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Princess Mononoke / Princeza Mononoke (Hand Painted Jeans and A DIY necklace For a Stroll in Mostar city)

 DIY projects always make me happy. Today I'm wearing a necklace that I made myself. In addition, the hair decoration is the result of my creative work. It is actually a necklace ( see how I wore it here and here), but I always find new ways for wearing my necklaces. If you want to see how to make this kind of statement necklace, check out my last post. I wore this outfit when I took a stroll in Mostar (you know I'm all about that be a tourist in your own city philosophy) with my husband. He said I look like princess Mononoke. What an original compliment!  Anyway, since I happen to like this epic anime movie, I didin't mind hearing that at all. 

Volim sama izrađivati stvari. Danas nosim ogrlicu koju sam sama napravila.  Uz to, ukras za kosu je također posljedica moga kreativnoga rad. Zapravo se radi o ogrlici (pogledajte kako sam je nosila ovdje i ovdje), ali uvijek pronalazim nove načine za nošenje svojih ogrlica. Želite li vidjeti kako pravim ovakav tip ogrlica, pogledajte moju prošlu objavu.  Ovo sam nosila za šetnju Mostarom (znate da sam uvijek pobornik one filozofije" budi turist u svom gradu") i dobila sam lijepi kompliment od muža koji mi je rekao da izgledam kao princeza Mononoke. Originalni kompliment nema što, a kako mi se taj epski crtani film jako sviđa, nemam ništa protiv.

necklace/ogrlica: DIY
blazer/ sako: vintage
top/majica: vintage
jeans/traperice: vintage  (but hand painted by me/ sama sam ih oslikala)
bag/torba: no name
shoes/cipele: Peko


  1. Love this look! Amazing picstures <3
    Wish you a nice Sunday!
    New post:
    Ti auguro un fantastico domenica!

  2. Amazing Look and georgeous pictures, my dear friend! Love you necklace!
    xxxx Nadine

  3. You look really pretty Ivana! Lovely makeup! So amazing photos :)
    Have a wonderful week ahead, dear!

  4. You look so pretty today by the eye makeup and the braided hair!

  5. Yes, a princess in her enchanted rose garden! Bright pics!

  6. Love the look! :)

  7. Hello dear Ivana <3
    You look so beautful and fresh, Fantastic colours, flowers and you my lovely friend <3 I love your hair.

    Have a wonderful week,
    Kisses from Poland

  8. Che bella sei Ivana in queste foto, stai benissimo con i capelli il trucco, mi piacciono anche i jeans =)

    Fashion and Cookies - fashion & beauty blog

  9. Mi piace moltissimo la tua borsa gialla, da un tocco di colore bellissimo a tutto il look!

  10. I so love what you did here, princess Ivana ;) it's so cute of your DH. You look beautiful, girl.

  11. You look so classy. Love the bag! Have a great week Ivana! xx

  12. You are such a creative talent Ivana! I really like the colorful and chunky gems you used for the necklace and how the shape of it resembles a bow tie :) I love bow ties! And the hair ornament is really nice as well.

    1. thank you sweetie...I love bows of any kind... and bow ties are so cute!

  13. Well I am not familiar with Mononoke, but I appreciate the princess compliment. :) You look wonderful, Ivana! Such a unique touch to your casual outfit.

    ps I am sorry for the delay with my mail... I did not forget - I just got extremely busy. We started a huge home project, and it keeps me busy, and it is hard to find anything right now. But I definitely remember about my little surprise to you! Hugses! :)

  14. ciao Ivana, che bello quel blazer e mi piace moltissimo il tuo makeup :)
    un bacio

  15. Nice bag and flowers!

  16. You're one hell of a talented babe, Ivana! Love those DIY hotties! xoxo

  17. You look so gorgeous and that necklace is great :) xoxo

    All Things Bright and Lovely

  18. That is a beautiful DIY! Great statement necklace and it's perfect with the neckline of your blazer :) I like the scarf tied to your bag too :)

    Away From The Blue Blog

  19. Hey, I've spotted you on another girl's blog and decided to come and say hi! I've been enjoying reading your blog and would love it if you checked out mine.
    Are you up for any collabs?
    Good luck!
    xox, The Shopping Obsessive

  20. Degni di una vera principessa sia la tua collana fantastica creazione sia pettinatura e trucco.
    Ciao principessa

  21. cool look and I love bootcut geans

  22. Your necklace looks really cute, great work! :D

    Stay in Style
    Karen @ Lookbook Store Blogspot

  23. Lovely post hun! I like this so much.

    JENNEROUTFITS.COM a blog dedicated to kendall and kylie jenner’s best outfits.

  24. E' sempre bello guardare le tue foto, sono sempre così interessanti le location e poi mi piace molto il tocco di colore che regali sempre ai tuoi outfits!!!
    Kisses, Paola.


    My Facebook

  25. uvijek posebna i sa stilom

  26. Bravo za tvog muža! Mislim da nije mogao da izabere bolji kompliment. I mene asociraš na nju :) Toliko mi je interesantan spoj frizure, šminke, ogrlice, marame na torbi, oslikanih farmerki, pa još na tom mestu i posebno sa cvećem, nemam reči! Svaki detalj bi bio sam po sebi dovoljan ali ovako se još više ističu i čine pravu harmoniju u jednom savršenom spoju. Prelepo! <3

  27. Amazing outfit! This necklace is very original and it's 100% you - it fits very well to your style :) I've never seen princess mononoke, I've got it on my "watch-list" as well as couple other titles from Ghibli :)

  28. Potpuno drugačiji, neočekivani a opet tako lijep outfit ! :*

    Vildana from Living Like V & Stalia Is BAE

  29. La collana che hai creato è davvero bellissima Ivana, ti dona molto e sono perfettamente d'accordo con tuo marito ;)

    Shopping Girls

  30. Ivana, you make the prettiest things! I love your necklace. Also love your outfit. The embroidery on your jeans is gorgeous. Looks great with that blazer.

  31. J'aime! Thanks for sharing.

    ** Join Love, Beauty Bloggers on facebook. A place for beauty and fashion bloggers from all over the world to promote their latest posts!


  32. Dear Ivana, yes, this is a wonderful compliment and I really love your DIY necklace! I know already you are unbelievable creative and therefore I'm not surprised you are wearing your other necklace here in your hair-do :) Love it and the colour of your blazer suits you perfectly <3 Compliments for the colour of the lipstick, too!
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  33. accessori molto belli in questo look, stupenda location
    <<< tr3ndygirl fashion blog >>>
    un bacione

  34. Hello Ivana! I totally agree with your husband - you look like a princess, dear! What's more, I really like your DIY necklace, it looks even better than the ones, which you can find in stores - personally I love eye-catching and shiny things, so it's totally in my style, well done, Ivana! :) Futhermore, I see that the background of your photos - i.e. pink flowers - suits perfectly to your outfit, my dear! :)

    1. thanks darling!I'm happy you like my necklace so much:)

  35. Always nice to be compared to an Anime character! I don't know her but I do know you look really pretty and stylish in this! The diy painted flowers really stand out teamed with the blazer!

  36. Stai benissimo!! :)

  37. You're so talented Ivana - you can both paint, and create your own jewellery! It must be a very special feeling to wear such a statement necklace that you've made entirely yourself :) Also, how sweet of your husband to relate you to an anime princess, ah!! :)

  38. Great place for photoshooting, like your jacket!

  39. That is impressive the way you use a necklace to tie your hair and it turned out beautiful. Love how you and your husband enjoy playing tourists in your city, it shows how much you love living there.

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

  40. Stunning photographs - I love your outfit and your necklace is beautiful! x

    Viva Epernay

  41. Loving the photos!

  42. That is such a lovely necklace. I haven't tried making necklace DIYs and I probably should try it :)

    SHAIRA // BORACAY Travel Diary

  43. Love pic !!!

  44. Aww yes! DIYs always makes me happy too and yours always come out great my dear! Love the photos so much especially with the flowers, your bag is gorgeous as well dear :) Love the bangs too! hehe

    love lots,

  45. Love the colors!
    Kisses from

  46. Ti auguro una splendida serata!

  47. That's such a pretty necklace!! You are very creative! Also, I'm loving your blazer, you look really lovely!


  48. Yay! I love the prints on your pants, they match the vivid flowers on the background. And the pop of color on your bag too :) Great photos dear!

    ♥ from

  49. Hey Ivana, hope everything is going well over there!

    I'm happy to see (and surprised too) that you're applying your creativity into the DIY and the accessories creation! I mean, you're good at everything related with art and imagination, actually I think is such a good thing to be there creating everytime and everywhere, I mean... as much as possible!

    Love the necklace, the shape and obviously the colors that match perfect with your skin tone and the colors of your clothes! I laughed about the Princess Mononoke, but this is actually a very good compliment in my opinion! Haha

    Best regards, dear!
    Fungi Express blog

  50. so nice!


  51. I love these photos. Great post!
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  52. That necklace is so pretty
    You look great

  53. Have a great evening, dear Ivana :)

  54. I really like your necklace and how it matches the whole outfit and nature colors!
    Loving your hair style, you look great with bangs)


  55. Great necklace! I've missed reading your blog, I'm so happy I'm back on blogger again and checking in on your adventures :)

    All the best xx

  56. Very pretty. Your pants are gorgeous, I really love them. Kisses :)

  57. I also love this philosophy, dear Ivanna, to be a tourist in your own city - there are always places that we don't know, or that we see with another feeling, for the second or even 10th time! Plus, Mostar seems to be very beautiful! I loved your necklace, you are so talented - and you know, you could have an online store! I also loved your makeup and your blazer; you always look so sweet and very beautiful!

  58. Bellissima la borsa!!!!

  59. cute flowers, nice blazer

    Love from Ukraine (visit my blog)

  60. Che bella Ivana, adorabili i tuoi accessori! Baci, Valeria - Coco et La vie en rose NEW POST

  61. Great photos! Fantastic look! :)


  62. Ciao :) è davvero molto bello questo post! Bellissime le foto e la location con tutti quei fiori è bellissima. Buona giornata <3

  63. Prekrasno! Zaista si prava gradska princeza. Frizura je savrsena, svidja mi se nacin na koji osmisljavas razlicite nacine nosenja ogrlica. Boja blejzera se savrseno uklopila uz fotografije sa prekrasnim cvecem. Jednom recju, savrseno!
    Pusa i lep dan

  64. Hey, darling! How are you? I'm back from my blogging break and going to spend some time catching up with your lovely blog tonight. :) <3 x x I absolutely love this post, the necklace you made is so beautiful and colourful! It's a great statement piece, I'm getting a bit of a bohemian vibe from it. :) You do really look like a princess, I also think that this hairstyle and the bright lipstick look really amazing on you! Hope you're doing well, hun. :) <3 Missed you and your blog tons! Kisses! x x x


  65. Lovely outfit, my dear! You look so pretty and sweet, the necklace is wonderful :)

    xoxo Ivana ❤
    Melania |

  66. Pa da znaš da i izgledaš :) Svaka čast mužu na tako lijepome komplimentu :) Šiškice su te stvarno osvježile i predivno ti zaokružuju lice. Blazer se pak "pronašao" s cvijećem... divno mi izgledaš te se nadam da si uživala! :*

  67. That is such a sweet compliment, hon. You look lovely & radiant <3 The location for the shoot is pretty amazing! And those flowers make a gorgeous backdrop.
    xox Nadia

  68. You are a well rounded artist Ivana. I love statement jewelry and this is such a stunning necklace. I love how colorful it is and can think of a million ways to style it. Your pants are lovely and the bag is just stunning. Have a great week darling.

  69. You look so beautiful in this blazer! I'm a huge fan of your handmade colorful necklace. Your jewelry is so unique and really adds a lot of interest to your outfit. Looks like you had a fun adventure.

  70. Wow!! Soo beautiful!! I follow you,follow me back...
    Visit my blog:

  71. Absolutely love your look here!! The 70s inspired outfit is so chic and I adore this blazer and its colour! Your hair decoration is so cute - I so love little touches like this one.
    Christina ♥

  72. To me you are more Pocahontas and today wasn't my first thought. Love the green piece on your hair, the color combo of your entire outfit.


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