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Transitional Outfit : How To Style a Red Vintage Dress? (Sunny Spring Day Outfit Proposal #1)

Today I'm sharing with you a transitional outfit. I paired this red vintage dress with black leggings. I didn't wear a coat because the dress is warm enough on its own (at least it was on a very sunny day I wore it). Vintage dresses often come with under dresses and this one is no exception, so that makes them warmer for obvious reasons. I did wear leggings with this one,  because for my taste it is still not time to go bear legged. I opted for pink heels, because I like how pink and red looks together. How do you like this transitional outfit? 

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Transitional Outfit : How To Style a Red Vintage Dress

This red vintage dress used to be belong to my aunt. She gave it to me a few years ago. Last (and only time) I wore it on this blog was back in 2015 (here). I adore it. The cut is simply divine, and the colour is so eye-catching. The reason why I don't wear it often is because I'm afraid that I might damage it. It is such a beautiful vintage dress, though. I'm happy that I can call this fashion treasure my own. 

Do you ever face a similar dilemma? Do you have a vintage item you adore but you're afraid to wear it lest something happens to it? Do you like vintage clothes? 

Transitional Outfit : How To Style a Red Vintage Dress

Transitional Outfit : How To Style a Red Vintage Dress

Transitional Outfit : How To Style a Red Vintage Dress

Transitional Outfit : How To Style a Red Vintage Dress


  1. Jako je lijepa haljina i dobro ti stoji.
    Imam puno vintage stvari rado ih nosim. S nekoliko komada sam opreznija ali zapravo voilim nositi to što imam.
    super ti je kosa btw. :)

  2. Love your style and photos! Thanks for sharing :) x

    Adventures in May | Miss Nev

  3. Fotke su predivne. Haljina ti jako lijepo stoji! :) <---------- novi post

  4. You look gorgeous Ivana, I love the red vintage dress on you <3

    Serene xoxo

  5. Sei incredibilmente bella Ivana, complimenti e grazie per il tuo affettuoso commento sul mio ultimo post

  6. Ti dona il rosso e mi piace come hai reso stiloso questo vestito!
    Qui oggi sembra di nuovo pieno inverno!!!!!
    Kisses, Paola.


  7. I love the dress, it looks so classy on you. I wish it was warm enough here to not need a coat!

    Corinne x

  8. Oh WOOOOOOW, dearest Ivana, this dress is REALLY a fashion treasure! This kind of red is my favourite red-nuance and the cut is so stylish. You'r looking great! I understand that you don't want to damage it - but please wear it as often as possible - pretty cloths are made for wearing and showing them - not for hiding and protecting them ;-) (And high-quality clothing can also be repaired by a tailor in an emergency.)
    At the moment I've an ANL-linkup in my blog - this is about environmental protection in many facets. Therefore, the linking of a vintage dress would fit very well: Because second hand clothing is more sustainable (and therefore more environmentally friendly) than newly purchased clothing. Do you want to be there? Would be very happy!
    Hugs and a wonderful Sunday-evenening to you!

  9. I knew EXACTLY what you mean about worrying about ruining vintage treasures. I have a few items like that. Also I worry about ruining some of my more delicate Clara items such as the dresses so I don't wear them so much which is silly! That dress is sooo pretty. It looks so striking on you, all the more so because of the very neutral building you chose to take them by.xx

    1. I can understand why you want to preserve your lovely cosplay costumes.

  10. It looks divine on you! Wear it more often! I understand that you worry about damaging it, but clothes is meant to be worn - without wearing, it is only a piece of fabric... It looks gorgeous in movement, and I love how you styled it both ways, now and in 2015. <3

    1. thank you Natalia. You're right, clothes are meant to be worn!

  11. You look really lovely in this dress! I love the colour on you :) xx

  12. Beautiful styling, also gorgeous red dress un! Have a happy weekend xoxo

    With love from London,

  13. Honestly if you asked me, I'd say red and pink is the best combo ever! This look is no exception. Your choice of shoes just takes it to a whole new level.

    I feel you on the leggings Ivana, maybe in a month or two, we can start to really show some legs again. But for now, we'll stick with leggings and tights. Especially you in in a colder climate.

    But what a treasure, being passed down from your aunt. While I love vintage dresses, I don't believe I own any. I'd love to though. Maybe someday soon.

    I adore not just the color of this dress on you but the details of the cut as well. You look very ladylike in it. Have a lovely week ahead girl!

  14. This dress is wonderful! Love how you styled it with the leggins! Would you like to follow each other? Please let me know in comments on my blog:)
    I hope we will stay in touch♥

    Blog: Witty Sweety
    Instagram: @witty_sweety

  15. wow awesome post dear red look beautifull on you,keep posting.. online shopping in pakistan

  16. Thanks a lot :D

    wooow :D Woman in red. So perfect combo!
    super powerful as I love!

    InstagramFacebook Official PageMiguel Gouveia / Blog Pieces Of Me :D

  17. Estas guapísima! Feliz semana preciosa!💜💜💜

  18. What a beautiful Dress, it suits you perfect. :)


  19. Cute dress, love the color and great styling here...
    IG @grace_njio

  20. Finally getting into the Spring mood! And I totally get you, I got a pair of Valentino boots but I don't wear them often because I don't want to damage them haha, so I totally get what you're saying with the use of this dress. By the way, transitional outfits are the best because the in between seasons admit many possibilities that are almost impossible to wear in the rest of the year haha.

    You did a great job with the outfit but I really liked how you included the trend of combining pink with red, it looks amazing on you! You should really wear this combination more often, Ivana!


  21. That dress looks great on you Ivana! Even more special that it comes from a family member. Love the tights with it. That trend is definitely coming back.

  22. I love your dress, thanks for sharing, you look stunning!!!

  23. Dear Ivana, I really understand why you take care so much of this beautiful dress! I see it is in your family to have a beautiful taste as your aunt definitely choose a wonderful dress. I try always taking care of my clothes although I know it can be happen that clothes can be damaged ... One thing is sure, red is really your colour and I love it you have chosen pink pumps for this dress!
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  24. This dress is gorgeous on you! What a lovely hand me down from your aunt. Yes I feel your dilemma. While you want to wear this more often you're also concerned about what that might do to it. I guess you just have to find a balance and I'm sure you're quite careful with your clothing in general.

    1. thank you dear. It's all about finding balance. I do try to be as careful as possible when it comes to vintage items.

  25. You look lovely in this red dress and I like the black leggings and pink shoes with it for the unexpected styling. I don't wear vintage clothing because I have a vintage body. I wore this stuff the first time around LOL. Having said that I am sure there are things I would wear if I found the right style, size and colour. You look fantastic in that red! I think it's one of your best colours. xoxo

  26. Prelepo ti stoji crveno. Obozavam vintage stvarcice i rado ih kombinujem sa novim komadima.


  27. what can i say - it´s just perfect!!! i LOVE red-black-combos a lot. this dress is special and you can wear it very easily without a leggings. but a pair of leggings is also a perfect match. i like those heels a lot, but i think you should wear black or red shoes to this clothing style - the colour of pink is maybe a little too much - what do you think?



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