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What I wore this morning / Što sam jutros nosila ( tshirt with DIY heart patches / majica s ušivenim srcima)

 7.30 am. I'm awake. I awoke a bit later than usual this morning.  I wash my face and turn on my laptop. My husband reminds me that yesterday I had said something about how I will go hiking every morning from now on. He is right, I did say that. I turn off my laptop, wash my face once more and grab the first items that come to my hand. It is pure luck these two clothing items happen to match...or maybe it is not luck. I customized them myself, didn't I? DIY has its perks. Anyway, I'm already out of the house and rushing towards the hills because this is Mostar. That means the temperature will rise very high very quickly. As I climb the hill, I'm struggling to make out the mountains in the distance. The heat has made everything seem blurred, but in a way that makes landscape magical. 

8.15 am. Missed call. I must have toned down the volume and forgot about it. It doesn't matter, it's time to get back anyway. I type a message and head back. I had my 15 minutes of peace. Sometimes it is all it takes. We'll see if I will manage to keep up these morning walks. I think I would be wise to set my alarm clock a lot earlier. It is Summer and it won't get any cooler, plus I'm back in this city. Early morning start sounds like the right thing to do. What do you think? When is it time for your daily walk? Do you tend to go for a stroll? Do you take long or do you prefer short walks? Do you plan them? I remember reading that walking is one of the best exercises for our body. What I come to discover is that it is really good for the soul. Anyhow, that is my personal experience.

 7.30. Budna sam. Jutros sam se probudila malo kasnije nego obično. Umivam se i uključujem laptop. Muž me podsjeća kako sam jučer govorila nešto o tome kako ću odsata svako jutro ići malo šetati po brdima. U pravu je, stvarno sam to rekla. Gasim laptop, još jednom se umivam i uzimam prvo što mi dolazi pod ruku. Sasvim slučajno se ta dva odjevna predmeta slažu, no možda to i nije sreća jer sam ih sama prekrojila. Nekad dobro dođu ti "izradi sam" projekti. Kakogod, već sam van kuće i žurim prema brdima jer je ovo Mostar, što znači da će se temperatura podignuti jako visoko jako brzo. Dok se penjem na brdo, mučim se razabrati planine u daljini. Vrućina je sve zamaglila, ali na neki način to čini krajolik čarobnim.

8.15. Propušten poziv. Sigurno sam smanjila ton i zaboravila na to. Nije važno, ionako je vrijeme da se vratim. Tipkam poruku i krećem nazad. Imala sam svojih petnaestak minuta mira. Ponekad je to sve što nam treba. Vidjet ćemo hoću li uspjeti u ovom planu jutrarnjih šetnji. Mislim da bi bilo pametno naviti alarm ranije. Ljeto je, neće postati svježije, a ja sam opet u ovom gradu. Rani početak dana čini se kao prava odluka. Što vi mislite? Kada krećete u dnevnu šetnju? Imate li običaj prošetati?  Volite li duge ili kratke šetnje? Planirate ih? Sjećam se da sam pročitala da je šetnja jedna od najboljih vježbi za tijelo. Ono što sam otkrila je da je doista dobra za dušu. Barem u mom slučaju.

tshirt/majica: old +DIY, stara + sama sam je doradila
bermuda pants: customized by me, originally these flare pants were sewn by my mother / ja sam ih prekrojila od hlača (zvona) koje mi je majka sašila
sandale/ sandals: boromire Borovo
bag/torba: Croatian folklore bag/ hrvatska folklorna torba

DIY tutorial (heart patches): here
izradi sam upute ( ušivena srca): ovdje


  1. Odlične slike, kombinacija, priroda!
    Šetnje su odlična stvar, i za dušu i za organizam.
    Super su i šetnje po noći. Da radim samo jutarnju, išla bih prije posla, ovako lovim sve moguće prilike.
    Koja je to planina u izmaglici na slikama?

  2. I really like the idea of going for a morning walk. It's sounds like a great way to start the day while getting some exercise as well. It's cool how you recorded your experience like a diary entry. I've loved that DIY top ever since the first time you showed it to is. The contrasting stripes look fantastic together.

    1. yes, that is why I decided to do it. I think I need a bit more exercise.

  3. It's so good to see you back, Ivana, I was worried that you've stopped blogging completely. Everyone wake up very early in our house, it's between 5.30-6.30am and even the little one is an early riser. I feel like we never waste the day because we wake up this early and I get lots of things done. We do go to bed very early though, sometimes 9.30pm and the latest is 10.00pm.

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

    1. I was away to visit my grandmother and I ended up being without internet connection...which turned out pretty well and gave me change to rest more.

  4. I have also read (very recently, in fact!) about walking being massively beneficial for the body - I suppose it's because it uses all parts of the body! Lovely idea to walk in the morning by the way, I tend to do all of my workouts at night. I love this striped top on you by the way, you look so beautiful :)

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice x

    1. yes, it does use most of the parts of the body. I think swimming is an even better exercise, but it is not as easily available as walking.

  5. Che bella la maglia con la toppa a cuore, la voglio identica !!! Baci

    Fashion and Cookies - fashion & beauty blog

  6. Such a nice was to start your day and a great look to do it in. Both seated shots are so sexy, dear. That second one is especially wild and exciting, enjoyed so much ;) Wow!!!

  7. Beautiful photos i am a nature lover and these pictures are great.

    1. thank you darling, I'm a nature lover as well.

  8. I ja volim da setam i slazem se da je leti najbolje vreme krenuti sto ranije. Ima neceg magicnog u jutru bili mi u gradu, na planini ili na moru.
    Odevna kombinacija je skroz slatka I udobna, posebno mi se dopala majica sa nasivenim srcima. Jako lepo!

    1. hvala ti draga:)
      ljeti je najbolje ranije krenuti u šetnju, pogotovo kada su ovakve vrućine.

  9. love the view, and cute outfit. The first thing I do when I wake up is sleep again :))

    Capturing Life Memoirs |

  10. Pretty sleepy little girl!=))

    1. <3 yes, I was still sleepy when these images were taken:)

  11. look super amazing...thx for sharing Ivana...:-) xx

  12. you look cute


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