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Happy Valentine's day! Today I'm back with some last minute Valentine's day ideas. When I think of Valentine's day outfits, the first thing that comes to my mind is a dress. So, today I'm going to include some dress outfits I wore recently as well as some of my old looks including my old Valentine's day outfits. Looking back, I seem to always opt for a dress on Valentine's day. I like wearing dresses anyhow so wearing a dress on Valentine's day seems like a no-brainer. Throwing on a nice dress is such an easy way to create a feminine and chic styling. My first outfit proposal is a step back from the typical Valentine's day outfit as it features a checkered dress. This black and red dress is still quite feminine but the checkered print gives it a bit of rock chic. I wanted to keep the colours minimal and  the outfit functional so I wore it with  a brown faux leather coat  and camel boots. I accessorized with a brown tartan scarf and a black bag. Scroll down to see more. 
Everything about this outfit is old (as the links above prove), apart from the dress which is new. I got this dress in an exchange for a review on Dresslily site. I actually ordered it with a friend in mind because I know she likes this print. I gave it to that friend after I wore it once. It is a nice dress and quite easy to style. If it didn't fit her, I would have kept it and worn it again. I might order something similar in the future. A-line dresses always look feminine and they are a great choice for Valentine's day because they are so comfy. They are simply ideal for looking put together, especially now with the vintage clothing trend and all. If you don't want to look too sweet, ordering a checkered or a tartan dress is a lovely way to add a bit of grunge or rock chic into your styling.  I know I'm going to get questions about the gorgeous building behind me. It's the UNIVERSITY LIBRARY OF SPLIT , a place that is open to everyone who wants to do some scientific, academic or personal research. I went there to inquire about membership prices and I came to the conclusion that the best thing for me is to pay a daily fee when I want to get some work done there because I don't come to Split that often (less than once a month). So, that is what I wore this dress for- a stroll around Split's University Campus last weekend. We also stopped for a cup of coffee there. The day was a gloriously sunny and warm so we made the most of it. Today it's raining cats and dogs here, but I'm still hoping it will clear up.

I also want to show you a more dressed up way to style this dress and that would be with stiletto heels and a lady like hat. Dressy accessories are the easiest way to dress up any dress, aren't they?Throw on a coat and you're ready to go. How do you like this styling? Which one do you prefer? 
I browsed my blog archives and found 3 outfits I wore for Valentines day in the past. Not surprisingly they all feature dresses.  The first features a gold dress, the second one a cherry print dress and the last one a polka dot dress. As far as I remember, they were all very comfortable to wear. 
MORE VALENTINE'S DAY OUTFIT IDEAS AND TIPS FEATURING DRESSES:Scroll down for more Valentine's day outfit inspiration and tips that will help you stand out.
If you're not feeling your winter dresses, you can always wear your summer dresses. The key is layering. Either layer them well or pair them with warm outwear such as faux fur coats or puffers.
Prints and bold colours always draw in the eye. If you don't want to be too sweet or predictive, opt for a bold colour such as cobalt blue, pumpkin orange or bloody red. 
Shiny fabrics are magnets for the eyes. When the light catches the material, it draws our eye in. Plus, these materials are always glam and festive. What is the more perfect option for a hot date night that a metallic, glitter or sequin dress? 

That would be all for today. I hope you have a lovely Valentine's day, no matter how you celebrate it- or just a lovely day if you don't celebrate it at all. I don't have any classical romantic plans for Valentine's day because it is a working day and I'll probably be exhausted by the end of it but personally I always feel happy about this celebration. As I wrote in some of my old blog posts, for me V-day is a chance to celebrate love. Personally, I love Saint Valentine's day. Even when I don't celebrate it the ordinary or super romantic way.  I mean I do  get the negativity about this day. It is true that it has turned into this commercial thing and I can see how it can be off putting to many people. Naturally, I also agree that love should be celebrated every day and not just once day in the year. At the same time, I don't see why I should be obliged to boycott San Valentine's Day (as many newspaper articles propose we should). Yes, love ought to be celebrated everyday, we all know that. But, isn't it is nice to have a special day just for it? If nothing else, then as an excuse to indulge in sweets, to surprise someone with a nice gesture, a card or just to wish someone well. Happy Valentine's Day! Thank you for visiting this little place of mine.


  1. These are great outfit ideas and I like both ways you've worn that cute tartan dress but mixing the print with the tartan scarf is my favourite :)

    We don't really do valentine's day here in Australia - but I might pick up some reduced flowers or chocolates tomorrow with all the un-bought things the stores try to sell, haha!

    Hope you're having a nice week and have a good weekend ahead of you :)

    Away From Blue

  2. Oh my goodness - such beauty! Some of these looks I remember but most I haven't seen before. I think my favorite look with that gorgeous plaid dress is the dressier look (at least for date night) but I love the first for a more casual or office look. I really love that flared dress with the cherries and the red jacket - it's so retro! And all of the shimmery looks. And I always love to see your drawings - I haven't seen as much of them lately. It's been raining here a lot, too. A little tired of it but I know by mid-summer, we'll be happy we had it. Happy Valentine's Day!


    1. Thank you Ruth. I haven't been drawing much lately, too busy with work. I might take it up again in the spring.

  3. You look beautiful Ivana! Love the outifts especially the gold dress! Happy Valentine's Day!

  4. You look gorgeous, Ivana.
    It's great to get out for V day with the jacket, boots, and scarf due to weather in Feb.
    The Campus looks just build and modern.
    Happy Valentine's day!

    1. thanks!!!!!!! happy Valentine's day and have a great weekend.

  5. Lovely outfit Ivana. I am so jealous of that sun! We miss it here in Scotland.

    I like the past posts - very elegant.

    Have a great Valetine's Day :-D

    1. Thank you! Sunny weather is definitely one of the perks of living in Croatia, I'll try to make the best of it while I can.

  6. Che belle foto, Ivana!!!
    Senza dubbio per S. Valentino la soluzione più veloce è un bel vestito con un paio di scarpe con il tacco, così non si sbaglia!^^
    Mi piacciono tutte le tue proposte (stai davvero bene con i vestiti), ma le mie preferite sono: il vestito rosa, quello blu monospalla e quello dorato, sei favolosa in quei look in particolare!
    Buon S. Valentino, baci! :)

  7. Beautiful. All of them.
    Happy Valentines Day.

  8. That checkered dress is so cute! I really like how it looks like an ensemble you put together instead of one piece. Enjoy your celebration!

  9. Hello
    I also agree with you, a dress is the ideal piece of clothing for a Valentine's Day look !! And what a collection of dresses you have to show us !!! Wonderful!!
    I loved visiting the Split University Campus with you, the university seemed very modern !! And Happy Valentine's Day !!

  10. I must give a big shoutout to the beautiful light pink dress which is my favourite of yours! I am happy to see it again!
    Your outfit this year is beautiful- it works so well and is so cheerful yet romantic! Beautiful!
    I love your previous outfits too!
    The University subscription seems a good idea!x

  11. Happy Valentine's Day, Ivana! You look lovely in all of your looks, although I did gasp over that golden sequinned gown. Wow, that's a red carpet look for sure.

    I like seeing the buildings in Split - the architecture is very cool.

    1. Thank you Sheila. The old part of the city is much better known, but I also love the modern neighbourhoods of Split. It is not all perfect, some new neighbourhoods are still work in progress, but this part of the town is stunning. A few architects really did a great job with urban planning here.

  12. Beautiful outfit ideas for Valentines Day Love them Especially the dresses as I am obsessed with dresses Happy valentines day xoxo Cris

  13. I'm with you Ivana. I usually go with a dress for the holiday too. Not that pants aren't good, but it's a celebration, and I always love to dress up!! I am different in that I always think of plaid as so casual. I need to get over that and pull mine out. It's so pretty.

  14. I love this checkered dress! It almost looks like a top and a skirt.
    Happy Valentine's day my friend!

  15. Gledam tvoje prve fotografije i mislim ovo mjesto mi je jako poznato i onda vidim u postu da je to Sveučilišna knjižnica u Splitu gdje sam bila na konferenciji. Jako mi se sviđaju tvoji outfit ideje za Valentinovo. Bijela dugačka haljina s bundicom mi je omiljena.

    New Post -

  16. You look loveley in all dresses. Cherry and polkadots are so cute ♥

    xoxo Sabine

  17. My favourite is the sequin dress. So Glamorous.
    Sunset Desires

  18. Divan post! Mnogo mi se dopada roze haljina koju nosiš na jednoj od slika. <3

  19. Sjajni i veoma originalni autfiti. Svaka čast što si tako puna ideja! <3 - novi post

  20. I´m in love with you plaid skirt, you look gorgeous. I hope you enjoy Valentine´s Day. I didn´t do anything special
    Kisses from

  21. What a lovely round-up of Valentine's Day outfits, Ivana! My favourite is the first one. That dress is so cute and feminine. I love its fit and flare cut and the plaid skirt is gorgeous. I also love the cherry print dress - so sweet! - and the white lacy summer dress worn with the fur cape on top. The orange dress with the black stripes at the hem is stunning too, and I love your hair in the second picture of you wearing that dress. Oh, so many excellent choices! Hope you had a wonderful Valentine's Day! xxx

    1. Thank you so much. Yes, I had a nice time both at work and at home. I didn't do anything different for me that is the best Valentine's day.

  22. Lovely post on Saint Valentine's Day!
    Wearing dress makes us happy alaways!!
    I really agree, and I also hope everyday is Saint Valentine's Day.
    That library is beautiful architecture, and your outfit with the plaid muffler and dress is perfect!



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