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Midi again ( outfit post)

I love midi skirts, I really do. This one is a big tricky to walk in as it not allows me to take big steps (or walk crazy fast) as I usually do, but I love it anyway. It's vintage so that is also a plus in my book. The jacket is from outlet store Azel and I have worn it in the last post (and many many times it has made apperance on this blog) as have these Nosens shoes that are seriously the most comfortable shoes ever. If you're wondering about the magical place- Buna river near Mostar. Date: last Saturday...

Stvarno volim suknje dužine ispod koljena. U ovoj je komplicirano hodati jer ne mogu koračati dugim koracima ni onoliko brzo kao obično, ali svejedno mi jako draga. To što je vintage je za mene samo plus...Jakna je iz Azela, nosim je jako često i u prošlom odjevnom postu...cipele isto stalno nosim, preudobne su...A mjesto snimanja je rijeka Buna pored Mostara prošle subote.


  1. You look so sophisticated in those garments) I love the fur throat-wrap, looks so pretty and chic! Those photographs are simply adorable) Wonderful place and the nature is always so beautiful at the place where you live:)
    Wish you a blessed day ahead!

  2. Proprio bella questa gonna midi!

  3. Lovely post! Grate look!

  4. Looking so beautiful in your lovely midi skirt. Love the pretty scenery too.

  5. wooow stunning! that is such a great look you are as glamourous as a vintage hollywood diva! lovin it!

  6. Stai benissimo Ivana, adoro la giacca è favolosa! Caterina

  7. So cool post!!
    love it and love you♥♥
    New post on my blog

  8. So wonderful doll, love this look, so gorgeous xx

  9. Kao iz nekog filma :) Predivno stvarno, taj stil ti savršeno pristaje :)

  10. Your jacket is so beautiful and it looks so warm...:) Love it!

  11. fantastic dear...i follow you via gfc and g+...see you

  12. Nice photos! The place looks really magical!

  13. The fur you are wearing is very nice!
    Stella from a A Shiny Place

  14. How funny, I make also big steps and this is the only problem when I wear midi skirts :) I love your look, dear Ivana, such a great vintage skirt - perfect with that jacket!

    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  15. prekrasna suknja, a i jaknica :)

  16. stai benissimo e mi piace molto il collo pelliccioso che hai messo su

  17. Perfect jacket et I love your shoes. Very elegant style :)

  18. Hello Ivana,

    great pics on a cool place.




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