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DIY necklace, yellow bag, flare jeans, icream and Split / ručno rađena ogrlica, žuta torba, zvone, sladoled i Split ( Zenta)

Ice cream. What says Summer better? When it comes to ice cream of my choice, I've been a faithful customer of Ledo for years. Their ice creams are nothing short of divine and I have never had better ice creams anywhere! If you decide to vacation in Croatia, don't forget to try them out, they have many different options, even ice cream cakes and deserts. I won't advise you to buy their other frozen products for example frozen fish, because you will do better if you just go to the local fish market. Some of Ledo's frozen fish products are imported from the northern seas and hence doesn't taste authenically local (and the price is the same as for local better quality fish). Anyway, I think it is always better to buy a fresh product if we can. I won't talk much about the outfit, it is very simple. I'm wearing my DIY necklace again, this time I paired it with a simple olive jumper, flare jeans and yellow bag ( I know you must be wondering do I have any other bags:)).  I will just add that these photographs were taken in marina bay Zenta Split ( Croatia) and that is all for today. xoxo

Sladoled. Što bolje kaže ljeto? Kada se radi o sladoledu po mome izboru, već sam godinama vjerna Ledu. Njihovi sladoledi su mi savršeni i nisam nigdje nikad bolje probala ! Odlučite li se na odmor u lijepoj našoj, nemojte zaboraviti uživati u njima, postoji toliko lijepih opcija, pa čak i sladoled torte. Neću vam savjetovati njihove druge proizvode, npr smrznutu rubu jer vam je bolje kupiti ju je na mjesnoj tržnici. Ledo poneku ribu (npr. mislim da njihova škarpina nije uopće škarpina) uvozi iz hladnih sjevernih mora i zato joj je okus drukčiji i nije autentičan za naše podneblje, ali cijena je i dalje na razini jadranske ribe.  Svakako je uvijek bolje kupiti svježi proizvod kada se može. Neću puno pričati o odjevnoj kombinaciji jer je jako jednostavna. Ponovo nosim jednu od svojih kreacija, a ovu ogrlicu sam nosila s maslinastom majicom, zvonama i žutom torbom ( znam da se možda već pitate imam li koju drugu torbu;)). Samo ću još dodati da su ove slike uslikane u marini Zenta u Splitu i to je sve za danas. Ljubim vas!

necklace/ogrlica: DIY
jumper/majica: vintage
jeans/traperice: piazza Italia
shoes/cipele ....bag/torba: no name


  1. love your jeans

  2. Love that necklace <3

    Edye | Http://

  3. Amazing look! The necklace is so chic and I'm thinking of that ice cream!


  4. Bellissime immagini, splendido look e location!

  5. Ice cream is a wonderful treat and ice cream cakes are especially yummy. Wish I had one right now :) Very cute outfit too! xoxo

    All Things Bright and Lovely

  6. Love the pretty ribbon on the bag, dear! I'm a huge fan of ice-creams too! xoxo

  7. Ice cream is a must for summer! I'm a bit addicted to it...Love your cute bag and necklace! Hope you're having a lovely week!
    Christina ♥

  8. Lovely Pictures and nice look. I like your sweet little yellow bag.
    ♥ Nissi
    Instagram // Bloglovin

  9. Perfect color combination and super bow bag

  10. Mmmmm Ledo sladoledi! Prava asocijacija na leto! Skroz si slatka u casual outfit-u i zuta torbica se super uklapa uz sve, meni uopste ne smeta sto je vidim u vise postova :-)

  11. Che bel look cara:) un bacione

  12. Io adoro il gelato!!! E' uno dei miei cibi preferiti in assoluto!
    Cariniessime le foto lungo il porto, molto estive, e tu stai davvero bene con questo look semplice e sbarazzino! :D

  13. The yellow bag is lovely
    Great post!
    I would really love for you to check out my latest reviewpost featuring Striped Dress
    Keep in touch~
    Kaiyo Aino Blog

  14. Beautiful look! I adore it ❤️
    Split is in my bucket list! :)
    Have a fab day

  15. Very lovely! I like this so much,

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  16. Love ice-cream and this yellow bag looks amazing.

  17. Super outfit, fotografije su divne :*

    Vildana from Living Like V & Stalia Is BAE

  18. Super cute details, ice cream included! Baci, Valeria - Coco et La vie en rose NEW POST

  19. Ma nema do sladoleda, meni skoro pa ne prođe dan bez da jednog ne smažem, naprosto ih obožavam ko malo dijete :) Ova žuta torba me uvijek razveseli kad je vidim u postu, ima nečeg strašno moćnog u toj boji!

    1. da, ja ih isto obožavam:)..i žuta je i meni jako pozitivna boja.

  20. I eat ice-cream every day now, it's so hot out! I don't mind to have an ice-cream only diet :-) I love your yellow bag, the bow-tie looks cute! What's your fave flavor? I, like many Americans, love peanut butter. I also like raspberry ice-cream.

    1. I have never tried peanut butter ice-cream. My fav icecreams are usually a combo of vanilla and fruity stuff.

  21. You look so classy. Love the necklace! Have a great week! xx

  22. I love seeing that bag again. I usually end up wearing the same bag most of the time because it can such a hassle to switch everything over and over.

  23. Beautiful photos, your necklace is adorable :)

  24. Imaću to u vidu. Rado bih probala neki ovog trenutka kad bi bilo moguće :) Meni ta žuta torba nikako ne može da dosadi, čak naprotiv, i sama mi daješ ideje za kombinovanje one moje male, a u skadu sa time, nisam shvatala do sad kako lepo ide uz maslinasto zelenu pa ću rado pozajmiti ideju :) Ogrlica je šlag na torti :)

    1. da, maslinasto zelena baš dobro ide uz žarko žutu:)

  25. Ogrlica je odlična :D Kao i Ledo sladoledi :D


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