EN Planinica is a name of a lovely hill overlooking Mostar city. It was featured on my blog a number of times. I definitely do recommend visiting it, especially if you find yourself in this area. It is only a short drive from Mostar city and the views are nothing short of spectacular. If you're lucky you might even encounter wild animals. I've talked about this place more than once, and do feel free to check out those old posts if you want to know more (here, here , here and here are some of them). Today I'll be showing you my outfit (and share some tips about styling leopard print) and the photographs I took while we were there. Scroll down to see and read more.

HR Planinca je brdo iznad Mostara. Pokazivala sam ga na blogu više puta. Svakako ga preporučavam posjetiti, pogotovo ako se nađete u blizini. Nalazi se nadomak Mostara, automobilom se možete dovesti za čas, a vidici su stvarno predivni. Ukoliko imate sreće možete čak i susresti divlje životinje. Govorila sam (ili bolje rečeno pisala) o ovom mjestu više puta, pa slobodno pogledate stare objave ako želite znati više (četiri poveznice su u engleskom dijelu teksta). Danas ću vam pokazati odjevnu kombinaciju i podijeliti malo savjeta o leopard uzorku kao i fotografije koje sam uslikala dok smo bili gore. Pogledajte ostatak objave da biste vidjeli i pročitali više. 

Our last visit to Planinica was a last minute sort of thing. We ended up going for a longer hike than we planned,and that was interesting to say the least. As you can see, I dressed very sensibly (fake leather booties with high heels are obviously NOT the perfect choice of footwear for hiking). Well, at least I was sensible enough to dress warmly. That's something, right? Whenever you're planning a climb of any kind, even if it is just a nearby hill, you should wear warmly. My choice of footwear, on the other hand, proved to be a really bad choice once my significant other ventured far away and left me to hurry in his footsteps.  I did catch up with him, but man it was hard. Fortunately, I didn't slip or anything like that. I balance those rocks like a wild goat. Seriously, my sense of balance is pretty much perfect (as I have proved by climbing rocks in heels a number of times).

What is not perfect are my iron levels. I kind of collapsed on our way back. But it was kind of nice, collapsing there on the grass while the sun was shining. It was a kind of a serene moment. Naturally, my partner helped me up. Long story short, no harm was done. I'm working on getting my iron levels up but unfortunately I don't respond well to iron supplements and I had a severe allergic reaction to iron transfusion (so severe I'll never try that again). Right now, I'm trying to alter my diet to include more iron. How are your iron levels? I know a lot of ladies struggle with it. It can make one feel terribly tired. Still, I think that it's important to get out as much as possible. Fresh air and all that stop. As you know, I'm a big believer in spending as much time outdoors as possible.


I've had this pair of leopard leggings for a while now. Taken that leopard print is still trending (and really isn't there something classical about it?) I figured it would be good to show you my favourite way to wear these leggings. Recently I have got  really into brown tones. Leopard works perfectly with brown, because of obvious reasons. Black and brown (beige) are great colour choices and they go particularly well with leopard. This winter styling is all about those brownish and beige tones. It is also all about keeping warm. It was still quite cold when these images were taken (back in February), so I wore pretty much all winter accessories you can think of: scarf, gloves and beanie. Full winter gear, you might say. I think my outfit was quite hiking appropriate minus the boots. If you want to see more ways to style leopard leggings, you can check out my old posts:

- Leopard leggings worn with red accents and tartan 
-Leopard leggings worn with a long black coat
- Leopard leggings worn with a white leather jacket


I'm growing increasingly convinced that spending time outdoors is beneficial for our health. As I stressed in this post, it is tempting to stay indoors when it is cold, but we really should learn how to make most of what life hands out. Spring is at the door now, but this winter I really made an effort to live in the present and enjoy winter as it is. Now, I'm really happy I did just that. I always feel better after a walk or a hike in nature. There are many proven benefits of spending time outdoors and I think that especially applies to spending time in nature. Human body was made for movement and a serenity way of life has many health hazards. As bloggers (aka people who spend a lot of time behind laptop screens), we really should make an effort to get out more. Do you agree? Perhaps that's a benefit of fashion blogging, you're forced to go out at least occasionally, to shot outfits and other stuff. What do you say? Are you making an effort to get out more?

Thank you for reading. I hope you have enjoyed visiting Planinica with me. Have a lovely day!


  1. Oh mannaggia Ivana, mi spiace!!! Purtoppo non è facile tenere sotto controllo il ferro nel sangue, comunque in queste foto stai benissimo e voglio quei leggings!
    Don't Call Me Fashion Blogger

    1. grazie mille Selvaggia, si il ferro e' complicato a volte.

  2. Nice outdoors outfit.
    Love the leggings.
    Your pics look amazing.


  3. Wow, I really love this spot!! What a view :))))) Heavenly, perfect spot to relax and meditate!! Happy Thursday lovely, I hope you have a great day xx

  4. What stunning views! That sky is beautiful.
    Spending time outdoors and really appreciating your surroundings is the perfect way to achieve mindfulness, something we all, I think, struggle with.
    Kudos to you for negotiating a steep hill in those boots, you'll know for next time! x

    1. Thank you Vix. The sky here often has this beautiful shade of blue, I love it.

  5. Lovely as always dear!
    Have a great day! xx

    La ilusión de Nina - http://lailusiondenina.blogspot.com.es/

  6. Oh, dear Ivana! Please take care of you! Iron levels can be challenging I know and now I'm again in sorrow with you. But I see you nevertheless enjoyed the time on this beautiful mountain and I'm impressed how well you can hike even in heels. Love your entire look - I'm always a fan of leo pants and you styled them perfectly!
    xx Rena

    1. I'm very fortunate that this is the only problem I'm having right now, I'm much better off health-wise than I was in the past.

  7. I liked your pants!
    And nice pics :)


  8. What stunning scenery! I can see how it was a challenge in heels. There is nothing better for the spirit than spending time outside in nature. Leopard print is truly classic. I have a few pieces in my wardrobe that are great for mixing and matching. My iron levels were a struggle when I was younger. I would crave and eat a lot of spinach which made me feel better.

    1. I love spinach, especially in lasagna, so delicious.

  9. Loved those printed leggings and boots

  10. Looking chic and cozy here, babe!

    Le Stylo Rouge

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  12. Cavoli, mi dispiace per il brutto momento del calo di ferro, Ivana!
    Però da come la hai descritta, sembra che tu abbia comunque passato una bella giornata!
    Carnissimo il tuo look, è alla moda e stiloso e ti dona anche molto!
    peccato che gli stivaletti ti abbiano impedito di camminare comodamente, io sai che faccio? Lascio sempre un paio di sneakers in macchina così se mi dovessero servire ( anche per guidare quando ho i tacchi alti) le ho sempre a disposizione! ;)

  13. Absolutely gorgeous place!
    I like how you styled these leggings, great combination and lovely boots!


  14. They are such fun leggings, and I love your cosy scarf! Looks like a really nice time outdoors, even if you were a bit tired out by the end of it! :) I have to watch my iron, although not as much as my sister. I had to take lots of different supplements, especially in pregnancy. I find leafy greens in salads the best way to up my iron intake! :)

    Hoping your week is going well so far :)

    Away From The Blue

  15. I really think you're so right about getting outside!! Of coure you shouldn't overdo it!! You need to keep those iron levels up!!
    And those leggings are amazing!!

  16. Wow, such a beautiful view! And I love your outfit :)

    Jenny | localleo.co.uk

  17. I remember when you featured Planinica before. You do look like you dressed very sensibly for the weather. Bummer about the shoes but they look super cute. I'm sorry to hear that you collapsed on the way back but at least you turned it into a good moment. Now that I'm struggling with my iron levels, I know where you're coming from. My doctor has me taking a supplement with vitamin C because the vitamin c is supposed to help the iron absorb better into the body. It took a little for my body to get used to it but I'm hoping it will help. I agree with getting out and getting fresh air. Even when I can't go out I make a point of spending time on my terrace or in the garden downstairs.

    1. it is best to take iron supplements together with vitamin C because they can't be absorbed without it. I also remember that you shouldn't take caffeine with your iron supplement but only later in the day. Calcium also doesn't go well with iron so it is best to ear calcium rich food hours after we had our iron supplement. It's a whole science behind iron supplements.

  18. I agree so much about getting outdooors- it is crucial to our well-being!
    I hope you are better after your fall because of the iron-that is very worrying.
    You look very cosy in your furry hood! I never go anywhere different in heels- I always choose to wear flat shoes!!

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