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ruffles and flower print (outfit post) / volani i cvjetni uzorak (odjevna kombinacija)

Ruffles are one of the spring trends that I really like. I don't wear them often and to be honest I think ruffles can be a bit tricky to combine (or perhaps I just need additional practice). When this trend is concerned, a little goes a long way I would say. Ruffles create volume so you might want to be careful with that. The trick I think is to have them in the right places (peplum dress being the ideal example).

When I think of ruffles, I get this idea of femininity in my head...just like when I think about floral print. So when I saw (last spring) this shirt  that combines the two I had to have it. The rest of the outfit I had kept pretty simple with minimal jewellery (wedding ring, watch and tiny earrings). This skirt is very practical and I like the length.  It can also be worn lower on the waist but if you ask me a high waist is a women's best friend.

This is the first time this year that my legs are bare and I have to say it is funny to see them this pale. I've often hear women complaining they cannot wear skirts because they're legs are white...but how will you get your legs tanned if you don't expose them to the sun? My advice is don't wait for the summer. If you like skirts and dresses, by all means wear them in the spring.

....and if you're wondering where the photos were taken (you know I like to travel), the answer is Medjugorje (Bosnia and Herzegovina). I was there this morning so that is where the photos were taken. xoxo

Volani...što mislite o njima?  To je jedan od proljetnih trendova koji mi se stvarno sviđa, ali ponekad nisam sigurna kako ih nositi. Kad su volani u pitanju, možda je manje više. Mislim da je ključno nositi ih na pravim mjestima. Volani dodaju volumen, pa sa njima nekada treba biti oprezan. Svi mi želimo volumen na pravim mjestima, zar ne? Zato je na svakome da odabere kako će nositi volane (i naposljetku hoće li ih nositi.)

Ova košulja cvjetnog uzorka koju sam danas nosila dosta je upečatljiva, a i volani su baš izraženi tako da sam se pri izboru ostatka odjeće i modnih dodataka oslanjala na jednostavnost. Crne cipele i torba, jako malo nakita (vera,sat i male naušnice). Ova jednostavna prljavoroza suknja mi je jako draga,  a može se nositi i niže (na kukovima). No ako se mene pita, visoki struk je najbolji prijatelj svake žene. 

Proljeće je u zraku, a ja sam prvi put ove godine golih nogu. Malo mi se noge čine bjedunjavima, ali što se može? Često sam čula žene i djevojke kako se žale da ne mogu nositi suknje i haljine jer su im noge bijele. Kako misle pocrniti ako su stalno u hlačama? Moj savjet je nosite suknje i haljine (ako vam se sviđaju naravno) pa ćete dobiti boju po nogama. Kome se sad da čekati ljeto i plažu? 

...i ako se pitate gdje sam, jutros sam bila u Međugorju pa sam se tamo i slikala. pozdrav!


  1. Pa ti si stalno negdje :)
    Meni je još malo prerano za skidanje iz dugih hlača, ali nemam problema s tim što su mi noge bijele...mogu biti po cijele dane na plaži i neću pocrniti kao neki, uvijek sam ovako svijetla (osim ako ne pocrvenim haha)

    1. jaa sam cijelu prošlu godinu izbjegavala sunce jer sam morala piti stereoide, ali sada se uopće ne opterećujem sa bojom, kakva bude, bude...

  2. Lovely outfit Ivana! You have styled it so perfectly!!
    Best Regards
    Miss Margaret Cruzemark

  3. Che bel look, molto femminile! Hai ragione sulle gambe, se non le scopriamo mai, saranno sempre bianche :D

  4. Thanks for your interesting comment about layering, it will really be too hot to make use of this trend, but maybe when working with light cloths you can do it nevertheless, just as you said :)

  5. I like it how you combined the ruffles because I own nearly the same piece and I know how difficult this is ;) Congrats!

    Seems you have already wonderful weather - here in Bavaria it´s after our spring week at the moment cold again ...

    Wish you a perfect Sunday evening!

    xx from Bavaria, Rena

  6. Love it! It is grate!!!
    Keep in touch!

  7. That looks there soo nice. I am waiting for summer and I would like to go for vacation / Croatia. And that skirt looks so nice. Have a nice day.

  8. You look so stunning!!! i love your skirt.

  9. Mi piace moltissimo questa combinazione, molto femminile in effetti! Baci

    Facebook page

  10. Stai benissimo!! bella la gonna!!
    Chic With The Least
    Also on Facebook and on Bloglovin’

  11. stupeda outft perfetto

    per allargare i widget ----> vai su modello personalizza e poi larghette

    Passa da me/ See me

    Ti seguo, ricambi? (I follow you, follow me)




  12. Pleasure to see you.
    Beautiful blouse ,amazing shoes.Don`t you think you wuould need sunnies? In the shade only your eyes are widely open.
    Best regards
    Best Dressed Poland

    1. you're so right! My eyes are really sensitive to the sun but I have displaced my sunnies somewhere...I'm sometimes pretty messy.

    2. Since I have the same problem I have several lying everywhere:))))))))

  13. I love ruffles as well, they as so feminine! I find them best paired with tight fitted shorts or circle skirts! xx

  14. Meni je ovo jako lijepo, suknjica mi je divna i volim volane i volančiće i svašta nešta takvo :)
    Ja sam uvijek bijela i trudim se neopterećivati time (kao nekada kada bijah mlađa) :)
    Hvala t što si "posjetila" moje starije postove i da , volim Međugorje :)

  15. Dobro ti stoji ova kombinacija, baš mi se sviđa. Volela bih i ja nešto tako da obučem, jednostavno a lepo. Ali, tu važi ono, u stilu, deco, ne pokušavajte ovo kod kuće

  16. Aw thanks ! I really like the look

  17. lovely blog
    Following you in bloglovin and GFC :)
    Hope you can follow me back

    My recent post
    In The Garden

  18. Divne slike i ti super izgledas. Odlicna kombinacija suknje sa tim medenim volancicima. Da li volim volane? Da, obozavam! Divni su, zenstveni, romanticni, sexy, veseli...

    1. :) I ja ih volim, baš ću probat da ih još sa nečim iskombiniram.

  19. Super gorgeous, love the pictures. Have a sweet week doll xx

  20. You look beautiful, the skirt looks vintage :)

  21. I'm a really huge fan of anything with ruffles.....& that top is surely a winner in my book!!!!


  22. ooooh i love ruffles too, they have something sooo feminine!

  23. You look so pretty!!! I love the skirt!!!
    Have a good week!, Ivana! and my g+ for you!!!:)))

    Besos, desde España, Marcela♥

  24. I really love your skirt, its only just started getting warmer in England so I might wear a skirt on Thursday lol, xoxo.

  25. e ovo je stvarno lijep i elegantan look! super!

  26. Hello Ivana,

    again such a great colourful good looking Outfit. I love the very thin lace from your handbag - looks like your handbag "float"...:-)

    Your Legs looking stunning - even without tights!!!



    1. thank you dear Jennifer, as you know I love wearing tights, but in my country sometimes it is too hot to wear tights.


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