Nautical Print Dress For A Sunny Day in Mostar City

Nautical print dress seems like an appropriate choice for this outfit post, because in the background you can see the mighty Neretva river. Not surprisingly,  nautical print makes me think of the water. Sailing is the second association. Both things I'm extremely found of. I grew up by the sea, but since I moved to Mostar, I learned that there is a such a thing as river magic. Yes, rivers can be amazingly beautiful. Nautical print seems to suit the watery surroundings perfectly, but really I would wear it even if I didn't have a cute background to go along with it. Do you like nautical print?

I promised you more posts about Mostar city, haven't I? So, here we go. Mostar is, among other things, famous for its numerous bridges. This is one of my favourite ones. Translated its name would be Customs Bridge.  Do you like bridges? If you do, you might want to visit Mostar city. Because, there sure are many bridges in this town. A lot of people seem to be really into bridges and I can understand why. Bridges are visually interesting. In most cases, they provide us with a lovely view and panorama. They give us a feeling of gliding over troubled water, and who wouldn't want that?

dress: Mana, bag: no name,  leggings & boots : no name

 Speaking of which, here is a fun fact. Do you want to know how Mostar city got its name? The noun 'most' means bridge, so that part is easy. What about- ar in MostAR? In our languages -ar is a suffix that is usually used to create an occupation. You know like suffix -r is added to a verb 'drive' to form a noun 'driver'. So, 'mostar' was a person whose job it was to collect fees from people crossing the bridge. Isn't it an interesting fact? There are many bridges in Mostar city and this one you see in this post is called Custom's Bridge. At the very beginning of this bridge, you can see little stations where custom officers were placed. 

Last time I blogged about Mostar, I shared some links with you. Now it is time to update that list, and you can have a look and see if there is anything you find particularly interesting:

1. You can see Mostar from the bird perspective in my previous posts (herehere and here).
2. One of my favourite streets in Mostar here and here.
3. Musala bridge (also known under its old name Tito's bridge here and here)
4. You can see photographs of Mostar's catholic cathedral here.
5. You can see images of Mostar and its famous Nertva river herehere and here.
6. You can see the surrounds of one of its most iconic catholic churches here.
7. You can see both photographs of old bridge and my drawing of it here as well as my most recent visit to old bridge here.
8. Another one of my favourites when it comes to streets here.
9. You can see photographs of Croatian cultural centre/theater Kosacha here , here here here and here.
10. You can see photographs of the main city park here hereherehere and here.
11. You can see images of Spanish square herehere here here and here.
12. You can see photographs of Customs bridge here and here.
13. You can see photographs of the New bridge here and here.

A few more words about the look. I matched the rest of my outfit with this nautical print dress, because it was really all about the dress. I wore leggings and biker boots with this dress because I had a lot of walking to do that day and I wanted to feel as comfortable as possible. These biker boots have proved themselves an excellent investment, I've been wearing them all year around. I do wear boots in spring time, I don't see why not, especially when we talk about quality ones. A good pair of boots will make you life so much easier. Do you agree? In some cases, boots are even essential. For example, if you're planning on going hiking,, you need to wear boots for many reasons:  to prevent ankle injury, to stabilize your leg, to protect your feet and ankles against bites of insects and snakes. What else? Once again I wore these customized sunglasses. I had painted them myself, I like them much more now. I might make a little tutorial if you are interested, but really it is super easy. I just took some nail-polishes and created this dotted print myself. Now the sunglasses are more colourful then blue but they still match the dress and the blue bag.  I think this is a pretty cute casual combo, I might wear this outfit again. Sorry about the no make up (again), but that's just me. I think that the majority of my outfits posts are sans make up. I'm a bit lazy that way. That would be all for today. Thank you for reading. Have a fantastic week ahead,

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  1. Beautiful and colorful dress and again a very nice location to take pictures and enjoy great quality time!

  2. Such a chic dress for a tour like this
    Love the photos

    Much Love,
    Jane | The Bandwagon Chic

  3. Amazing landscapes! I love everything from your outfit. xoxo

  4. Oh wow, this is incredible Ivana! As you know, I love seeing more of your local areas via your blog - and you always seem to be SO lucky with the weather haha. I can truly say I 100% wish I was there right now, looking out over the river - the colour of the water is breathtakingly beautiful :) You look lovely by the way and your outfit is totally in fitting with your surroundings! Have a fabulous weekend!

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice x

    1. thank you Gabrielle. This river is so pretty, the colour of its water is amazing, switching between blue and emerald, I fell in love with it the first time I saw it.

  5. Hehehe, the toll bridge is gorgeous, and I love how the name was in reference to how the bridges used to operate!!! I love your printed dress Ivana, you look gorgeous :)

    Serene XO


  6. You look fabulous in your nautical print short-sleeved dress. I like the ship's wheels, lines and anchors in the print and the design, colours and tailoring of the dress. The photos of you in your pretty dress, of the mighty Neretva river and of Customs Bridge are great.
    WOW, what a lot of links you included to your prior photo-rich posts!!!

  7. Fantastic shots!
    Have a nice week-end!
    Gil Zetbase

  8. I really love what you did to your sunglasses!! They look so special and interesting! Nautical print is one of my favorites I have to say and thanks for sharing a few facts about Mostar! :)

    Have a lovely weekend!


    Seize your Style

  9. Hello,

    So beautiful !


  10. Lovely photos and view and of course you look very nice in your nautical dress. Well done also for the sunglasses, super cute, I like it a lot.
    Dusana ;-)

  11. This is such a fun and pretty take on the classic nautical print! You look gorgeous in this dress and I definitely get the "river magic" part - I'm in love with all bodies of water :)

    Scent of Summer

  12. I love learning about your city! Most is мост in Russian too, though "ar" isn't the suffix we'd use in here... maybe мостарь is possible in old Russian. We have some words like that, кустарь, библиотекарь, пекарь for example... It's fascinating that the whole city has its name by an occupation! I don't think I know of another city like that.
    Thank you for sharing the links, I went through many (not sure whether you receive comments on your old posts, like I do, but I posted a few). Mostar is a gorgeous city! Love your colorful dress, and yes, nautical print looks pretty in any location, but it especially sings by the water!

  13. I loved my language lesson in learning what Mostar means! What a nice name. My sister in law is a Structural engineer and it all stemmed from her love of bridges as a child!
    Nautical outfits are my absolute favourites and this dress is brilliant! I am a big fan of boots in the Spring. I really need to wear some tomorrow as I wore some uncomfortable shoes on Saturday and walked about 4 miles in them and they have rubbed a HUGE patch of skin off the side of my feet and all my normal shoes are rubbing at that exact point- youch!!

  14. Lepi Mostar i lepa dama u predivnoj haljini <3

  15. The dress is gorgeous, Ivana!
    And is looking so perfect on you.
    I agree, I love seeing fhese beautiful breathtaking places in your blog. The water is so very pretty with emerald and blue colors. I would love to spend time there ya!


  16. again, very ccol shots of that great city. i love the pic with this huge bridge!!

    fashionwise you look great as always.!



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