Hello dear readers, fellow bloggers and/or new/old visitors to my blog! Today we'll talk about layering and styling a metallic (gold) dress. Yesterday I showed you how I layered a pink vintage dress for late Summer/early Autumn. Today I'll show you how to layer and style a wrap metallic dress. Talking about layering and transitional fashion is one of my favourite things. I simply adore thinking about different ways to style an item. When it comes to fashion content on my blog, this is possibly my favourite topic. There's something so fun about thinking about different ways to wear an item. It's extra interesting if there's a challenge of some kind. Not that styling metallic dresses needs to be challenging. Some peple might find metallic items to be a bit 'flashy', but in that case, you can just opt for metallic details. Even if you go for a statement metallic dress, there are ways to dress it down. In fact, there are quite simple and practical ways to do it, for example layering. Choosing the right kind of shoe can make all the difference. Dressier shoes are perfect to turn your metallic dress into a flirty date or a chic special occasion outfit, while a pair of flat or biker boots might be all you need to dress it down and make it perfect for everyday wear. Now, that Autumn is ante portas, layering will only get easier. Summer is still here, but the weather is getting cooler. In some parts, it's already a bit cold. So, now it is the perfect time to think about how you can transition your metallic, glitter or gold summer clothing items. 

Let's start with the first look. It's something I wore in the morning before I arrived at the wedding reception. I wore it for a morning coffee date with husband and then later for our ride across the border. It was fun being overdressed. Not that anyone batted an eye. Overdressed women are a common site in my parts.  This was actually my 'alternative' dress for the wedding. I was planning to change into it once the reception part was over and we moved to the wedding saloon for dinner and the rest of celebration. However, my long gold sequin dressed proved comfortable enough, so I didn't need to change my clothes.  I did, after all, wear this dress to a number of weddings so I'm glad I opted for the gold sequin one and I hope I'll get more chances to wear it. As for the bouquet of flowers, you already saw it in this post. A local florist (their shop is right next to our home) made this for me and I couldn't resist posing with it one more time. It's such an unique bouquet, I plan to dry the flowers and keep the whole bouquet for decoration. I love dried flowers and sometimes use them to make collages with my fashion illustrations. Some people say that dried flowers have bad energy (chi) but I think that depends on what you do with them. I think that if we use dried flowers to make something creative and select a place for them in our home, then the energy changes. If you just leave them be wherever, obviously the energy won't be good. As I said, it all depends. There are creative things you can do with dried flowers/and bouquets, for example create collages or floral arrangements (more here).

 Back to the subject of styling metallic items. Bellow you can see more ideas for styling this dress. When I want to wear it as every day wear, I pair it with items that are not as dressy. For example, bellow you can see how I wore this wrap metallic dress with a DIY necklace and leather shoes and bag. Brown leather can be a lovely option for toning down a metallic item. It's just occurred to me (seeing how this dress looks paired with a leather bag and shoes), how this dress would probably look great worn with a leather jacket. I need to make a mental note of that. 

I wrote a special post about layering metallic, glitter and sequin dresses for special occasions and celebrations such as NYE (back in 2019). You can read it here. I devoted some attention to this particular dress as well, reflecting  how this V-neck wrap metallic dres was in reality such a versatile item. I noted that I wore it to weddings, date nights and special occasions.  I concluded that it was the perfect thing to grab when I can't figure out what to wear. I remembered how I wore it for Christmas dinner twice. Not bad for a dress that only cost me two euros in an outlet shop. If you have a dress like this one, there are a few ways to layer it. More about that later, but adding layers to it isn't difficult. To start with, don't forget the tights. Blazers look great with this kind of dresses and so do coats. If you want make you're warm, avoid sandals and opt for a classical pair of stilettos or even boots (if you're celebrating outside). If you want to make your metallic dress stand out more, opt for complementary accessories. I noticed that I like to wear metallic and/or statement accessories with my metallic dresses.

Here is an outfit I wore to a wedding party a few years ago. There is nothing easier than dressing up a metallic dress, just grab a clutch and a pair of heels and you're ready to go. Metallic and sequin dresses are a great choice for weddings, especially those of formal kinds. Sometimes a bit of bling and glitter goes a long way and (depending on the occasion) sometimes it's the more the better.



How to style a gold metallic dress for transitional weather? Here is an outfit proposal that answers that question, one that I wore back in 2019 and plan to wear again. I wore this outfit with and without a bathrobe tartan coat (as you will be able to see before). It turned out warm enough so I didn't need the wrap tartan coat and opted just for the tartan blazer I was wearing underneath. I ended up wearing only the tartan blazer. Paired with tights and boots, this metallic dress proved more than warm enough for Autumn weather. When speaking of transitional weather, layering is so important. Sometimes you'll wear a coat in the morning, but as soon as the sun comes out, you'll be too warm.You can see how I styled my metallic wrap dress with brown boots, a white and brown bag and a tartan blazer. Perfect outfit for Autumn and transitional weather. The blazer has some gold treads so I thought it would be a good match for the dress. Besides, I like the idea of pairing a metallic dress with tartan. It looks more interesting that way. This outfit can be worn both as everyday and night wear. The golden touches make this outfit look more dressed up but heelless boots make it appropriate for day wear. Biker boots would also be a good option or even sneakers. Sometimes it's all about the shoes, isn't it? If you want to glam an outfit like this one, all you need is a pair of high heels.  I think that a metallic dress look more tricky than it really is. Styling a metallic dress doesn't have to be  that hard. As always look for colours and tones that suit your skin tone. Pair your metallic item with other items you like to wear or go for a full metallic look.  If you don't feel comfortable enough wearing a full metallic outfit, start with items that have metallic touches or with accessories. 

A METALLIC WRAP DRESS IS AN ITEM THAT COMES IN HANDY!- My conclusion of the day would be that a metallic dress can be more versatile and practical than it seems. Metallic items can be quite comfortable. It's just a matter of finding the right material and fit. Once you find that, the styling part shouldn't be that hard. There are ways to dress metallic down and make it more appropriate for every day. On its own, a metallic dress can be such a statement piece. You can accessorize it to make it ever more eye-catchy. Alternatively, you can wear it without any accessories to make it stand out on its own. There are many ways to wear it. Long story short, if you want a metallic dress, go for it. I'm really happy with this one. It doesn't need ironing. I'm sorry I don't know anything about what is written on the label, not sure is it branded at all. I bought this dress from a local outlet store called Azel France (and as I said, it cost me was only 2 euros). If it was branded, I would definitely go recommending the brand, this way I can only mention the outlet store I bought it in (an outlet store from BIH). With that, we have come to the end of this post. Now, tell me do you like metallic items? How do you prefer to see them styled? Do you wear metallic items yourselves? 

Thank you for visiting, stopping by and/or reading.


  1. Такое красивое и стильное платье!!!

  2. You have the best ideas for wearing a dress so many ways Ivana. I just love how you don't mind dressing up, and I couldn't agree more with your ideas!!!
    Wearing it under that plaid jacket and with the boots is such a great transition.

  3. Awesome to see mainstays used through out the year. Brilliant! Such a lovely wrap-dress. My big keeping up with these items I could use with blazers and sweaters. Either, I am too organized or someone, will put something with his things..accidentally.

  4. Beautifully, stylish! The wrap dress is so handy and versatile! Thanks so much for the inspiration. Great collages too!

  5. That is such a stunning dress on you! it looks perfect for an event and I like how you dressed it down with the layers and kept it cosy and casual with that pretty statement coat :)

    Hope you are having a nice weekend :) Busy Sunday here, after 3 parties yesterday we have another one to go to today!

    Away From The Blue

  6. That is a gorgeous dress on you, and I love that it's sort of a "wet" look - very much like the Balmain style this season! Kudos on being overdressed for anything - you and I both! :)

    1. Yes, it does sort of look wet. Funny how I only noticed that!

  7. Se ve genial, te queda muy bien te mando un beso

  8. I love this metallic dress on you. It is such a great colour and like you said suites your skin tone. I love it both with the silver and black shoes. I hope you are doing well this weekend : ) xo

  9. Great dress - recently ordered a very similar one too.

    1. That's cool. I hope you get a lot of wear out of it.

  10. haljinica je super!
    bas odlicno da ju mozes nositi u toliko razlicitih varijanti!
    pusa :-)

  11. That dress is stunning on you and love the autumny look with the boots and jacket :-D

  12. I love the dress, is gorgeous and it suits you so well. You look fantastic in it.

  13. That's such a stunning and chic dress, Ivana and it fits you like a glove too. One can never be overdressed in my book. Every day should be an occasion to dress up! xxx

  14. What a head-turningly glam, fantastic dress. You look sensational!

    Autumn Zenith 🧡 Witchcrafted Life


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