Hi everyone! Who else loves sequined dresses? If you're into the metallic dress trend, you might find this post interesting. As the title indicates, today I'll be reviewing a gold Kate Kasin sequined maxi dress. I'm also going to give you some tips on rocking sequined dresses. Firstly, it is good to remember there is a metallic shade for every skin tone and undertone. The same rules we use for choosing the right jewellery for our skin tone can be applied to sequined and metallic items as well. Generally speaking, silver items are recommended for colder skin undertones and gold items for warmer ones. However, there are exceptions. Not all gold tones are the same. For example, rose gold is said to look particularly beautiful on fair skin ladies. This dress happens to come in different colours and shades (rose gold, gold, black, red, silver, navy blue and turquoise). Being olive skinned and warm toned myself, I opted for a gold version of this dress. What do you think? Does it suit me?

This gown was gifted to me by the above mentioned site in an exchange for an honest review and now it's time to that. My social calendar has been pretty busy of late. This spring I have attended numerous christenings, first communion, confirmation and wedding parties and I have more of them coming up (mostly weddings, though). So, I was only happy to accept when asked to choose a formal gown to review. I knew I'll get plenty of wear from it. The gold gown arrived just in time for me to wear it to a wedding I was attending last Friday. However, my husband advised me against wearing it. 'Why?' I asked, 'is it too much?' He said it 'kind of was' but that the main reason why I shouldn't wear it because the bride was short and I will make her look even shorter. No comment. Since my husband was worried I would dwarf and outshine the bride in question, I decided to wear another gold dress. I ended up wearing a cocktail golden dress instead, so I still went with gold, just a less dramatic gold number. Can you tell that I'm really into this golden trend? 

What are my thoughts about this golden gown? First of all, it looks much better worn then it did on the photograph. If you're into the sequined trend and you're looking for a long evening dress, this might be a good solution for you. I wasn't sure what to expect when I ordered it, but once it arrived it really impressed me. The Grecian cut is always elegant and it looks so great with this material. I'm very particular to Grecian cut for evening wear because it look timeless and sophisticated. The sequins on this dress really catch the light, making the dress shine even in the faint evening light (as you can see on the photograph below). On overall, it is a fabulous dress.

 I like the Great Gatsby vibes I'm getting from it. Did you know that sequins were first introduced in the 1920-ties? Most dresses in Gatsby's time were shorter (and heavier) than this one, but this gold number still gives me roaring twenties vibes. I admit that I choose this dress without thinking too much, mostly because of the sequins but now that it's here, I realize there are many aspects of its design that I like, not just the sequins. The V-cut, for example,  can be so elongating and flattering. If I showed you a photograph of my wedding dress, you'd see that it's not terribly different from this gown. Obviously, I quite like this type of long flowing evening dresses. There definitely are some advantages of opting for longer dresses when it comes to special occasion wear. Long dresses can look so elegant and timeless. 

I already told you I liked the design and the overall look of the dress, and now I'll talk a bit about the details. The dress is very well made, there is nothing wrong with either the structure or the dimensions (that I can tell). I ordered a size 8 and it's true to size. I tried wearing it both with high and low heels and I like how it looks with both. The dress is underlined with a fabric that feels comfortable on the skin. The stitching looks really good too. Are there any downsides? Only one that I have noticed. Once I wore it for the second time, I noticed a light sequin fall out. Nothing major, but a few sequins did fall off, and it is something worth mentioning. Apart from that, the dress is pretty much perfect. I did take lots of photographs in this dress. I wore it with two different hairdos and different accessories to give you some styling ideas. A dress like this one would make a great choice for a wedding guest attire, especially if you're not worried about outshining the bride. Long story short, it is a lovely special occasion dress. 

Now, tell me how you feel about the gold and the metallic trend for summer 2019? Do you like gold? Do you own any gold accessory? Do you wear gold or metallic clothing items? Do you like the metallic trend? Do you own a sequin or a metallic dress? If yes, how do you like to style it? The darker your skin is, the more fortunate you are in this department, because anything metallic looks fantastic on dark skin tones. However, as I explained, there are ways you can wear the metallic trend regardless of your skin type. I personally like this trend. I think metallic clothing items and acessories are such a fun way to spice up our daily outfits. As for metallic or sequined dresses, there are simply perfect for hot dates or special occasions. There is always something glam about a girl wearing a gold dress, don't you agree?

A great thing about this kind of sequined dress is that it is a statement piece on its own. That means you can go easy with the accessories. However, if you're the kind of gal that believes that more is more, go for it. If statement earrings are calling to you, then why not wear them? Even with a dramatic gown like this one, you can still choose to pile on accessories. Just make sure they go well with the general feel of your outfit.  I would say that gold shoes are a great pairing with a gold dress, but you can go for something unexpected and wear a contrasting pair of heels. Another thing to consider is your hairdo. Whether or not you decide to wear your hair up, you can always rely on some gold hair clips or pins to add extra glamour to your sequin dress. If you want to go full on gold glamour, why not? You can opt for a gold clutch and heels to keep things dramatic, but still monochrome. 

I already touched upon this topic in the introduction when I explained why I opted for this shade of gold. For an olive complexion like my own, sunny gold sequins are the way to go. However, that doesn't mean that gold toned sequin dresses aren't mean for those of you with a fair complexion. Generally speaking, silver dresses look beautiful on ladies with a colder skin undertones, and gold ones look fabulous on warm undertones. However, golden rose dresses also looks amazing on fair skin ladies. Moreover, these days you can buy metallic and sequin dresses in all kind of shades and colours, it is no longer just a choice between silver and gold. This particular sequined dress is also available in different colours. There are many metallic shades that you can explore. Every colour can come in a metallic shade and there are sequins of every colour out there. I've seen many ladies opting for light blue sequined dresses for example, and they all looked fabulous. The best way to figure out what works for you is by putting certain shades next to your skin and seeing the result. If you have some metallic or sequined items at home, that's a great place to start. You can also use the jewellery or sequined clothing items, especially the metallic kind, you already own. Whynot try them on and see how they feel and look? If you want to learn more about the whole colour theory, you can always do some research. There are countless articles and many books written on the subject of skin types, undertones and complementary colours.

Have you been eyeing this golden evening dress and wondering how much it costs? The price is 48.82 dollars. You can get 30% off (that would make the price 34.18 dollars) if you use promo code EVENDINGDS.


  1. This dress looks really good on you. I like that it shines and yes a night outfing won't be bad.

  2. You're looking a million dollars in that shimmering sequined dress, Ivana! Absolutely fabulous. And I couldn't believe the price! Wishing you a lovely week! xxx

  3. that dress is beautiful! you look stunning!

    Jadieegosh   Instagram

  4. This dress is gorgeous on you! The Grecian cut will never go out of style. It can really be flattering on everyone. Dressing for a wedding can be tricky if you have something that could potentially outshine the bride. I feel the gold would be acceptable too. Maybe in red or obviously white, it would be too much. I love metallics but they do not work well on my super pale skin. This is a perfect choice for you!

    1. Thank you Val. Yes, dressing for weddings can be tricky, so I find that classical cut dresses can make our life easier.

  5. You look very beautiful Ivana. As a former costumer, I appreciated this post. The sequins dress is a marvellous style overall. <3

  6. Wow, you look like a famous movie star! So stylish and elegant and all sparkling!

  7. You look stunningly beautiful in this dress! Love the Grecian cut and these gold tones suit you so well!


  8. You are Goddess in this dress, dear Ivana! What a wonderful dress, I am sure it will be fantastic for years to come - true classic. You look terrific!
    Much love!

  9. Sembri una Dea Ivana, l'abito è meraviglioso e l'acconciatura perfetta!
    Kisses, Paola.


  10. Hi Ivana
    You my dear look like a greece godess in that dress, it's stunning!!
    I love metallic trend and sequins well I love all that shine ahahah!!
    I have a wedding too, you are an inspiration for me rifgt now!!


  11. That's a gorgeous dress on you Ivana. And I love how you explained the different skin tones and different metallics. I have been loving rose gold lately but only in jewelry. I think I should get a rose gold dress now!!
    I have a couple of sequin things, and I feel like it's normal to lose a couple of them when you wear the piece. I suppose it's a con, but I don't think it's bad workmanship!!

    1. I think you're right. With sequins there is often a slight fall out, especially if they are tiny.

  12. What a fantastic dress, Ivana!
    It suit you, and all outfits inspire me!!
    Coincidently, I wore a gold dress and had a photo shoot :)


  13. I think the color of the dress and the entire dress really, suits you beautifully!

    I'm a big fan of the metallic trend and I love wearing some metallic pieces. I think they make such a lovely statement.

    Kathrin | Polar Bear Style

    1. thank you, metallic pieces do make a nice statement.

  14. Wow! You look so pretty!!!Have a successful day dear!

  15. What a stunning dress - definitely looks more expensive than it is and I think it would be so nice for a wedding! :)

    Hope you're having a great week so far :)

    Away From Blue

  16. You look so glamorous!


  17. That dress is fabulous on you dear!
    Jessica | notjessfashion.com

  18. The dress is beautiful. You look gorgeous in it! I agree that the Grecian cut is timeless.

    xo, Maria


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