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Instead of a recap, here are 4 outfits that I haven't shared until now (including a last minute NYE outfit idea), Happy New 2018!

It has been such a long time since I have posted an outfit post. As the New Year approached, I wasn't even sure whether I wanted to do an outfit recap or not. This year I was more focused on posting my art ( paintings & fashion illustrations) than on my outfits, but still there were some outfit posts that I rather liked. Then I realized how many outfits I haven't shared at all, all because I was so focused on other things. Should I post them next year? Then I figured, why not post them now instead of doing a recap? So, I selected four outfits from this Autumn/Winter. One more thing. Those of you that have a keen eye will probably notice that my weight hasn't been stable. I have, in fact, lost a lot of weight because of health complicated caused by Chron diseases (an incurable immune chronic disease). So, if in some of these photographs I look thinner than usual, it is because that is how it was.


Here is my outfit proposal for New Year Eve. I still haven't decided what I'm going to wear, I will probably decide last minute but if you want to go for a classical look, I think something like this might work. I wore this last Summer, shortly after I was realized from the hospital. I think I got so dressed up because I wanted to celebrate that. If had known that I would soon be back in hospital, I would have probably been less enthusiastic so it was probably for the better. Ignorance is bliss? Only when it comes to our future. As Ursula K. Le Guin said, the only thing that makes living possible and bearable is the complete ignorance of future. The fact that future remains unknown is what keeps us going. If I had the choice, I would never want to know the future.


I was actually wearing make up here. Not only that I was wearing some make up, I was also happy with how it turned out. If you know me, you know this doesn't happen very often. I'm no make up wizard. But on this occasion, it somehow worked. Good times. Later that evening, I went to pick up an oil painting of mine that I had framed and then I went for a walk with my significant other wearing this (but I wore different shoes).  I do like this outfit. I think that olive green complements black rather nicely. Sometimes I'm happy to go for more earthly and neutral colours.

#dressforNYE #whattowear

As you can see, here I am wearing a little black dress with lace details. I got this dress for my birthday a few years ago and as you can see I still wear it. I paired it with an olive green blazer. This blazer is button free, which I think makes it more appropriate for festive outfits. I love pairing button-less blazers with dresses. The combo of two always looks elegant.

#olivegreen #blazer #heels


#outfitinspiration #2018NYE

what to wear for NYE

last minute NYE outfit idea
Dress: old, heels: old, blazer: no name


The one thing that I really love about fashion is the fact that it tells stories. Yes, fashion tells stories. Take this outfit for example. The shirt I'm wearing is a decade old left over from my Wind Jet uniform. I added some embroidery on it to make it more interesting, but that's basically it. The striped sweater was a gift I received as kid from my cousins in Germany. Yes, as a kid. I've kept it all these years. This striped sweater is falling apart but I still love it. This green belt is something that I dig out of the closet. I think it was a part of a vintage dress- for real. Finally, the star of this outfit, this vintage pair of Levi's jeans- it used to belong to my husband. Yes, my husband wore it when he was younger. So, there you go. Everything in this outfit tells a story. That might be why I love it so much. 

#BIH #outfit #oftd #casualstyling #levi's #jeans

#planina #ležerno #stripedsweater #jeans #nature

Boots: no name, jeans: Levi's, sweater & shirt: old


This amazingly beautiful place is called Buna and it is located in vicinity of Buna, Bosnia and Herzegovina. I had blogged about it about a hundred times, but I never seem to get tired of it. Once again I paired green with black, because why not? I wore a dress sweater and a very warm one ( you can't see it on the photographs though). To add some colour, I opted for this lovely bag. Besides a cute olive green patch, this bag also has a blue patch that I like a lot (alright, you get it, I love patchwork) and most importantly, it also has a bit of animal print. If I'm choosing a predominately black outfit, why not wear a bag that is anything but? This was a very comfortable outfit to wear. I don't remember when it was the last time I went shopping ( I've done almost no shopping in 2017) but shopping my own closet has proved as a good idea.

#turtleneck #boots #shortcoat #winter #smile

#casual #oftd #colourfulbag

I love Autumn.

modni blog

black is the new black #outfit #BIH #buna
coat: tally weijl (old), sweater dress: old, leggings: old, bag: no name


I love this outfit because I do. Technically, there is nothing new in it. But I tend to perceive things I re/discovered in my closet as 'new' anyway. I'm such a bad blogger, I can go a whole year without purchasing a clothing item.  Bad blogger, but maybe I'm being good for the environment? But let's be honest, the motivation behind my lack of shopping might be laziness. It could also be the fact that I often find limitations freeing.

#train #vlak #modniblog

#diyboots #boots #pointedboots #vintagelevi's

fashion blogger


Believe it or not, being restricted can actually set your creative juices flowing. Restrictions and limitation can actually stimulate your brain to think more creative. Our brains are funny things, they often do well under pressure.  My abandonment of shopping might also have something to with my zodiac, but I'm not sure do I actually believe in that. Anyway, I do have fun shopping my closet and that is what is important, right? Back to this outfit. I think I was one of the happiest people when green became trendy this Autumn/Winter. I have always loved green. It is such a fabulous colour. I even painted these boots green ( I'm not sure can you see it in photographs, though).

#train #trainslovers #outfit

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#levi's #jeans #vinatagejeans #winter #winterfashion #winterinspiration
jacket: pro ski (Czech brand), jeans: vintage Levi's, bag: no name, boots: Peko (plus DIY)


  1. Ciao Ivana! Abbiamo quasi avuto la stessa idea!!! Moltobelli i 4 look ma io mi sono proprio innamorata del primo, quel vestito è spettacolaree tra l'altro ti sta proprio bene! Buon anno!
    Don't Call Me Fashion Blogger

  2. Hi Ivana :))))))) I haven't visited you for ages :)))) You look great, your little black dress is a fantastic idea - love it. Have a wonderful New Year :))))) Lots of love - Margot :))))

  3. Lovely post! Fantastic look!

    Happy New Year and all the best in 2018!!!


  4. You are beautiful in all these outfits, elegant/dressy and casual! I loved the green boots (and yes, I did noticed them!).
    Wishing you a happy and healthy New Year and lots of creative juices, in both art and life, lovely Ivana!
    Lots of love!

  5. These are lovely outfits, I especially like the black dress. You look so pretty in every look. Happy new year, I wish you all the best for 2018. xo Laura

  6. You look amazing! Happy New Year Ivana! :) xx

  7. dear Ivana, i waited a very long time to see you back in "uniform"...;-) i love your fashion fotoshots, like always.

    the first outfit is my favorite - you look so fab!!! i LOVE this dress. i would buy it, if i see it on a shop.

    "As you can see, here I am wearing a little black dress with lace details." - these lace details are so chic. that makes this dress so special! you know for sure that i like belts a lot. so i would wear a very big one on that dress - a white one. maybe it´s an idea for you.

    thanks for sahring!!!



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