Hello there!  You know I live for that 'be a tourist in your own city' concept.  I was an advocate of local travel long before the pandemic changed the way people travel (see this post from 2015 to see what I mean). Today I'll  show you some pretty areas in Mostar city. In fact, you could say that we'll stroll around the city together. Sure, I blogged about these places before, but one more time won't hurt because Mostar truly  is a stunning city. If nothing else, river Neretva is enough to take one's breath away. Since I'm currently based in this town, it makes sense to to explore it. Moreover, I'll share four outfits I wore for exploring  Mostar city.  April has proven to be surprisingly cold, so I switched my blazers for winter coats, ski (!!!) and leather jackets.  The last one could be my favourite outfit of this month so far. What is your favourite styling?


THE OLD CITY CENTRE AND BRIDGE -The first outfit I wore was all about keeping warm for a walk through the old centre. I wore this on the day it snowed (see the  collage above to see the first and only time I cleaned our car from snow this year). By the time we went for our midday walk, the sun was already high, so the snow melted. We walked over the famous old bridge and through the old city centre, had a cup of coffee at Campanile cafe next to Franciscan monastery and then walked some more. The Neretva river looked so beautiful that day, its turquoise waters reminded me of the sea paintings I have been doing recently. One of these days, my skills would be a match for depicting its waters.

I already wrote about Mostar and its attractions many times in the past, so here are some links in case you want to revisit or visit some of my older posts. 
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THE STORY OF THE OUTFIT- I already linked up the items from this styling. All of them are old favourites. I actually wore this black vintage maxi dress the other way around to better showcase the embroidery. The embroidery is not vintage, these flowers were embroidered by me- and it isn't finished. I'm planning to create a more elaborate embroidered pattern on this dress. However, with all the painting that is making my chronic paint worse, I'm not sure when I will get around to it. 

This outfit was all about layering. I wore it for a walk around the city with my husband. I felt both comfortable and chic in this- a winning combo when it comes to outfits. Our society has a panic fear of  aging, but isn't getting older basically a privilege? A privilege many do not get.  One advantage of getting older (at least for me) is the ability to enjoy one's clothes more and more. I don't know about others, but I seem to feel more comfortable with myself the older I get- especially in terms of knowing what works for me fashion-wise. I can't remember the last time I didn't feel comfortable in something I wore.

This is an outfit I wore to see newly planted trees in vicinity of my neighbourhood. Every tree is has a table with the name of the citizen or the company who made the donation. We were surprised to read some of our friends and relatives among the names so we took some pictures of them and that was it. This denim skirt is such a practical item, I love reaching for it.


I love this mixed animal print dress but it is a summer piece so wearing it for a cold spring day required some creativity. Bellow you can see how I solved that problem by pairing this dress with a mustard yellow sweater, a leather jacket, a pair warm tights and high boots. I felt fantastic wearing this. As I said, it's my favourite April outfit so far. 

That would be all. Thank you for reading. Take care and stay safe lovely people. 


  1. It was nice to stroll around the city Mostar with you, dearest Ivana. It's true, Mostar is a stunning and very interesting city and the river Neretva is a beautiful setting, too.
    Also here in the east of Austria it was mostly very cold this April and I dug out my winter clothes again. But it is time for SPRING-clothes, and so I understand so much why the outfit with the mixed animal print summer-dress is your favourite one. I like all of your outfits, but this one goes best with my springtime longing.
    How nice that you have an avenue with young trees where the residents of Mostar donated for the trees.
    Hugs and all the best,

    1. Thank you Traude. Yes, I'm very happy about these newly planted trees.

  2. You are lucky to live in such a beautiful place and to be able to explore so often! :) I really like the last outfit, the yellow knit is so colourful as is the printed dress and they both look great with the leather jacket! I like to wear my leather jackets in winter too :)

    Hope that your week is off to a good start :)

    Away From The Blue

    1. Thank you Mica. I'm lucky to live in such a beautiful place indeed.

  3. What A Beautiful River There - Love That Aqua Rich Blue - Nice To See The Mountains With A Dusting Of Snow - Looking Forward To Your Spring Designs


  4. What a gorgeous place you live, Ivana! I love seeing it through your eyes, as an everyday place, filled with (to us) wondrous sights. Great outfits - I can't believe you had snow! That last one is my fave too - the bright colours and bold pattern rock against the boots and leather jacket.

    I get what you mean - I have so much more fun with my clothes than I ever have, and it's a joy putting on an outfit that feels comfortable and "me."

    Have a good week, my friend!

    1. Thank you Sheila. Yes, bold colours paired with a leather jacket seem like a winning combo. I need to do it again.

  5. Me gusto el primer y tercer atuendo. Adore conocer más de tu país. Es tan bello. Te mando un beso

  6. I like how you take us back again and again Ivana. It's like visiting an old friend again, and seeing different parts of it.
    You always put together such great outfits and look so put together. It's always nice to see someone else who isn't pushing buying new things all the time.

  7. The outfits are gorgeous and you look great! I also love the stroll around Mostar. On top of that, I fully agree with you that we should spend a lot of time visiting the places near us before we go further away. But, like you, I was saying that even before the pandemic. I just hope more people will spend their weekends discovering their cities and their areas, especially now when so many businesses need support.

    1. Yes, many local business do need support right now.

  8. Mostar je predivan grad i tvoje fotografije su savršene. Sjećam se kada sam posjetila prije nekoliko godina koliko me oduševio svojom energijom. Jako mi se sviđaju tvoji outftiti i nadam se da si uživala u obilasku.

    New Post - https://www.exclusivebeautydiary.com/2021/04/tom-ford-lip-color-flamingo-chanel.html

  9. You look super stunning! Love these outfits!

  10. Mostar's old city centre and bridge are absolutely stunning! As for the latter, I do think that indeed seeing it in real life would take my breath away. And how gorgeous is the colour of Neretva river's waters! I also love the embroidery on your skirt.
    I do agree with you on aging being a privilege, and that one gets more confident in one's choices (fashion or otherwise) as one get older and grows in one's own skin.
    Your last outfit is my favourite too. It's funky and colourful, which is exactly what I love! xxx

  11. Hi
    I am amazed that in April it is still so cold there in Croatia! This old bridge is well known for tourist postcards from Croatia!
    I liked your look by the trees with people's names, I really like that color of your coat!


    1. Thank you Marisa. Mostar is actually in Bosnia and Herzegovina but it is close to Croatian boarder so a lot of tourists visiting Croatia also visit Mostar.

  12. We've been having some cold weather too here in the midlands(states) too. Nice walking boots for sure. Lovely area, too.

  13. Really a beautiful post. Must have been a lovely time. Awesome outfits, too.

  14. You look amazing Ivana! It looks like you had a wonderful time!

  15. The bridge and the old city center looks amazing! Great outfits and I love your hairstyles!

  16. Hello dear Ivana, I hope you're having a wonderful week so far :)

    I totally love your approach to traveling around your own city and with that, styling a different outfit for every kind of visit. Maybe a cultural visit (museum, gallery) can inspire us to create a total different outfit and going to the green areas can set our minds in a different mood. That has to do with creativity too!

    I love all the option, but 1 (ski jacket) + 2 (layering, which is fantastic for this season) are my favorites! The backgrounds you picked for both options are perfect, well for every options but those are my options and I would love to copy your idea for my next walking around Barcelona famous sposts!

    Hey Fungi

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  18. I think if I was lucky enough to live in Mostar I'd be exploring it every day, it's beautiful!
    Love your hair in braids! x

  19. Nice outfits. Thanks for sharing those ideas.
    I hope you'll visit my blog soon. Have a good week!

  20. Dear Ivana,
    I I have never been in Mostar- but this place looks awesome on your pictures- I hope that I will be have a chance to go there one day. I like all of your outfits here- every of them i s little different and has something special that I like :-)

  21. Moram izdvojiti Mostar kao jedan od meni ljepših i dražih gradova, vučem baš lijepa iskustva iz njega. Baš sam se obradovala kada sam vidjela slike, prenijela si potpuno energiju koja vlada u Mostaru. Odličan post, odlične kombinacije:)



  22. Suas postagens são ótimas, estou seguindo seu blog e curtindo bastante!! Parabéns!

    Meu Blog: Giovana Reis

  23. Love these outfits, you look wonderful!

  24. Mostar is really beautiful city, and those outfits look warm for cold weather!
    My favorite is the first outfit. That maxi skirt with lovely embroideries by you is great, Ivana!
    Thank you for always sharing your fantastic ideas<3


  25. I really like how your outfits combine style with comfort and warmth for "playing tourist" in Mostar. I'm also all for local travel and touring around where you live. You are lucky that Mostar is such a stunning city. I really enjoyed doing this in NYC before the pandemic. Right now there are still too many Anti-Asian attacks so I don't feel safe going out but I hope to get back to exploring my city at some point.

  26. The best part of your articles that they have perfect Content Quality and Quantity. Do write something on Micro Centrifuge also. Honestly, you posses great Writing Skills.

  27. The river in Mostar is just beautiful! It looks so clean and fresh!
    I really do like your outfits- something great about all of them but the one wth the funky patterned skirt and yellow polo neck is my favourite one but I do like the one in front of Saint Paul too!


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