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My Experience Taking Art Courses at Art Center Michelangelo Mostar

I have  probably mentioned taking art classes at least a few times here on my blog. I've always loved art, so it is hardly surprising that I decided to take an art course. I took me a while to put together this post, because there were a lot of photographs that I wanted to include. In addition, I wanted to write about painting reproductions because that's an essential part of most traditional art courses. I did write about that when I posted Is Reproduction Painting a Good Way to Improve One's Painting Skills?  article so feel free to check that one as well. Over the years, I've showed you a number of paintings I made in those art courses I took, but I wanted to do a special post with most of them (and all of my most recent ones). 

Basically, my story with art courses started a few years ago when I signed up for my first art classes at a local gallery here in Mostar. After I got my course degree, we (all the participants) had an exhibition together. It was a lovely experience. I decided to continue my art studies so this I took part in another art course that was a continuation of the last one. Once again, we had a joint exhibition at the end of the three month period and it was a lot of fun. Then I took another course. Long story short, I've completed several art courses so far. These art courses that I took were typical ones. You take weekly classes (once a week in) and you're taught to paint. I enjoyed the whole experience so much that I plan to continue signing up and taking part in art classes as long as I can. 


I've always loved creating art, but it took me a while to realize that I need to work on developing my art skills. I guess this is the case with many of us. We get blinded by words like talent, while in fact no amount of talent can be a substitute for a lack of skills. To get better at something, you need to work on it. If you are into art, you should learn how to follow your impulses and don't be afraid of putting in the work. That's the best advice I can give as an amateur artist. Anyhow, my more concentrated efforts to improve my art skills start at art center Michelangelo. This is where I signed up for and took all my art classes up to today. I will write about it in detail some other time, today I'll just write about my experience of taking art courses in a more general way. 


Oil on canvas (left), Acrylic on canvas (right)

Despite the fact that I choose a somewhat minimalist inner design for my house, on my husband's insistence,  I placed most of my art on the walls. Right now I rotate my painting because I have so many of them. Naturally, I gave some of them away, so I don't have all of them anymore but I still have more than enough for rotation. I suppose owning a lot of art is one of the privileges of taking art classes. If you keep working on your paintings, you'll end up with a pretty nice sum of them. Who says hard work doesn't pay off, right?

So, if you are considering taking an art class, have in mind that you don't have much to lose. After all, these things aren't terribly pricey. How time-demanding they will ultimately be, depends on you. An art course is not a place where you'll start to paint like Michelangelo automatically, but if you put effort into it might help you develop your art skills. I'm very happy I decided to sign up for art courses in the first place. It's very satisfying having so many lovely oil and acrylic paintings in my home.

Now to answer a few questions you might have. I knew I used to have them as well. Are art classes also suitable for beginnings? Absolutely, they are very suitable for those people who are just starting to paint. Are art classes good places for those who already paint? Absolutely, they are because they give an amateur painter a chance to reflect on one's work and improve it. That's my opinion anyway. I think art courses can be a great way to both find inspiration and work on our art skills. 

My Experience Taking Art Courses at Art Center Michelangelo


On overall, my experiences with taking art classes were positive ones. However, like with everything you need to be willing to put in the time and work in order to get results. If you want to better your art skills, you need to work on developing and perfecting them. If you decide to take art classes, do listen to your teachers. Take your time, nothing happens over night. Developing your personal style might take a long time, so remember to have fun in the process. Working hard on developing your art skills doesn't mean you can't have fun with art. There is a time and place for everything as they say. If you're thinking about taking an art class or signing up for an art course, have these things in mind. I hope you've found this post helpful. If you like, I can write about my experience in more detail some other time.  Thank you for reading!


  1. Thanks for sharing your ecperience!

  2. Loving the white dress and pants together, and also really enjoying your paintings! You are such a talented painter, these look beautiful. As much as i appreciate art, I am no good at it sadly! I just admire those more talented than myself :)

    Hope that you are having a great week so far! It's been hot and dusty here, so very summery! Thankfully the crazy winds have died down :)

    Away From The Blue Blog | Handbag Gift Guide

    1. thank you Mica, happy to hear you enjoy them.

  3. Thanks a lot :D

    wooow, this is awesome! :o

    InstagramFacebook Official PageMiguel Gouveia / Blog Pieces Of Me :D

  4. Ad inseguire i propri sogni e le proprie passioni non si sbaglia mai! Tra l'altro il vestito che hai nella foto è divino! ;)

  5. What a great collection of pictures!

  6. This looks like a really fantastic place to do art!! Love your artwork as well :) xx

  7. È bellissimo il tuo amore e la passione per l'arte!

  8. Adorei a postagem, que quadros maravilhosos! *--*
    Diário da Lady

  9. Ma sono bellissimi quei dipinti Ivana!!!
    La scuola darte probabilmente ti ha aiutata a sviluppare la tecnica, ma indubbiamente hai un sacco di talento! :)

  10. your outfit is adorable, Ivana! you look adorable in it! and the paintings.. LOVE! they are amazing!! I've always wanted to take any art courses a.k.a. painting course but never had the chance to. you are absolutely talented! x
    have a wonderful day!

    1. thank you, I hope you'll find a good art course some day. Online lessons, for example those on YouTube can also be helpful.

  11. I love that you decorate with your own work, Ivana. You have such a talent. And I love that you reiterate that it's important to practice. I think we can all get frustrated when our first attempts don't turn out how we want them to.

  12. Sounds like you had a lovely time and I agree, taking classes will give you the foundation but you need to practise in order to get better at your art.

    Shireen⎜Reflection of Sanity

  13. bellissimi questi dipinti *_* barca meravigliosa

  14. wow such a great experience- is so so good develop your skills . So stunning pictures.

  15. Thanks for sharing your view and experience. It is true that with almost everything, one needs to be willing to put in the time and work in order to get results. It's impressive that even with your talent, you are still taking art classes to improve your skills. I try to the same when it comes to photography because I feel like there is alway more to learn and we have to constantly challenge ourselves to develop and get even better.

    1. I couldn't agree more, there is always more to learn....and learning keeps us young.

  16. Wow your painting skills are amazing! I especially love the image with the boats, this certainly requires some great manual dexterity which you have obviously mastered so well. It's awesome that you have so many paintings that you can rotate them at times, this is great to switch up the mood with new wall art.

    Thanks for the sweet comments on my previous blog post, so glad you enjoyed the article.

    1. I love painting boats, my husband tell me it is what I do best.

  17. Dearest Ivana,
    I love your pictures - especially of the boats, WOW - and it's great that you attended art classes!
    There is also some painting talent in our family, and my brother, who is already retired, has been attending painting classes for some years (mainly nude painting, but also other courses). I used to paint a lot - e.g. great pictures on wood - and I also exhibited. But then I became a mother and did not find time anymore - and later photography became very important to me. But one day I want to paint again. I hope that I will soon find time for it, but first I would like to learn to sew better and I would like to learn to paint better. I am mainly interested in portraiture or scenes with people - and especially in a fantastically realistic or surrealistic context like Dali or Ernst Fuchs or Frida Kahlo ... (always since my childhood and youth). But I'm afraid that in order to paint such scenes, I also have to practice landscapes and nude painting before ...
    Hugs and happy weekend
    PS: Thanks for your comment! You wrote about those orange berries - the common names are firethorn or pyracantha. I love the colour of them, too! :-)

    1. great to know that you love painting too. Realiatic and surrealistic painting is fascinating, I'm quite fond of it myself.

  18. Hello,

    So lovely !


  19. Very interesting! It must be a great experiance and you are such a gifted artist Ivana! By the way, your outfit is very cool. I love this feminin flowery dress over the white pants ;-)

    xxxxx Nadine

  20. Amazing Outfit Ivana, you look beautiful :)

    Happy 1.December, kisses

  21. Divno je sve, bas mi je drago da si prisustvovala kursu koji samo moze unaprediti tvoj veliki talenat.
    Saljem puse iz Beograda

  22. Your paintings are lovely! Share more on here, I'd love to see them in better detail!

    Corinne x

  23. I have taken a few art classes and loved them. I agree they can be time consuming but therapeutic as well. You are very talented. Where do you get your inspiration for your paintings?


  24. nice experience and lovely paintings.
    greeting- evi erlinda

  25. Looks like you had fun!


  26. These are such lovely pieces!

  27. Painting skills are amazing... Lovely paintings

  28. This paint with two boats is... is... FANTASTIC!!!!! Awesome. I am impressed. Bravo!


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