Personal Blogger Pick Top 33: Favourite Posts of Year 2018

Before the midnight strikes and we enter new (and hopefully prosperous) year, I'll like to take a moment and reflect on year 2018. This was definitely one of the most  hardest years of my life, but curiously enough, this didn't reflect on blogging at all. If anything, my blog was an eventful and happy place this year, filled with all kinds of content. It was a great blogging year. So, at least something, right? Now it's time for a little recap of 2018. I've decided to select some of my favourite posts from last year and group them posts into categories. That way you can browse those you find most interesting. The posts will be divided into following categories: fashion illustrations & art, Inspired by,  DIY projects, travel, book reviews and writing.


 I posted many many fashion illustrations this year. Some were drawn without a reference, some were inspired by runaways looks and some were a part of my Inspired by feature. I opened the last year with a fashion illustration. Maybe I should do the same this year? My next post was about how I learned to enjoy drawing. During the year I posted many many fashion illustrations on this blog. I obviously can't include them all in this summary, but I'll pick a few favourite ones.
Fashion Illustration Friday

fashion illustrations
How To Improve Your Fashion Illustration Skills? 


I'm happy to notice that  my Inspired by posts this year were numerous. That means I've been hard-working, doesn't it? What is your favourite Inspired by post this year? If you are interested in my previous works, you are welcome to check out my Inspired by 2017 and 2016 annual recap, as well as some even older ones here, here,  here and here

Inspired by Natalia
Inspired by Fashion Abejita
Inspired by Jessica

Inspired by


I didn't do much travelling this year, but I visited some cute locations, so if you'd like to read about them, you know what you have to do- click the links underneath the photographs. 

Bosnia and Herzegovina's Hidden Gem: Hutovo Blato

Medieval Fair in Stolac
Places To See in Split City
Split City, Croatia
island Hvar, Zastrašiće (Vela Stiniva)


My book recommendations and reviews were pretty numerous as well. Bellow you can see a few of my favourite ones. I do love reading! I'm working on new reading recommendations as we speak. 

Book recommendations: Henry James

Reading Lolita in Tehran
30 reading recommendations


There were quite a few interesting DIY projects this year. I decided to mention three of them in this annual recap, but if you want to see more, you're welcome to browse my blog.

How To Repaint A Vase? 
How To Make a Barbie Dress? 


I talked a bit about chronic/immune illnesses in this postTalking about chronic and/ or invisible illness can be really hard. I’ve agonized over this theme a lot. Believe it or not, mostly it is not about how it will make me feel. I think that I often end up avoiding this subject not so much for myself, but because I worry how it will make others feel.  If you really think about it, the whole subject of chronic (incurable) illness can be quite frightening. It can create a constant dilemma (to talk about it or not?) in a life of person suffering from chronic illness. At times I even felt that talking about it does no good and tends to just generates stress. Certainly, conversations about chronic illnesses sometimes turn unpleasant for everyone involved. On the other hand, I do recognize that sometimes people genuinely want to know more. What is more, sometimes (for practical and/ or emotional reasons) you really do need to explain your conditions.

How to transform yourself into a person who reads more? That was another of subjects I covered on my blog this last year. I shared ten tips that will help you to read more, so if that is something you're interested in, check out this post

How to transform yourself into a reader?
Among posts that involved more writing, I'd like to stress this one. Here I spoke of false happiness or the pressure to be happy.  You know much has been said about the value of positive thinking. While I do agree that the ability to think in a positive way is and can be a skill of utmost importance, especially in this day and time, as with most things there is a danger of taking it too far.  I’m not in favour of forced positive thinking. Not at all. I feel that these days there is this massive pressure to be happy all the time.  We are told we should be able to rise over everything. It’s not only unrealistic but also more than a bit insane. This obsession with happiness in my view only makes people unhappy. There is such a thing as trying too hard. We should never let our emotions lose their spontaneity
Let's Talk About Fake Happiness!

Another post that involved a lot of writing was my summer alphabet post. I spoke about a great deal of things that matter to me there, so I decided to include that one as well. That would be all!

My Summer Alphabet

What are your plans for New Year Eve? We will be entertaining in our home. I'm not in the best of spirits, I have to admit. I received some extremely bad news this morning. I always loved NY celebration, so I hope that will cheer me up a little. Whatever is you mode of celebrating, I wish you all the best in year 2019. May you be blessed in every area of your life!


  1. Dear Ivana, I'm really sorry for the hard year you had and that you got even this morning bad news. Hopefully NYE will really cheer you up!
    I'm happy to read despite your personal life you were really happy with your blog and during I read your throw back I must say again that you are producing amazing content, you are creative in many respects, you have style and you know how to write very well. May your blog for you be always what your blog name says.
    Thank you for being in the blogger world, for your honesty and especially your wisdom. You are definitely an enrichment for this world.
    May your new year as good as possible - in each respects!
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

    1. thank you dear, you are always so kind. Happy new 2019 to you as well.

  2. So many beautiful styles! x


  3. I really enjoy this kind of recap. In fact, I may copy you for next year, Ivana!!
    I'm one of those that believes in positive thinking, so your post about it really made me think. And that's the way we learn I think. It's too easy to always be with people that think the same way.
    Thanks for your continued support and I love that you drew us. It was one of the highlights of my year!!

    1. I'm so happy you liked my drawing of you.

    2. btw I also believe in positive thinking but with a measure.

  4. This is a nice way to look back on the year! I'm sorry you had such a tough year personally though and that you got some bad news this morning - I hope things improve and you feel better after celebrating and welcoming in the new year! :)

    Hope that you had a wonderful Christmas and you have a happy new year! All the best for 2019! :)

    Away From The Blue Blog

  5. Wish You a happy New Year - love, happyness, all the Best. Love Your style, Your creativity... Adore You so, You are a princess... I would lay down on my knees an kiss Your shoes, please do not lough about me. Thanks for every day, Your blog makes a better world, Ania

    1. Thank you for your kind wishes Ania. I wish you all the best in the New Year, blessings, good health, love and happiness.

  6. Hello Ivana,

    welcome in 2019!!! hope you got a real nice silvester?!?

    you are my styling queen!!!

    hugs and best wishes

  7. Wow, I adore our illustrations. Beautiful, you are quite talented, carina. Happy new year!

    The Flower Duet

  8. Happy New year!!! Loved each and every illustrations and art.

  9. Happy new year
    Welcome to 2019, a year of divine perfection.

  10. Devo dire che la tua arte è migliorata nel tempo sai che a me i tuoi dipinti piacciono moltissimo. Per me sei una vera artista con la A maiuscola!Buon anno!

  11. Dear Ivana! I am very sorry that you had such a hard year and that you received some extremely bad news. I hope this bad phase will end now and wish you all the best for 2019. You do such a marvelous job with your blog, your fashion illustrations and DIY-projects and your favourite posts from the last year are amazing. You are such a pretty, talented and warmheated woman!
    Love, Nadine

    1. thank you Nadine. I hope this bad phase will end soon too. I try to do my best with my blog, it makes me happy.

  12. You are so creative and talented. It was a joy to look at some of your work! You truly inspire me. Wishing you all the very best <3

  13. Happy New Year!
    Great post!
    Follow for follow? I have new post on my blog :)

  14. happy new year!! amazing post ! loved this!!


  15. Happy New Year Ivana! You're so talented with your illustrations, and I enjoy reading your blog! Wishing a wonderful 2019!

  16. Perfection!


  17. so many pretty ilustrations ❤

  18. buon anno cara :)bellissime illustrazioni

  19. Wow, it was so sweet of you to draw your favorite fashion bloggers :) I wish you a lot of inspiration in the new year!

    Lots of love ♥ January Girl

  20. Your summary was great and it did show how much work you put into your blog. I really liked the DIY projects you posted, you didn't mention it here, but I've seen several of these, and they always seem like so much fun. Sorry to hear your year was hard for you, hopefully this one will treat you much better. Also, I really liked your book reviews, especially that I even read one of the books you suggested. I think one of the wisest blog posts you published was about chronic diseases. As you know, I suffer from one as well, maybe it's not painful, nor is it very difficult to live with it (except the uncontrollable weight gain, bad memory, hair loss and so on), but I do understand how it can be difficult sometimes.
    Hope you're going to keep up with your blog (and fashion drawings!).
    Happy New Year

    1. Thank you Dorota. I'm happy to hear you like my blog reviews. Living with a chronic illness can definitely be very hard at times and it helps to find support where we can. I think people with chronic illnesses can often understand one another well and this helps us feel less isolated.

  21. What a fantastic walk down memory lane. You've definitely created some memorable and inspiring posts. I always enjoy your book reviews and tours around your hometown. I know you had struggles with your health and I hope that you can leave those struggles behind in the new year.

    1. I hope so too. Health struggles are always a major set back. Thank you.

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  25. amazing blog of you.Such an amazing post this is. I really really love it. It's so good and so awesome.It's nice to know that this topic is being also covered on this web site so cheers for taking the time to discuss this!I am just amazed.Thanks again and again!

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  27. I am sending this New Year message to you with loads of love. May it be the best year for you!

  28. OH my. Same here. My 2018 was not so good but there's something good in it. To say that it was challenging is an understatement! I hope I'll have a better year this year. I'm glad you had a really great year despite everything and yes, same here too, blogging for me is such a special place. Cheers to 2k19 dearest!

    love lots,

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  30. Savrsen pregled blog godine Ivanice <3

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