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Fashion illustration of the day (true red) / Modna ilustracija dana (istinska crvena)

Every colour has both positive and negative connotations and so is the case with red. As a colour it is associated with action, be it a romantic or hostile. It is the colour of movement and it is said that it can even raise our energy levels. That is why it is used for traffic signs and as a sign of warning. It is a colour that grabs our attention. However, it is also said that being exposed to too much red can cause us to feel irritated. This is a colour that doesn't allow us to be indifferent. Red. The colour of love and passion.  It is all the rave on the Valentine's day. Red planet. The god of war. Red has its sinister meaning as well. Red is the colour of influence. Supposedly, red can boost our appetite so restaurants use in their decor. Still, it is not recommended to use too much of it in inner décor. Red is an interesting colour, that’s for sure. In many cultures it is considered a sign of good luck. Moreover, in many cultures red is traditionally the colour of bridal dresses.

Svaka boja ima i pozitivne i negativne konotacije, a to je slučaj i s crvenom. Kao boja ona je povezana s djelovanjem, bilo ono romantično ili agresivno. To je boja kretanja, a kaže se da nam može podignuti i razinu energije. Zato se koristi za znakove u prometu i upozorenja. To je boja koja hvata našu pažnju. No, također se kaže da izloženost prevelikoj količini crvene može rezultirati u osjećaju iritacije. Ova boja nam ne ne dopušta da nam bude svejedno. Crvena. Boja ljubavi i strasti. Jako je tražena na Valentinovo. Crveni planet. Bog rata. Crvena ima i svoja tamna značenja. Crvena je boja utjecana. Navodno, crvena nam može povećati apetit pa je restorani koriste u uređenju prostora, ali ipak se ne preporučuje koristiti previše crvene u unutrašnjem uređenju. Crvena je zanimljiva boja, to je sigurno. U puno kultura smatra se znakom dobre sreće. Nadalje, u mnogim kulturama crvena je tradicionalno boja vjenčanica.

fashion illustration o the day/ modna ilustracija dana

What about red in fashion? Well, because red fabrics were traditionally expensive (due to the dying process), red became associated with glamour, wealth and high social status. It is said that French king Louis XVI used to love showing his legs off and one of the ways he did this was to paint his heels red. Soon the fashion spread across European nobility and royalty. In 17th century France red dye was very expensive because it was made from a bug. Yes, a bug! In some countries red was reserved only for people of high status, so ordinary people would break the rules by wearing red underwear. Red is a colour that hold strong connotations, both positive and negative ones.  From prostitution (red light district) to religion (the garments of cardinals are red), red can have an abundance of meanings.

Što je s crvenom u modi? Naime, zbog skupoće crvenih tkanina ( kao rezultat procesa bojanja), crvena je postala povezana s glamurom, bogatstvom i visokim položajem u društvu. Kažu da je francuski kralj Louis XVI volio pokazivati svoje noge, a jedan od načina na koji je to činio bilo je bojanje njegovih cipela s potpeticama u crveno. Uskoro se moda proširila među Europskim kraljevskim obiteljima i plemstvom. U Francuskoj sedamnaestog stoljeća crvena je boja bila jako skupa jer se pravila iz kukca. Da, iz kukca! U nekim zemljama crvena je bila rezervirana samo za ljude visokoga statusa, tako da bi obični ljudi kršili pravila tako da bi nosili crveno donje rublje. Crvena je boja koja ima snažna značenja, pozitivna i negativna. Od prostitucija ( ulica crvenih svjetlala) do religije ( odjeća kardinala je crvena), crvena može imati pregršt značenja.

Today I’m sharing with you an illustration of a girl wearing a red dress. I must admit that I have always loved red dresses. Moreover, I’ve always been a fan of red accessories. I have even made many myself over the years, red necklaces and earrings mostly. There is something in red that draws in the eye. Red bags for example can be such a great pop of colour in an outfit. Yet, a red dress is the ultimate red fashion statement for me. Remember the first Matrix film and the women in a red dress? There is something about a red dress that really captures the eye. Let us not forget the amazing novel The Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne (there is also a movie version starring Demi Moore). Back to the illustration. In this case, I prefer the more positive meaning of red. Let’s call it a colour of love and passion. Or the colour of good luck. I will leave the choice to you. We all need a little bit good luck in our lives, don’t we? I feel inclined to invoke it these last weeks. To paint this illustration I have used True red lipstick by L'oreal. If you want to see some other illustrations with it, you can see some of them here. In addition, here is a link to my post about painting with make up.

Danas s vama dijelim ilustraciju djevojke koja nosi crvenu haljinu. Moram priznati da sam uvijek voljela crvene haljine. Uz to, uvijek sam voljela i crvene modne dodatke. Čak sam i sama neke napravila tijekom godina, većinom crvene ogrlice i naušnice. Da, doista ima nešto u crvenoj što privlači oko. Crvene torbe na primjer mogu biti odličan dodatak boje u odjevnoj kombinaciji. Ipak, crvena haljina je za mene krajnja modna izjava u crvenoj. Sjećate se onoga Matrix filma i žene u crvenoj haljini? Nešto ima u crvenoj haljini što zarobi pogled. Ne mogu zaboraviti ni Grimizno slovo, fantastičan roman Nathaniela Hawthorna ( a ima i filmska verzija s Demi Moore u glavnoj ulozi).  Vratimo se na ilustraciju. U ovom slučaju odabirem pozitivnije značenje crvene. Nazovimo je bojom ljubavi i strasti. Ili bojom dobre sreće. Prepuštam vam izbor. Svima nam treba malo dobre sreće u životima, zar ne? Imam neku potrebu malo je prizvati zadnjih dana. Da bi naslikala ovu ilustraciju koristila sam L'orealov ruž nijanse istinska crvena. Želite li vidjeti druge ilustracije gdje sam ga koristila možete slijediti poveznicu u engleskom dijelu teksta, a druga poveznica će vas odvesti na moju objavu o slikanju sa šminkom.


  1. Ciekawy post.Kolor czerwony jest mój ulubiony. Pozdrawiam :)

  2. Ciekawy post.Kolor czerwony jest mój ulubiony. Pozdrawiam :)

  3. I love the details. Very beautiful.

  4. wonderful :)

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  5. Predivna ilustracija i super post <3

    Vildana from Living Like V & Stalia Is BAE

  6. Dearest Ivana,
    for me RED is a wonderful color, I love it! It's full of energy and my red coffe cup hels me to wake up in the morning. So I love to wear red cloth - not EVERY DAY, but sometimes :o)
    The red dress of the girl looks very sexy :o)
    Lots of hugs, my dear,

  7. I have loved this post!
    Lot of hugs!!

  8. Dear Ivana, you are so right with each point you are writing about red - the colour we love both so much. Happy we, that nowadays red is not that expensive as it was in 17th century! I think often about the past and how dark the clothes of the people at these times must have been and how wonderful it is that we now are able to wear each day the colour we like! Love as usual you impressing illustration and also the cut of the dress is really my taste!
    Hopefully you had a wonderful weekend, dear Ivana!
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

    1. thank you Rena<3 Yes, we are fortunate to be able to wear any colour we want today.

  9. So amazing that you used lip stick to color! You did a fantastic job. I wouldn't have thought that! I love red. My initials are "RED" :) I do like to think of red as a positive color for the most part. I want to think of all colors positively, including black. There's a reason and a purpose for every color. Both black and white are made of all colors.

    1. I agree with you. Every colour can be seen in a positive way....and often in life in it is better to focus on the positive.

  10. Red certainly makes a statement. My favorite red fact is the one about police pulling over red cars more than any other color. never a red car for me :) Beautiful and bold art, dear!

    All Things Bright and Lovely

  11. You are amazing, it looks beautiful! i really love it to wear red :)

    lots of Hugs <3

  12. Red is one of my favourite colours, also! You just can't be indifferent about it. Having said that, I don't actually wear much red. I love it on others and I love red clothes, but I find them a little difficult to wear. Maybe it's because red is such an intense, attention-grabbing colour, and I usually just like to keep my clothes quite neutral and casual. :) Burgundy however, is a whole different story! I love red lipsticks, and red nails - that's something that I wear all year round. :) Loving your fashion illustration as always, hun, the dress you depicted there is so beautiful and goes so well with the red lips! Wouldn't mind wearing an outfit like this myself. ;) Hope you're well, darling. <3


    1. I do love a red lip and a red manicure. True classics if you ask me. As far as clothing goes, I love red items. On the other hand, I never use red for inner decoration or decor. I like my home in beige and neutral tones.

  13. Ah ta izazovna crvena boja! Obozavam je i rado je nosim i leti i zimi. Nekako odise optimizmom i uvek se lepo osecam kada nosim neki crveni komad.
    Ilustracija je drazesna kao i uvek do sada, sve pohvale!

  14. I really loved your post, dear Ivana! It's true, red is not recommended for decoration - not a lot - cause it can irritate a person and yes, no one is indifferent to it! Red was very expensive, it's true and it happens to be my favorite color, ever! I loved the illustration as usual, really a nice fashion illustration! Hope you have a nice week, dear Ivana!

    1. you're the expert on the question on decor so I'm glad to hear your info.

  15. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  16. Možda čak ne postoji druga boja koja ima toliko različitih značenja i simbolike, od krajnje negativnih do onih pozitivnih. Ja je jako volim mada sam se malo zasitila u poslednje vreme. Volim da je nosim zimi jer tako razbije i najtmurniji dan. Slažem se za crvene haljine. Mislim da je crvena haljina kraljica odeće. Zaista joj nema ravne. Ti se je predstavila na predivan način :)


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