Hello dear readers and/or fellow bloggers. How are you? As you can guess from the title of this post, today I'll show you what I wore to visit Stari Grad city  on island Hvar. I wrote about this city a number of times on blog, but there is always something new to see and discover here. As for my outfit, it's all about styling denim in summer. I will get into the whole denim in the summer topic shortly but first tell me: 'Do you wear denim in summer?'

HR Zdravo dragi čitatelji i/ili kolege blogeri. Kako ste? Kao što možete pogoditi iz naslova ove objave, danas ću vam pokazati što sam nosila za posjet Starom Gradu na otoku Hvaru (poveznica na službenu stranicu grada). Pisala sam o ovom gradu nekoliko puta, ali ovdje uvijek ima nešto novo za vidjeti i otkriti. Što se tiče odjevne kombinacije, ovo je moj odgovor na dilemu kako nositi jeans ljeti. Uskoro ću reći nešto više o toj temi, ali prvo mi recite: "Je li vi nosite jeans ljeti?"
For sustainability reasons, I like to link up my items to show you multiple ways to wear them. Shopping our closets and resisting fast fashion is one of the best ways to be more sustainable. By wearing an item of clothing for a minimum of 30 times, you can make your closet more green and eco-friendly. 
THE JEANS- I devoted a special post to this pair of jeans where I showed you more than 30 ways to style this pair of jeans. Last time I counted there were 34 outfits featuring this pair of jeans. I'm sure I wore it even more than that, but this post is the 35th time I'm wearing these jeans on my blog. 
THE RUFFLED BLOUSE- I can't wait to accumulate 30 photographed outfits to post with this floral shirt. I'm pretty sure I wore it 30 times but I don't have it on official record. You can see how I styled it in the past here, here , here and here.
THE BAG- This burgundy bag is such a favourite of mine. You can see how I styled it here, here and here. It will get it special post one of these days for sure.
THE SANDALS- I bought these white leather wood heel sandals years ago in Peko and I use to wear them all the time until one of the buckles on my sandals broke. I planned to take them to a shoe doctor, but somehow I never get around to it. On my recent visit to Split, I found them in my mother's closet and realized that I forgot that I left this pair in Split. I fixed the buckle by placing a hair rubber around it. It is only a temporary solution, though. I will have to take them to a shoe doctor one of these days. You can see how I styled them before here, here and here
Where to start? To say that Stari Grad is filled with history would be an understatement. Stari Grad was formed the same year Aristotle was born in! Moreover, the connection with the ancient Greeks doesn't stop there. This city was actually formed by Greek colonists from island Paros who came here looking for a safe place to live after a natural catastrophe destroyed their homes. In this secluded bay, the ancient Greeks found both safety and beauty. They named this city Faros. This stunning port city, Aristotle's contemporary, can boast with five thousand years of continuous urban tradition. 

If I did my research right, this early Christian churches dates back to sixth century. First church to be erected on this site was built as early as fourth century. There were two churches standing here, one devoted to saint Mary and one devoted to Saint John. If I understood correctly, they switched names when there was only one left (that was all centuries back). Anyhow, this early Christian church is quite a sight! It is impossible to miss it because the architecture is so distinct. We first noticed it during one of our night walks and we immediately agreed that it has to be an early Christian church because of its architecture
I already showed the inside of renaissance villa of Petar Hektorović to you. However, it was quite gloomy when we visited so I wasn't able to venture into the garden. Plus, we accidentally startled the lady living there so I didn't linger in there. Yes, there are actual people who live inside this historical villa. I actually knew that but forgot it in my excitement to show off my Renaissance expertise and knowledge about Croatian literature to my husband. The lady wasn't too upset, she only asked us to close the door when we go out. This time we didn't go in because we haven't had the time, but in the future we will surely visit. I did take some photographs with the garden behind me. It is a rather large garden (for Mediterranean town standards) and I wasn't able to fit it all in my frame. You can also see the villa at the end of it (and also partly a museum building I believe).
I blogged about places to visit in Stari Grad a number of times, so if you want to get the full insight into my relationship with this amazing historical town make sure to read my old posts:

Thank you for reading and visiting. Take care and stay safe.


  1. Hello dear Ivana, hope you're doing good!

    Despite the work I'm sure you have it is nice to see you strolling around and showing us the best parts of the island, thanks to you I feel that I have already visit this place, but it is still marked in my infinite bucket list :)

    The outfit is casual but it has a boho chic style that deserves a gold star. I like all the pieces, but the shirt with ruffles is one of those pieces that can be labeled as statement garments *__*

    About the place I love it, please check a town called Valldemossa in Spain, it is very similar to this area in Hvar :)

    All the best!

  2. Che bel paesino! Adoro le case in pietra!
    Io il jeans quando fa molto caldo lo tollero poco, lo uso nei giorni più freschi e magari piovosi...quando fa caldo preferisco dei pantaloni in cotone
    Bellissima la camicetta

    The World Of A Vet

    1. grazie, anch'io non tollero molto quando fa caldo.

  3. That printed top is so nice with your jeans! :) I can't wear jeans in summer here, way too hot and humid, but sometimes at the start or end of summer I can swap my denim shorts for jeans if it's a cooler day! :)

    Hope you are having a lovely week! :)

    Away From Blue

  4. Nikada nisam posjetila Hvar, ali je na mojoj listi želja već jako dugo. Nakon što sam pogledala tvoje predivne fotografije, morat cu to realizirati jako brzo.

    New Post - https://www.bibliothequeduparfums.com/2020/07/armaniprive-rose-alexandrie-miss-dior.html

  5. Ma troppo bello questo paesino!!!! io adoro i luoghi così antichi e ben tenuti e, anche se qui in Italia siamo pieni ovunque di paesini così, mi piace sempre tanto vederne in altri Paesi, mi danno l'impressione un pò raccontare la storia di quel popolo meglio delle grandi città o dei monumenti!
    Super catino il tuo look, qeìuei jeans sono davvero molto bellie mi piace un sacco l'abbinameto con la blusa boho, perfetto per l'estate!
    Sei deliziosa come sempre Ivana!

    1. grazie, Stari Grad e' una bellissima citta.

  6. Stari Grad looks absolutely wonderful, I love the stone the buildings are constructed from and those quaint cobbled streets.
    I occasionally wear my 1990s Diesel cut-offs when I'm gardening but that's it for denim for me, winter or summer. Your jeans look great and well done on fixing those sandals. xxx

  7. I love your casual summer outfit - especially your cuffed jeans and wood-soled sandals (take those to a cobbler, Ms. Ivana!). I so rarely wear traditional denim, although I've had it in my closet off and on for years. I'd just rather wear something more fun and colourful. I have jeans, but have not worn them in nearly a year!

    Lovely photos and history as always. Such a gorgeous place!

    1. yes, I should definitely take them to a cobbler, they are a bit worn out, but still worth the keep.

  8. Dearest Ivana,
    indeed, Starigrad has a lot of history and many beautiful places to offer. And I also really like your outfit. It looks casual, at the same time feminine and has been mixed well by you. Unfortunately, I can only wear jeans (or denim jackets etc.) on very cool summer days. When it gets warm, it quickly gets too hot for me and I don't feel comfortable. On hot days I prefer airy dresses and skirts or thin cotton or linen pants.
    Hugs, Traude

  9. Such nice photographs in this post. I love denim for casual outings and feel it can be worn all year. You wear it well.

    1. Thank you. Light denim can definitely be worn all year around.

  10. Stari Grad looks even more charming in the summer months. That's a nice way to wear denim in warmer weather. I think with the pandemic people have been shopping their closets more and that's goes a long way to creating more sustainability with our wardrobes.

    1. That's at least one benefit of this horrible pandemic.

  11. You're right Ivana. There are so many beautiful views of this area!!
    As for jeans...I think they are great all year long. Granted, I need lightweight ones in our heat.

  12. What a wonderful place, I love these posts, and you were very beautiful and comfortable.
    By the way, I see that we do not follow each other, do you want us to continue beautiful? Or maybe you follow me in hiding and that's why I haven't noticed, you already tell me

    1. No, I think I was following your blog publicly. Anyhow, I unfollowed and followed again so you can see my blog among the blogs that follow yours.

  13. Oh beautiful. I love denim for summer as well. With sandals, the way you styled these jeans is perfect.
    Happy Friday! <3 Radi

  14. First of all, in reply to your question, yes, I do wear denim in Summer. I actually wear more of it in Spring and Summer than any other time. There's my beloved denim jacket, for starters, which is my go-to jacket this time of year. I also have acquired two denim skirts last Summer, and they too only come out in Spring/Summer. Your outfit looks perfectly summery to me too. The jeans worn with the ruffled blouse and sandals make for a lovely outfit, perfect for a trip to the city. Stari Grad City looks absolutely enchanting. Thank you for showing us around another gem in your beautiful part of the world! xxx

    1. Thank you dear. Denim skirts are so perfect for summer, aren't they?

  15. Great style and lovely photos :-D


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