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Snow in April (outfit post) / Snijeg u travnju (odjevna kombinacija)

These photographs were taken last weekend on a little hill overlooking Mostar city, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Snow in April, who would have thought? OK, not a lot of snow and not in the city itself but the surrounding hills turned white not to say anything of the moutains. However, it was a sunny day and the snow was just a remainer of the suprisingly chilly days that have fortunately came to an end. The weather has improved siginificantly in the last few days...Today it feels more like early Summer than Spring...and I felt the same yesterday and the day before yesterday here in Split.

Ove fotografije su snimljene prošlog vikenda na Planinici iznad Mostara. Snijeg u travnju, tko bi rekao? Doduše nije padao snijeg u Mostaru, ali na brdima okolo da, a planine su se sasvim zabijelile.  Bio je to sunčan dan i snijeg je bio samo podsjetnik na hladne dane. Vrijeme se zadnjih dana znatno popravilo..Danas imam osjećaj  je ljeto, a ne proljeće..a tako je i bilo ova zadnja dva dana u Splitu.

suknja/ skirt: Moda in...blazer/sako: vintage, necklace: DIY/ moj rad


  1. That is a very cute necklace!

    I'm glad it is warming up for you, it seems like it would still be cold for me with the snow though, haha! It never snows here in Brisbane at all.

    Away From The Blue

  2. Lovely :)

  3. fabulous <3333

  4. You look wonderful. beautiful pictures
    I invite you to a new post

  5. ale nas nabrałaś! :D tyle śniegu! ;) a Ty ślicznie wyglądasz, zdecydowanie wiosennie! :)

  6. Snow in.. April! Yikes! lol.. you look beautiful.


  7. You have the joy of a child, you are so lovely, the outfit is beautiful, my fav is your blazer! Snow could be a bad surprise.

  8. Cute post - hope you weren't too cold!! :)

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  9. Yea --climate change everywhere ---cloud bust at Himalaya, untimely rain at gangetic plato, show fall in the mid-lands etc

  10. Such cute shots, we still have snow here too! Really like your blazer and that statement necklace, so gorgeous!


  11. La neve o.O wow! Bella la tua giacca!

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    lb-lc fashion blog| bloglovin'

  12. You look so gorgeous and I can't believe you guys still have snow, we just had our last snow a couple of weeks ago in Munich!

    Much love xxx

  13. Snow in April. That happened here a few years ago, but it didn't last long. In fact it had all melted by lunchtime. No such excitement this year.

    Like your outfit BTW. Very smart...!

  14. HI!!!! Thanks for comment! and you look amazing too! I love this necklace!!!!

  15. Snow in April. Yes that has happened before in NYC as well. We nearly had a storm early in the month but mostly it's just been rain and today it feels like summer which I'm really looking forward to. You look adorable playing on that patch of snow :)

    Rowena @ rolala loves

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  17. I love your bag! Snow in April, I'm not too crazy about that. Haha.

    xo Jo

  18. Snow in april, incredible! I love your jacket!

  19. I have seen snow in April growing up and people ice fishing, lol. But, I like it warmer most when it's just slightly breezy. I like these photographs, and what a great handbag. <3
    Foodie Favourite: Kale

  20. That necklace is gorgeous !

  21. :D such a fun shot :) like your DIY neckace :)

  22. Joj snijeg mi je noćna mora haha :D
    Super ti stoji bijeli sako!

  23. Cuteeeeee! Love the Necklace ,gret Work :)


  24. Very cool pictures Ivana! You look amazing!

  25. Nice look and pics, stylish !!!!


  26. Dear Ivana, but I want to mention that the snow is matching perfectly with the white blazer of your elegant and beautiful outfit :) Here in Bavaria we had also still snow a few days ago - only the last days are really warm and it feels also like summer! Hope you have some time to enjoy the sun - I do it at least during my daily walk from the office to the canteen :)
    xx from Germany/Bavaria, Rena
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  27. That is soooo strange, Ivana. Looks like most of the ground are green and then patches of thick snow here and there. LOL!

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

  28. Na trenutak sam pomislila da sam nešto pogrešno zaključila jer ti ovo pišem poluuspavana i mrtva umorna :D Šta reći, bitno je da si se lepo zabavila kao što vidim na slikama :) Kombinacija je savršena! <3

  29. Wow, vedere la neve ad aprile è davvero strano! Le foto sono molto belle ugualmente, spero il clima continui a migliorare!

  30. Nice neck piece!

  31. Divna kombinacija Ivana...kao i uvek ;-) dobro da nije sneg u maju kao sto peva Severina ;-)

  32. Pretty!

  33. Hi Ivana! Thanks for the nice comment- I totally didn't realise you lived in Split! For some reason I thought the Split in your profile was your name! I loved visiting Split last year. The snow is surprising in April but I really like your outfit x x x

  34. Snow in April? Sheesh. You still look pretty though. Super cute purse.

    Kreyola Jounerys | Instagram

  35. I'm glad the snow is leaving! You look too cute. I love that taupe with black. Great blazer.

  36. Haha these are adorable! You found your little patch of snow and claimed it as you own :) Very pretty outfit and those tights are fantastic. You have such gorgeous legs for them. So happy to see them a little closer in the first shot, very appreciated and enjoyed :) Stay warm lovely lady! xoxo

    All Things Bright and Lovely

  37. Thank God there's no snow here in's quite warm and everything is blooming!:)<3

  38. OMG! Snow in April?! Ivana you look really pretty! Love the combination of outfit!

  39. Love this combination, I especially love the jacket.


  40. We still have snow in Russia, its snowing almost everyday. So I'm not surprised at all:) However, the photographs are wonderful:)))))))

  41. Snow in this time of the year? Totally cool! Have a wonderful week, dear! xoxo

  42. You are so cute <3
    It is cool to have snow ! :)

  43. Hello Ivana,

    you looking great in the snow!!! I love your perfect Outfit. The colour of the skirt is my taste - also your Blazer. Both is a perfect match.

    I think your shoes warming your (cold) feet in a perfect way, right?

    Furthermore i see you wearing tights, without (long) pants. Is this not to cold?

    Greeting from Germany.



    1. yes, these shoes are very warm. I wasn't cold because these tights are really thick (100 dens) they are warm like leggings.


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