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Sights To See, Places To Visit (Chuch of saint Nicholas, Split) / Znamenitosti za vidjeti, mjesta za posjetiti ( Crkvica svetoga Nikole, Split).

Time for another post in my regular feature Sights To See, Places To Visit. Today I will present one church located on Marjan hill. If you follow me on instagram, you might have seen it as it was featured a couple of times there. The church of Saint Nicholas was build in 1219 by a married couple Roko and Elizabeta. This nine centuries old church is the oldest church on Marjan hill.  

Vrijeme za još jednu objavu u mojoj redovitoj rubrici Znamenitosti za vidjeti, mjesta za posjetiti. Danas ću vam predstaviti jednu crkvu na Marjanu. Pratite li me na instagramu, već ste je imali priliku vidjeti jer sam o njoj već objavljivala. Crkvicu svetoga Nikole su 1219. godine sagradili Roko i Elizabeta, bračni par iz Splita. Ova crkvica stara (za tri godine punih) devet stotina godina je najstarija crkva na Marjanu. 

medium: watercolour/ medij: vodene boje
' Look, the wall is really curved ', my husband says upon seeing this church for the very first time, (previously he has seen only my illustrations and sketches of it). ' I thought you just painted it badly.', he adds. What did you think? I mean those of you who have seen my sketch and watercolour. Is there anyone else who thinks I can't draw a straight line?:)

"Vidi pa taj zid je stvarno zakrivljen", kaže moj muž vidjevši po prvi put ovu crkvu (prije ju je vidio samo na mojim nedavnim ilustracijama i skicama). "Mislio sam da si ju loše naslikala.", doda on. Što ste vi vidjeli? Mislim na vas koji ste već vidjeli moju skicu i akvarel. Misli li još netko da ne znam povući ravnu crtu?:)

The truth is that I visited this church twice last month. My first visit was caused by a headache. Yesm by a headache! It was a cloudy and windy day but I went out of my home and somehow (I'm not quite sure how) half an hour later, I was here (Marjan hill). I started sketching this church. Sure, I saw it before and thought it was pretty awesome but this time I truly payed attention to it. 

Zapravo sam ovu crkvu posjetila dvaput prošlog mjeseca. Moj prvi posjet izazvala je glavobolja. Da, glavobolja! Bio je oblačan i vjetrovit dan, ali izašla sam iz stana i nekako ( ne znam ni sama kako) za pola sata sam bila na Marjanu i počela skicirati ovu crkvicu. Naravno da sam je i prije vidjela i mislila kako je jako zanimljiva, ali ovaj put sam doista obratila pozornost na nju. 

The first thing that struck me was the Romansque-Gothic bell tower, but upon closer inspection I discovered some others details worthly of a mention.  On the roof, there is a Gothic-Renaissance statue of Christ (probably the work of a local artist from the 15th century). Above the Romanesque door, a simple lunette is placed. There is something so heart-warming about the simplicity of this little stone church. My second visit occured recently. This time it was sunny and I was in company of my husband (that is when these photographs were taken).

Prva stvar koju sam primijetila je romaničko-gotički zvonik, ali kada sam malo bolje pogledala vidjela sam još neke detalje vrijedne spomena. Na krovu, nalazi se gotičko- renesansi kip Krista, vjerojatno rad nekoga lokalnoga kipara iz petnaestog stoljeća. Iznad romantičkih vrata nalazi se jednostavna luneta. Ima nešto tako toplo u ovoj jednostavnoj kamenoj crkvi. Moj drugi posjet je bio nedavno. Dan je bio sunčan, bila sam u društvu muža i tada su ove fotografije nastale.

There are quite a few stunning churches on Marjan hill. However, I'm putting an emphasis on this one, not only because it is the oldest but because it is so easily accessable. When you come to caffe bar Vidilica (famous for its breath-taking panorama of Split city) , all you need is to walk up for about 200 meters and you'll get here. 

Ima više od nekoliko prekrasnih crkava na Marjanu. No, stavila sam naglasak na ovu, ne samo jer je najstarija već jer je do nje tako lako doći. Kada dođete do slavnoga kafića Vidilica  (poznatom po nevjerojatnoj panorami Splita), sve što trebate je prošetati još dvjesto metara gore i tu ste.


  1. What a great collection of pictures! xx

  2. Your painting is great! It looks a beautiful church. I believed it was curved!!!!x

  3. I really enjoy your virtual tours of local, special places. I know I've said it before, but you really do provide a brilliant service as an unofficial tour promoter for where you live - it all unceasingly looks like such a beautiful and historically fascinating place to visit.

  4. Great place, I love it
    new post

  5. Beautiful place and photos <3

  6. This is awesome life style, like fashion model. You are beautiful. I like what your style. Regards: Blog Tutorial Supporter

    1. yes, this church is indeed like a fashion model...wait? how is that so?

  7. That's a beautiful church!:)

    Stay in Style
    Karen @ Lookbook Store Blogspot

  8. Went to some wild parties in that place back in the day. Lutes were plucked and hearts were broken let me tell you. You did a great job of capturing the look and feel of the place.

    All Things Bright and Lovely

  9. Awesome church! Thanks for sharing these pictures!


  10. Great illustration Ivana! What a beautiful place!;)

  11. Totally agree with you that this church is worth to see it (I'm impressed that it was built at XIII century!) and your illustration captures perfectly how this building in reality is :) What's more, your story how you found this place is amazing, sometimes headache isn't as bad as we thought to :) Hope you're having wonderful Friday, dear!

    1. yes, even headache can be good sometimes:)

  12. What a marvellous place, that is so cool :)) I love your illustration of it too, always brilliant!! I hope you have a wonderful weekend my dear xx

  13. beautiful pleace


  14. Particolarissima questa costruzione e queste foto trasmettono un senso di pace!
    Happy Friday doll!
    Kisses, Paola.


    My Facebook

  15. In my humble opinion, I think you did an awesome job of recapturing the raw beauty of this church. Please keep writing/shooting these gorgeous posts about your rich travel adventures. I adore them. You've inspired me to hit the road this weekend to do the same so keep an eye out for that post.


  16. Baš sam se nasmijala na komentar od tvog muža sa krivim zidom, sigurno ste se i vi na račun toga dobro zafrkavali na licu mjesta :D

  17. Da, sećam se tog crteža koji mi je i jedan od tvojih najdražih (ako uopšte mogu da izdvojim neki od ostalih). Crkvica je kao iz neke bajke :) 900 godina je taaaako dugačak period, pravo blago. Stvarno je posebna i potpuno zaslužuje svu ovu pažnju koju si joj dala :)

  18. Divna crkva! Svidja mi se takodje i kako si je naslikala, zaista se vidi da te je inspirisala na najbolji moguci nacin.

    Lep vikend

  19. Draga Ivana!
    Fotografije su vrlo lijepe, i tvoj sliku također je vrlo lijepa.
    Ugodan vikend!
    LG Carolin

  20. It's great to see your drawings outside of fashion, this is a lovely interpretation and reminds me of lovely summer days spent in France, for some reason :)

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice

  21. I like your blog so much :) Happy Weekend!

    Can you follow me? I follow you :)
    If you comment my post, I will comment your five posts! :)

  22. A very interesting post Ivana, but first let me compliment your painting: I love it, you are a talented artist! Great photos (though I miss seeing you in at least one of them!). I enjoy "visiting" your corner of the world and you telling us about the history of the church building. If you'd like to see areas of interest in Southern Ontario, just type in "Day Trips" in my search bar.

    Looking forward to more of your "Sights to See" and I will check out your previous ones.

    ♥ carmen

    1. I will check it out...and thank you so much for liking this feature.

  23. This church is such a unique looking structure with some really interesting details. There may be other more impressive looking churches but this definitely has it's charms. And your sketch did properly capture them.

  24. Lijepo je čitati postove iz ove rubrike i uvijek uživam! :) x

    Vildana from :

  25. Thank you for sharing the pictures of this church with your readers, Ivana. I wouldn't have come across or get the chance to appreciate its beauty if it wasn't for you.

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

  26. Wow! looks like a really great place to visit! I love historical places and I feel like that church is something that I should visit!I always enjoy posts like this from you dear!!!

    love lots,

  27. Devojko jel si svesna koliko si talentovana :)

  28. Wow Ivana this is incredible. I missed it on instagram but I might have thought your lines weren't straight too hahah. JK, I know you got great skills and your sketch is spot on. Amazing that this church still stands after all these years and is in pretty good condition too. Totally incredible.

  29. This is an amazing church!! rellly stunning pics! kiss
    Federica - Cosa Mi Metto???

  30. Odličan post,jako mi se sviđa tvoj blog <3
    Ako želiš pogledaj moj blog i učlani se (uzvraćam)

  31. Prekrasna crkvica, a i slike su ti fenomenalne :)

  32. What stunning places, such a nice drawing too dear :)


  33. How much I love your posts 'Sights To See'!! It's an amazing place to see. I'd love to visit! Your photographs are exceptional! Thanks for sharing dear Ivana))
    Have a fun-filled weekend dear.

  34. Che luogo romantico e magico.....davvero una bellissima location!!! Un bacio e buon weekend,

    Eniwhere Fashion
    Bloglovin of Eniwhere Fashion s

  35. So amazing place <3

  36. To visit this place, to stay there for a while, to feel the spirit of time...It would be wonderful! Thanx, Ivana, for sharing.

  37. Good post! <3 Chuch of saint Nicholas is Wonderful!

  38. Dear Ivana, for me there is no doubt - for sure you are able to draw a straight line! Husbands :) In fact the drawing is really good and confirms again that you are also very talented in painting. It must be really wonderful at this place and I understand it absolutely you love it there.
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  39. 200 metres? That's quite a trip, but I bet the view from the top is absolutely gorgeous! :) x I really like this little church - it has a lot of character to it, I can only imagine how much history is kept within these walls. :) x


  40. Veliki like za ovakav tip posta! <3

  41. Dear Ivana! I love romanesque churches and this one is so beautiful and cute. Your painting is amazing too. It expresses the charism of this church perfect.

    xxxxx Nadine

  42. Definitivno cu nacimati kumove da me iduci puta odvedu u posteno, turisticko razgledavanje Splita! Ovakve ljepote je stvarno grijeh ne vijeti! Ja jako volim te male slatke crkvice sa pricom... divna je!

  43. This is good tutorial, I really love it. thanks for sharing with us. Reade, True Cambodia Travel


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