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How to style a black turtleneck dress for early spring? That's the question I'll search to answer with this outfit. I'm sure everyone has a little black dress in their closet. Now is a good time to show them off. The winter has ended and this means we can shed layers. If it is still a bit cold where you are, you can solve that problem by wearing tights and opting for boots. Once it get warmer, you'll want to get rid of boots and tights. I wanted to show you an outfit that is office appropriate. LBD is an item that is easy to dress down. All you have to do is go for more neutral accessories. Instead of a clutch, pick a small bag and instead of high heels, opt for flats or a lower flat heels. I do believe there is a way to do business chic and keep our sense of style. It's all really in the details. Office appropriate outfits for me are all about keeping things balanced, not showing too much skin or being provocative, but keeping things elegant and feminine, while remaining true to our personal sense of style. You can wear all sorts of dresses as office wear, even cocktail dresses. It's all about dressing them down, but not making them too casual. There are two simple steps for making any look more office appropriate and they go something like this: throw a blazer over it and tie a fancy scarf around your neck. Am I right or am I right?

The foulard won't keep you super warm, but it might make things a bit more cozy and it will make your outfit more stylish and chic. I styled my foulard with a turtleneck LBD here, and I don't see why not? I think a foulard can look wonderful paired with a turtleneck. I got this dress last summer and I wore it a couple of times this autumn and I don't see why I shouldn't wear it for spring. Here I paired it with a vintage pepita print jacket, a black mini bag and black block heeled boots. I opted for a black and white colour combo, because I believe it is timeless. It is a great colour match for when you want to keep things elegant or play it safe. In this outfit, the foulard is the only colourful item and thus it draws the eye more. It's also the only new item. I didn't have anything with chain print, so I figured a foulard could be a good idea. When a certain pattern is trendy, and you're not sure will it stay that way, or will it look good on you, what you can do is invest in accessories: bags, scarves and so on. Don't buy a maxi dress in a print you're not sure you love. I do like this print, but I prefer it on smaller items, such as shirts or scarves.

Remember the straw hat from the last post?  I actually wore wore it with this outfit. If your want your outfit to have more Spring vibes, you better add some straw accessories. A straw hat can be a very classical choice, especially if we are talking about a fedora straw hat. Fedora hats in general are more business appropriate then oversize straw hats. Now, you probably won't wear a hat in the office anyway, but you might want to wear one on your way to work. Besides upgrading your outfit, a straw hat can protect you from the sun. You probably have at least one at home, so you might as well wear it. They say that every inch of a hat reduces our chances of skin cancer significantly, so keep that in mind. When the sun is really strong and you plan to spends time outdoors, opt for a wide brim. 

If you remember my last post, I talked about how straw accessories can give our outfits a vacation vibe. I  also noticed how straw accessories can turn a graduation dress into a perfect spring outfit. Today I'll show you another example with a lovely pink lace dress. Special occasion dresses, for example bridesmaid dresses, are often made from luxurious materials, and that makes them perfect for spring.  A lace or crochet dress will always get you noticed. Maybe you actually have some social events planned this spring, weddings and christening to attend? Well, if you do check out these purple bridesmaid dresses from Ever Pretty site. Pink and purple are wonderful shades for the spring. A lavender  dress could be a great option for those who softer shades of purple. I personally love pastel purple and pink. Both are very feminine shades, simply perfect for creating that one million dollar spring outfit. 

lace party dress worn with a straw hat

pink v neck cocktail dress

It won't be long before we can ditch the blazers and jackets and wear only spring dresses. Won't that be fun? My outfit proposal of the day is more suitable for early spring, though. We have our fair share of sunny days, but we also had some surprisingly cold days this March. That is why I made boots my best friends. Anyhow, the location for these photographs was the recreational zone Bunica. Regular readers of my blog are no stranger to this place, I go there a lot. I'm always amazed by how clear the water is here. It's like a giant pool of some kind. I don't think I've actually swam in this river. I did come to sunbathe here in the summer and I think I walked a bit in some of the creeks, but I haven't actually swam. I might try that this year. Does the water look inviting to you? It sure does to me.

That's all folks! Let me know how you like my black and white styling. Thank you for visiting!


  1. Such a classic way to wear a LBD and I like the small hit of colour with your scarf :)

    The water does look so nice even if it was a bit too cold for you to get in on this day! :)

    Hope you are having a lovely weekend :)

    Away From The Blue

    1. Thanks Mica. Yes, it is still a bit cold to swim but I'm holding my fingers for summer.

  2. you totally changed the game of that dress with that blazer and tie
    Happy weekend

  3. Fun unexpected finish with the straw hat! That river does look inviting. What a beautiful landscape to enjoy the water.

    1. Thank you, it is a beautiful landscape indeed. I could help sneaking there today as well.

  4. I really loved the pictures you have uploaded.Just beautiful.

    Many Thanks!!

    You can Infact read my blog as well

  5. I just love how you take an item and make it so versatile, Ivana. Adding in that scarf is exactly my style, and it looks just so polished!!
    As for the hat, you're exactly right. It's the perfect way to add in a little summer vibe!!

  6. I really like how you style dress and you look so beautiful! Also your photos are so perfect, photo of water is perfect!

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  7. Great way to wear LBD

  8. Jako lep prolecni predlog Ivanice, bas pravi business chic!


  9. You look sooo beautiful!
    -Kate //

  10. That location is lovely. I think you're right that almost any dress can be made to look appropriate for an office job if styled correctly and I love how you styled your's.

    I also like the point about trying out a print you're not sure you'll like as a scarf first. I think that's a great way to prevent impulse purchases.

    Kathrin | Polar Bear Style

    1. yes, it is a good way to prevent impulse buys.

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