course I absolutely love your top and both of the ways you styled it.

    Kathrin | Polar Bear Style

  16. As you might know, I too love a statement sleeve. This is a feature which often sells a garment to me. Your top is gorgeous and very versatile, which makes it ideal to combine with many styles of skirt and with trousers too. I imagine it would look amazing with denim too! While I think you look absolutely stunning in the top combined with the mini skirt, my favourite is the outfit with the gypsy skirt. I'm also loving the pendant you're wearing with the top in that outfit, and the pop of yellow from your bag! Hope you're having a wonderful weekend, Ivana xxx

  17. As you probably know, I'm all about a bit of sleeve action! That top is lovely on you, you absolutely rock red with your beautiful raven locks and I love it with that pretty gypsy skirt, it lifts those gentle muted shades and looks utterly fabulous.
    Technically vintage is an item of clothing at least 25 years old. I'm very impressed that you've been wearing that top since you were a teenager, it must be great quality! x

  18. I LOVE the sleeves- they are the star, aren't they! The two ways you wore it work beautifully though I have to say, if I had worn those sleeves to a CHinese restaurant, they would have ended up trailing in the noodles somehow!

    1. ha ha I was afraid that might happen to me but somehow I managed to keep them out of my noodles.

  19. Both ways look fab hun.



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