When in Doubt, Wear a Bold Print! Cherry Print Dress For a Visit To Medjugorje!

This week I disappeared for a few days, sorry about that. It was an unplanned absence, as my aunt informed me (after seeing a specialist on my behalf but without me knowing) that I might need an operation. I had to travel to a capital of another country for operation consultations. 20 hours on the road in two days, 18 of which spent in a bus. As if having to go under the knife again isn't stressful enough. I'm still recovering from it. I hate road traffic. If it was up to me, I would sail or fly everywhere. Alas, sometimes you can't find a flight when you need it the most. I did manage to get everything done. I scheduled the operation in about a week's time. I also had to visit one of the Universities in the capital to have my voice recorded. I will have to go in for another session after my operation.  The operation I'm getting is called thyroplasty/phonosurgery. It is a surgical procedure to cure a paralyzed vocal cord. I've lived with a paralyzed vocal cord for most of my life, but so far I didn't know that it might be a dangerous condition. I wish somebody told me sooner. If it wasn't for my auntie, I wouldn't have even known about it. I'll talk about it some other time because to really talk about it, I'll need to do some research as I don't want to put wrong information out there. So, today we'll talk about bold print dresses and Medjugorje. 

Yes, today I'm taking you to Medjugorje (spelled Međugorje in Croatian), a small village in Herzegovina that is also one of the most visited European christian pilgrimage sights. Medjugorje  is especially revered among the Roman Catholic Christians. This village hosts about a million visitors annually.  The day we went there was a busy one, it's good we had an early start and got there before in the morning. It was the day of saint John, so there were a lot of people and tourists. It was just a few days before the anniversary of the apparition, so that might explain it as well. The atmosphere was very festive. Typically, there are more tourists during the summer/spring season, although there are also some during the Christmas holidays. Around 30 million people are said to have visited Medjugorje since the alleged apparitions in 1981. We managed to avoid the rush hour, so we didn't get stuck in the traffic or anything like that. The weather was quite nice and I enjoyed our visit. Maybe we should try going there this Sunday as well?


If you want to see or read more posts from Medjugorje, you can visit my previous posts here, here, here, here and here. We go there pretty often, as it is not far from where we live. Herzegovina is a beautiful region, no doubt about that. We had more rain since usual this summer, but honestly I didn't mind it. Everything look so green! As my husband says, nothing like rain and sunshine to turn our surroundings into a green oasis. For my visit, I wore a summer dress, sandals, a hat and a bag. I can't live without hats in summer. The medications I'm on, let's say they don't get on well with the sun, so wearing a hat at all times really helps me with that. Besides, I feel kind of glamours wearing a big hat. What about you? Are you rocking any hats this summer? 

Whenever in doubt, try some vibrant print? Seriously, when I can't  decide on what to dress, I often go for this old cherry print dress of mine. It is so easy to style. The cut and the length are appropriate for most social occasions. I'm a big fan of feminine vintage dresses, so this retro cut makes it simply perfect in my book. I do love this cherry print. I know there are a lot of similar dresses around, but I honestly don't mind. Bring on the cherry print! It's fun, it's perky, it's feminine. What's not to love? This time I decided to belt this dress. I think it originally came with a belt, albeit not this one. Basically everything I'm wearing is pretty old, apart these beautiful birch wood earrings I got as a present from Natasha (you can check out her blog here). 

I asked my husband to take a photograph of me in front of Gardens restaurant because I wanted to recommend it to you guys, but we didn't dine there this time. I think it's best that I prepare a separate post about restaurants in Medjugorje. Herzegovina has a lot to offer when it comes to gastro tourism, and I love learning about this region with you, but I don't always manage to find the time for everything.  I've been planning to do it for a while, but you know life, something always gets in the way. I've spend all day today writing and crafting new posts, but I still haven't done the half of work I'd like to. Well, tomorrow is a new day as they say. 

I didn't steal these flowers, I swear. As we were walking I noticed these growing by the side of the road, not in anyone's garden, just by the road. These flowers were just laying there bent by the wind or something and I felt sorry for them and decided to pick them. I thought it was funny they were there, because as far as I know, these are no wild flowers but perhaps the wind has carried the seed or something.  After picking them up, I carried them home and put them in a vase. They lasted for a good week or so. That's more than I expected because to my knowledge, they're fleeting things. Those I have planted at home never last long. Sorry I don't know their name. I'm terrible with names of flowers, I only know a dozen of them. Anyhow, that would be all for today. How do you like this outfit? Do you like vibrant print dresses? Do you wear prints and patterns often? Do you like to mix and match patterns and prints? Thank you for reading and have a nice weekend!



  1. I love the whole outfit, you ailed it.

    April of: https://thepromdichic.wordpress.com/
    IG: @Aprilnunezzz

  2. That's a beautiful dress! I like the belt with it and the sunhat is perfect - and definitely needed for the sun!

    How scary to find out from your aunt that you needed an operation! That would not be allowed here, you would need to talk to your doctor yourself! I hope that the operation goes well, and it's not something too difficult to recover from.

    After all that stress, hope you're having a wonderful weekend so far! :) We did some snow tubing in the city at the winter wonderland, which was fun!

    Away From The Blue Blog

    1. I did talk with the doctor myself, but he told my aunt imminently that I might need an operation. With a paralysis of a vocal cord a person is in danger of suffocating or chocking to death.

  3. Take your time to get back on track! Also, as the person above me already stated, no doctor in Germany, too, is allowed to disclose any information to anyone of you don't specifically agree to it. All the best to you!
    And that dress looks very nice on you!

    Almost Stylish

    1. if my aunt hasn't asked the doctor about it, I wouldn't have never known about it so I would say she did me a favour.

  4. Well ... many things in this post! Light part with a beautiful outfit and a new place to discover and on the other side ... serious stuff with this surgery that is coming! I hope everything (including travel ;) ) will be ok and we will all read good news from you very soon! Take care xx


  5. Obozavam vocni print, a tresnjice pogotovo :) Super ti stoji ova haljinica kao stvorena za tople letnje dane <3

  6. Really cool pictures!!!

    Have a nice evening!
    Photographer Gil Zetbase

  7. You look indeed glamorous in the hat and those sunnies. I really adore this dress style with the cherry print. Super feminine and I also love the neckline and sleeves. Your aunt is so lovely for finding that out for you and I send you my best wishes and a lot of strength. About road traffic, that can be quite maddening if one has to go through hours on the road but I found out that I am alright when I drive alone! Hahah. I find it tranquil when I get to just drive at my own pace, with or without music. But alas, I understand, this is for your operation! Remember to take care of yourself and I send you tons of love :)
    PS: I do the same thing with flowers, though I don't keep them in a vase at home as I am bad at cleaning after them!

  8. Ivana, you look divine in your cherry dress and lovely hat! And look how these birch bark earrings match the cherries and the hat brim!! It's funny that I was composing an outfit with your necklace in mind just now! :)

    I am so sorry to hear that you are having another surgery. I am wishing you all the very best and sending you lots of love and good positive vibrations! <3 <3 <3

  9. Your dress, hat, and sandals are as glorious looking as the weather in these pictures. You look quite lovely here! I hope you feel better also from the notion of having an operation.



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