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Black Maxi Dress For Spring + Visit To Bunica (Bosnia and Herzegovina)

Hello darlings! My outfit proposal of the day may seem a bit unusual for Spring, but I think it works just fine. I shared this vintage maxi dress on the blog last month (here), but I'm not sure have I shared with you the story of this dress or not. So, here it goes, a family member had this dress custom made for her prom many years ago, and since she is not the same size anymore, she decided to give it to me. I've been wearing it pretty often and I think it's absolutely beautiful. I couldn't resist customizing it a bit, so I did a bit of floral embroidery  work on it. I absolutely love doing classical embroidery, but all that work with the needle is very hard on the hands as well as time consuming, so I don't do it as often as I would like to. I'm actually hoping that I'll be able to continue the embroidery floral work on this dress. Right now the part with embroidery is not that large, it's more of a cute detail, but I'll try to make it much larger and hopefully also more visually interesting. I do believe that embroidery is a form of art! What about you? Do you like embroidery? Have you tried doing it yourself? Do you like to wear embroidered items? Embroidery is still trendy, especially the floral embroidery, so if you do like to wear it, you're in luck as the stores are filled with embroidered items right now. 

When you wear a black maxi dress, it all comes down to the accessories, doesn't it? With this dress I wore a belt that belongs to another dress, DIY sunglasses and a necklace, ring and earring set that I got for my birthday. Something old, something new, you might say. The reason why I opted for biker boots was that we were planning on doing a lot of walking that day. These images were actually taken on the first of May. As you know, this international holiday is celebrated in many countries. We decided to head for Buna/Bunica, because it is close to where we live, but also because I love this river and the surrounding area. When we arrived, we saw that was a lot of people there, plus the music was too loud, so we decided to go to restaurant across the river.  After having coffee and cakes in our favourite place (restaurant/ motel kolo), we decided to pay a visit to our friend who is a friar. He wasn't there, but we took a look around the church and admired all the work they put into this place. It is such a serene place. Nothing like a bit of greenery to relax one's soul, right? Today I'm attending a wedding, but I might go someplace this weekend. We have some plans, but they aren't fixed yet. What about you? Do you have any plans for the weekend? Thank you for reading and have a lovely weekend!

Black Maxi Dress For Spring + Visit To Buna river (BIH)

Black Maxi Dress For Spring + Visit To Buna

Black Maxi Dress For Spring + Visit To Buna

Black Maxi Dress For Spring + Visit To Buna

Black Maxi Dress For Spring + Visit To Buna

Black Maxi Dress For Spring + Visit To Buna

Black Maxi Dress For Spring + Visit To Buna

Black Maxi Dress For Spring + Visit To Buna

Black Maxi Dress For Spring + Visit To Buna

Black Maxi Dress For Spring + Visit To Buna #blogger




  1. Yummy desserts and a nice place to enjoy them! And the dress is very nice!

  2. Che rava, ricami anche da sola!Bellissimo questo vestito e mi piace tanto anche la location!
    Don't Call Me Fashion Blogger

  3. Ivana, imaš super liniju!
    Sviđa mi se haljina. I meni je taj način ukrašavanja lijep.

  4. The dress has a lovely and classic silhouette and it looks marvelous on you! The floral embroidery adds a really nice personal touch and the placement and size makes for a nice surprise when you turn around. I need to run some errands this weekend and we'll probably go out to eat. Enjoy the wedding and happy weekend!

  5. E' davvero bello quell'abito Ivana, e ti sta benissimo!!! Hai davvero un bel fisico!
    Oltretutto io adoro i dettagli ricamati, trovo che aggiungano raffinatezza e complitino bene qualunque capo!
    Bellissime foto!

  6. Dear Ivana, sometimes it is an advantages for other people if one changes the clothing size :) Your dress is beautiful and I understand you like it! And about the embroidery I have to admit I did it but I'm not very skilled - in the opposite to you! I see you had a wonderful day and you look absolutely adorable on the pictures. What a pity the friar wasn't at home but I see you made the very best of the situation. So yummy ice and fruits! Happy weekend, hopefully the wedding was very nice!
    xx Rena

    1. thank you so much dear Rena. Have a great weekend!

  7. OMG you did the embroidery on the dress by yourself?! Woww I have huge respect for you! My mom used to do embroidery so I know how tedious it is and the patience it requires! And it turned out so beautifully, had I not read your post, I'd have thought it's not a custom made dress!
    No need to say, I absolutely adore this dress on you! And the landscape is so beautiful and refreshing in the pictures!
    Wishing you an amazing weekend! :)
    Ankita | Real Girl Talks

  8. beautiful blog! I really like how you write
    and what you give photos. wonderful!
    I have a question, you will agree to follow for follow?
    I like to be in touch with inspirational blogs.
    Greetings from Poland!

  9. Hello,

    So lovely !


  10. What a lovely dress on you! It's a shame it didn't fit your family member anymore, but it looks like it was made for you! The embroidery si a cute touch too. I'm not talented enough to make my own but I do love embroidered pieces! :) Like you said, there are plenty in the stores to buy! :)

    Hope that you are having a nice weekend :)

    Away From The Blue Blog

  11. interesting look, specially with these kinds of shoes...;-) i like this location, i saw it very often here, but i cant get enough...;-)


  12. That black maxi-dress looks very pretty - I love the embroidery you did on it. No, Even though I love the look of embroidery I have never attempted doing any myself. The necklace and earrings you accessorised the dress with look very pretty as well. The setting by the river looks pretty and serene, and the fruit cocktail looks yummy.

  13. Great post.

  14. This dress is lovely and you look so beautifuil, dear Ivana! I like embroidery very much too and love to wear it, but I never tried to do it myself. Your necklace and Earrings are very pretty.

    Hugs, Nadine

  15. That's a lovely dress for Spring and you look wonderful in it Ivana. I travelled over the weekend for my cousin's baby christening. It went well by the grace of God.
    Have a blessed week.

  16. Super ti stoji haljinica, a moram i da pohvalim ove silne đakonije. Njam, njam :)


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