Hello dear readers and fellow bloggers! Welcome to another post in the Fashion Illustration Friday category.  As you might have expected, today I will show you some new fashion illustrations of mine. Moreover, I will briefly comment on advantages of certain mediums.  Before we get to that I will also tell you how I ended up painting these illustrations on wooden boards. We will start with two fashion illustrations that I painted with acrylic paints (royal talens #notsponosored) on leftover hardboards. This is the first time I painted on such a surface. Naturally, you can buy hardboard for painting in art shops,  but you can also try up-cycling and paint on hardboards, wooden boards,  planks and scrap wood of any kind. 

One day it occurred to me that someone might have some leftover hardboards or wood boards. Obviously, using something like that would automatically make my art more sustainable.  So, I asked my husband to ask his friends, assuming that someone might know someone who works with wood and has some wood scraps or leftovers. It turned out that was indeed a case. My husband thought of a friend who works with wood and asked him for some. The man was more than happy to give them to me. He even asked do I want it cut in a certain size. Naturally I said any size would do. The point is really to work on leftover wood, so what ever is left off is what I'm going to use. Naturally, there are all kind of art and crafts projects one can make from scrap wood but this is one idea that came to my mind and I'm happy to share it the result. There is another portrait painting I will share today so scroll down to see it all. 

I found painting on hardboard surprisingly easy. I don't know how I didn't think of it before. Those of you following me for years know that I painted on all kinds of surfaces (for example pasta packaging) because I love doing sustainable stuff.  So, I'm happy to find another sustainable medium that might work for me. I painted two fashion illustrations on hardboard surface so far, both using acrylic paints. Both of these were done quickly. Basically, I just threw some left over acrylic paints on them in between working on other (more ambitious) paintings. I really like how they came out, especially the one depicting a white lace two piece styling. I guessed I used the impasto technique even if I didn't really think of it at the time. The lace looks exactly how I hoped it would. This girl in a white outfit looks really cool, doesn't she? The second illustration also looks nice but I like the one with the white outfit more. So, I would say that painting on hardboard with acrylics isn't hard as such. I might even purchase some professional hardboard to paint on (but I plan to do more up-cycling too). Besides fashion illustrations, I also made some sea studies on the hardboards I received. I'm always looking for ways to improve my art and sometimes playing with different materials can be quite educating. The advantage of acrylics paints is that they can stick on anything. That makes them ideal for up-cycling and recycling projects. 

SKETCHBOOK TOUR PREVIEW- One of these days I plan to show you the tour of all of my new sketchbooks, but that will probably take some time. I need to figure out how to do without the post taking forever to scroll (ideas welcome). Maybe it will look something like this  (the photos bellow) and maybe I will make a video (or both). I haven't decided yet. Bellow these two photographs of me posing with my sketchbook there are also two digital versions of a fashion illustration that I already showed you (the girl in a red dress). However, I didn't show you the digital version of it (that I also uploaded to my redbubble shop). I'm thinking of closing my redbubble shop before I open my own shop but on that subject I'm also still undecided. For the time being, it is still open. MORE FASHION ILLUSTRATION POSTS -HERE and.... DIGITAL RETOUCHING WITH PAINT 3D,  LADY IN A LILAC DRESS and BALL PAINT FASHION ILLUSTRATION FASHION ILLUSTRATION FRIDAY: WATERCOLOUR PENCILS -IVANA'S FASHION ILLUSTRATION FRIDAYFASHION ILLUSTRATION FRIDAY: INSPIRED BY COLOURS OF AUTUMNA GIRL IN A RED GOWN: FASHION ILLUSTRATION OF THE DAY-CUSTOMIZING A NOTEBOOK WITH A FASHION ILLUSTRATIONFASHION ILLUSTRATION FRIDAY: ILLUSTRATING A BLACK DRESS FROM DOLCE & GABBANA COLLECTION10 WAYS TO IMPROVE YOUR FASHION ILLUSTRATION SKILLS- HOW TO CREATE A 3D FASHION ILLUSTRATION DRESS WITH DRY FLOWERS?- FRIDAY FASHION ILLUSTRATION: HAT OBSESSED -FASHION ILLUSTRATION FRIDAY INSPIRED BY SUMMER STYLE- FASHION ILLUSTRATION FRIDAY: SUMMER TO AUTUMN TRANSITION- FASHION ILLUSTRATION FRIDAY: ILLUSTRATED TOTE BAGS-FASHION ILLUSTRATION FRIDAY: HAT OBSESSED - FASHION ILLUSTRATION FRIDAY: NEW AUTUMN INSPIRED ART FASHION ILLUSTRATION FRIDAY: MY INSPIRATIONS FASHION ILLUSTRATION FRIDAY: DECEMBER ANOTHER ART UPDATE HERE: MARKER ILLUSTRATIONS AND DIGITAL

Today I also made a new portrait illustration. The medium is watercolour pencils  (Staetdler #notsponosored) on mixed media paper (Royal talens, again not sponsored). I love working with watercolour pencils because they enable me to be quick. Instead of sketching with pencil first and then having to delete most of the pencil sketch to apply watercolour (so that there isn't too much graphite), I can just apply water directly and turn it into a watercolour. Using this medium feels like mixed media in itself and I love that. As for the portrait illustration, I like it but I kind of like the sketch better.

 Yes, this is another case of sketch turning out better than the painting. I know I'm not the only artist that suffers from this syndrome. What do I mean by that? I mean that I actually like the initial sketch better than the finished painting. Maybe I should have just left her hair white? I don't know. I do, however, know that I love illustrating red hair. I also like illustrating what I call mermaid hair (blue, pink, lavender). However, red hair also has a mermaid connotation for me- you know Ariel. One day I will devote a whole post to ginger ladies I illustrated (most of them imaginary). 

Thank you for reading and visiting. Have a lovely weekend ahead!


  1. This is such a cool idea. I had a friend who use to paint on wood and boards. His work was more abstract but it was cool and yes love the lady in white outfit! And love seeing your Watercolor pencil illustrations. Have you ever thought of doing a series of illos where you do not fill
    in completely the illustration? Like the one at the top in the middle? It looks so cool like this. Have you heard of Garance Dore? You might like her work. She started this illustration like this not filling everything in and it is pretty cool.

    Allie of

  2. Ooh, your red-headed Ariel is lovely, Ivana! I get what you mean about the sketch on this one, as there is something really compelling, especially in the eyes, in your original sketch. However, I really like the finished painting - give yourself some credit, it's a good painting!

    I agree on your lady in white lace - the impressionist daubs of paint really do give the illusion of lace. Your boards with waves are awesome...I love that you're just painting on old wood!

    Have a fantastic weekend!

  3. Lindos bocetos me gusta el ultimo te mando un beso

  4. Such a wonderful post. Lovely illustrations and how the art piece comes about. Love your beautiful outfit too. Splendid results! All the best with your creativity!

  5. Interesting to see the progression of your art! And what you have to work with. These pieces have grown and it's amazing how you can change it up to know your subject so well. Love the angel of her gaze in the latter pieces too. Stay creative!

  6. No Way, The Ocean/Bay Scene Over Wooden Planks Is Remarkable - Such Amazing Talents You Carry - Thank You Hubby For Finding The Right Slates For The Right Project - So Happy For The Two Of You - Sending Positive Vibes


  7. I love your art, that lady's eyes are just mesmerising! x

  8. What a fabulous idea to paint directly on to wood, and to use wood scraps to make your art sustainable too. I do love the red-haired lady's final version, and I loved seeing her transformation from sketch to painting. I agree with Vix that her eyes are mesmerizing. Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful art, Ivana xxx

  9. I love the sketch with the red hair - it turned into such a vibrant painting with that background! :)

    And it's so good you could try different materials - i find that you are not only creative with the things you paint and how you present them, you use different painting and materials to paint on often - it's good to see! :)

    Hope you are having a good weekend :)

    Away From The Blue

  10. I just love the idea of you painting on the scrap wood Ivana!! It's like it's already ready to be hung up then. Especially that seascape's so gorgeous.

  11. Gorgeous illustrations ❤

  12. Beautiful drawings, you create wonderful summer inspirations!

  13. Your paintings are so much fun and I like that you're using bits and bobs as the canvas for your art. Surfaces that can be painted upon like hardboard and mix media papers shouldn't go to waste. And I'm happy to see that you're very proud and energized by your artwork :) Hope you are well and keeping healthy :)

  14. It's cool that you're exploring different surfaces to use as canvases for your paintings. Working with different mediums can be fun while also providing new challenges and it's sustainable as well since you're using or repurposing materials you have on hand. Your portrait of a red haired lady is beautiful!

  15. Hi
    I see that you brought into your art, your concern for the environment, and creating more sustainable art, making the illustrations in wood was a great idea!

  16. I read the post but forgot to comment. I love everything about it, painting on scrap wood is not only sustainable, but makes each piece unique and special. Of course, your illustrations look amazing, as always!

  17. Beautiful works. They delight as usual.

  18. Your red-headed Ariel is very compelling- I find myself thinking about what she might be pondering!
    What a good idea to use wood which has been unwanted by people. I often want to save big pieces of cardboard packaging to use for projects as that is a good reuse item too -like your pasta packaging!
    The lace painting looks really good!
    I love that floral skirt in your sketch book!


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