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headpiece (DIY)+ today's outfit post+ photography--današnje ruho , fotografija i ukras za kosu

I feel intoxicated with beauty. I really do. Let me elaborate. Today the day is so sunny and warm, it feels like spring.  This morning I went hiking with my husband. We took a bunch of photos, I of scenery, he of me. Mind you, this is a hiking outfit, so comfort was important. When you're spending a significant amount of time out in the open, weather conditions are something to be taken into account. It might have been pretty warm, but it is still winter. Once again layering saved the day.

1. Without a coat
It was so warm I almost didn't need a coat. Almost. I did wear one later on( as you will see if you look at all the photos) when I was at the side of the hill where it is windy. But here at this spot it wasn't necessary at all. 

2. Head piece/ Ukras u kosi
I'm not sure what one would call this installation in my hair. (Perhaps a head piece?) I designed and made it in my first year at the University in Split and I still like it. It is made out of iron wire and fimo mass. Its pastel colours were the  inspiration for my outfit this morning.

                                                                        3. Time to wear that coat
On the windy side of the hill, I wore a long black coat. Belted. The way I like it. On some photos I'm even wearing a beanie (curtosy of my significant other).

4. Scenery
....and now some photographs I took.

Do you know understand what I meant when I said that I felt intoxicated with beauty?

Feel free to comment!

beanie: no name (as far as I know)
coat : no name (as far as I know)
knitted vest:  hand made by someone in the family
purple thingie (I'm not sure how to call it- perhaps a long sweater?): no name
stockings: Jadran ( Croatian brand)
over the knee socks: New Yorker
heat warmers: came together with nosens shoes ( Spanish brand)
shoes: Dr. Martens

Location:  Bosnia and Herzegovina/  Planinica, a hill that has a great panorama of Mostar.
Time: This morning

A sada ukratko: Jutros sam bila na Planinici, brdu pored Mostara s kojeg se pruža zaista prekrasan pogled na grad, ali i na okolne planine. Divno mjesto. Dan je bio prekrasan i toliko sam uživala u toj šetnji da se osjećam opijena ljepotom. Mislim da nije pretjerivanje ako to kažem. Priroda je prekrasna u Hercegovini, kao i na mnogim mjestima na svijetu. Moje današnje ruho  je prilagođeno potrebama boravka na otvorenom. (ako se pitate koji ti je vrag s tim ruhom zašto jednostavno ne kažem outfit to je utjecaj Nives Opančić. Ne znate tko je ona? Hrvatska jezikoslovka, mislim da sam pročitala sve njene knjige. Sviđa mi se njena ljubav prema riječima. ) Hvala na komentiranju!


  1. Your socks are so cute! ;D



    1. Yes, I like above the knee socks and I'm so happy they're in again:) thank you sweatie.

  2. Followed back!
    Please check also my facebook page and like it if u can!

  3. It looks beautiful...I can't wait for more days like this here. Have a wonderful weekend xx

    1. to you as well, I wish you a lovely and fun weekend!

  4. great look! perfect coat! XOXO

  5. Always so sweet and elegant, dear! Lovely.. a big kiss! <3

  6. you look great and I love the nature :)

    1. nature is the best place to be most of the time,right?

  7. COOL socks! I like them. Super warm, right? And that head piece looks neat, despite its nameless factor.

    Wow. Where do you live? So pretty there.

    Girlie Blog Seattle | Casual Clothes for Less

    1. I live in two cities,Split (Croatia) and Mostar ( Bosnia and Herzegovina) The photos were taken on a hill overlooking Mostar.

  8. Cool pics! Happy New year! Thanks for stopping by.

  9. wow the landscape is so beautiful there and so are you darling! you look gorgeous!
    i´m your newest follower now!
    love and kiss,mary

  10. Thanks for your lovely comments!! :D I really love your blog. The pics are amazing, great outfits!! :D


  11. Slike su divne :) Hvala na komentaru na mom blogu, pratim te sada :)

    Mia :*

  12. Krzno oko vrata je predivno nisi preterala kad si rekla da je mesto zaista prekrasno!
    Pozdrav i srecna nova!
    Amo Lusso blog

  13. It is nice to be able to go for a hike in a place with scenery this beautiful! I wish I have something like this to go to here.. Thanks for visiting my blog, I am very honored. Hope to see you again, soon and I am sure to come back to see more of you :)

    Hugs and kisses from :

  14. hi dear! Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog! you are very cute! I like your blog!
    You look perky and very beautiful! I love the stripes! and more: stunning landscapes!

  15. cool pics, love the landscape :)

  16. lovely locale and ulook very nice the coat!! thanks for your new post is up too :D

  17. Uzivam da gledam ovakve slike krajolika , priroide , slike su ti savrsene kao i odevna kombinacija .Detoks od grada , buke , loseg vazduha , ovo je totalni reset za um :)

  18. love the long jacket, its so chic :)

  19. I Loved your socks... They are so vibrant and chic. And you made that head piece??? Great work...
    Good job gal..

    Shivali of:
    Do visit. And follow each other???


  21. Heyy dear!! Lovely photos! u look gr8!
    Thank u for the lovely comment on my blog! :)

  22. Thanx for visiting. Following you on GFC (#57)
    Awaiting your response... :D

    Shivali of:

  23. wooww!!Great post!!
    new post up:)

  24. Super, šareno, apokaliptične pozadine, magični karjolik. Odiše svježinom i veseljem :D

  25. wonderful photos,love your outfit,your coat is amazing!!!i am your new follower on gfc,would you like to follow me back?

  26. Lovely place, makes photos look amazing!!

    Thanks for your comment!!

  27. Slike su super a pletivo predivno!:)
    Srecna nova godina!!!;)

  28. You look absolutely amazing. Well done, I love the outfit!
    Best Regards and weekend wishes.
    Miss Margaret Cruzemark

  29. thats a lovely landscape..and i feel so elated just by seeing the I can imagine how u must have your look too....

    happy new year :)

    1. thank you so much! all the best in 2013 to you as well!

  30. love the outfit here and the place is truly amazing!

  31. So pretty! Love your cardi and fur scarf!!!

    Can you please vote for me here: You just have to like ModCloth on FB and than you can vote. It will take you only few seconds.

    Thanks a lot!
    Kisses, Lucy:)

    1. I don't have fb, sorry!
      thanks for commenting

  32. pratim tvoj blog, ovaj post je meni inspiracija da potražim dio prirode u kojem mogu biti opijena ljepotom, odlično je sto priroda postoji da u njoj uzivamo, slojevito odijevanje ti odgovara, tvoj blog je različit od većine koje pratim i to mi je drago, pozdrav !!

  33. Divan blog, ima svega, po meni je to najveci plus, kad vidis da od nekog mozes da ucis o svemu i svacemu:)

  34. Hello Ivana,

    nice scenery pics!

    Cool, finally i see you wearing your kneesocks that i saw in an older post from you. Actually they looks for me like overknee Stockings...:-)

    Furthermore you wear a nice coloured jacket - good stuff!




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