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What To Do in Split City in Autumn/ Winter?

Today I'm back with a list of suggestion of things to do in Split city during autumn and winter. There are many benefits to visiting seaside during the colder months. First of all, it's not as crowded as it is during the summer. Secondly, you can still get all the health benefits that your typical seaside provides. If you're looking for some sea therapy, this might be the perfect place for you. The climate is another thing to consider. The sea, like any large surface of water, does a great job of balancing the temperatures. Mediterranean sea is quite warm and its bay sea (i.e. the Adriatic sea) is no exception. Swimming is not out of the question and even if you're not up for that, you can still enjoy the benefits of mild winter temperatures. One thing I love about the change of seasons is that it gives me a feeling that I'm in a whole new country. If you loved Croatia in summertime, why not try visiting it in wintertime? Moreover, the accommodation is obviously more affordable during the winter months. All the public museums and tourists attractions and sights are open. Not all restaurants are open, but plenty of them are, so if you're into food, you can still find many lovely choices. Sometimes I think that I  actually prefer the seaside during the colder months. 

What to do in Split city (Croatia) during the colder months? Well, you can: 

1. Enjoy a nice stroll by the sea ( I do it often enough, see my previous visits here , HERE and here)

2. Visit the old city (which is basically a preserved summer palace from Roman emperor, to see more check out this post)

3. Climb Marjan hill and enjoy spectacular views (take a look here)

4. Visit the oldest fully preserved catholic cathedral in the world and climb the cathedral's tower (see more photos here)

5. Go for a day excursion to one of the islands in vicinity (there are regular ferry rides to nearby islands, take a look here for one of my suggestions)


We'll start our photography section with some images taken at Trstenik bay, Split. This is the closest beach to the place I was staying at, so this is where my walk started. A beautiful place, isn't it? I can never get tired of looking at the sea. These photography remind me of my acrylic paintings of the sea.  I do enjoy painting the sea. Naturally, I couldn't resist and I had to make some art collages as well. 


My visit to Split city

What did I do when I was in Split last? Well, I did a lot of walking, strolled by the sea, visited the city's cementery (which is quite neat and might be of some interest to history lovers), had a cup of coffee at Hotel Park and dined in all the Asian restaurants in vicinity of where I stayed (there are no Asian restaurants in Mostar so I make up for it when I visit Split). Basically, I did a lot of walking and eating. It was a nice visit indeed.:) I will show you most of it today. The reason why I was able to go to Split in the first place was because I got a free day at work for the All Saints Day, so that's the weekend these photos were taken.


Trstenik beach is followed by marina Zenta, another location that is often featured on my blog. Now, you know where you have to go if you want to get some instagramable pics, don't you? From Zenta you can walk all the way to the old city centre and see more gorgeous beaches on the way. That's what I usually do. Nothing beats those seaside walks.

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So, I did a lot of walking that  weekend but it felt good. That brings us to another subject. Why Exploring Split City on Foot Makes Perfect Sense?

1. Because walking is always a good way to explore any city.

Think about it. There is only as much you can see from a car or a bus. Public transportation in Split isn't that bad, but it might be confusing for a foreigner who is also a first time visitor. Fortunately, most people speak decent English so you can always ask for help, but still you can't see everything from a bus. If you a tourist, strolling your day away has many benefits.

2. Because Split is very pedestrian friendly city.

Split is a very pedestrian friendly city. Honestly, I don't think you even need a car to explore Split city. Google map (or just grab a free map in the tourist office by the city's cathedral) will be enough for most people. If you find yourself lost, don't hesitate to ask for help/or directions. However, I don't think you have to worry about that. The city is really not that big, so getting lost is not likely.

3. Because  it is the best way to see all the beaches.

Few cities can boost with so many easily reachable beaches and you can just walk from one to another. Most people don't know this, but you can literally walk all the way from Stobrec (a neighbouring city) to Solin (another neighbouring city) by the sea. Enjoying seaside to the maximum makes perfect sense if you are visiting a coastal town, doesn't it? Split is known for its beautiful beaches. Why not get to know all of them?

4. Because some places are only reachable that way.

Marjan hill is a park and you should know that cars are not allowed in all areas of a park. Likewise, the centre of the city is Unesco protected heritage site and again no cars are allowed. In the city centre you have to walk, whether you like it or not. Cycling is also alright. There are no cycling paths but I don't think there is a law against cycling in the city centre. If you like cycling, alternating between walking and cycling might be a nice option.

5. Because the climate in Split city is ideal for strolling.

Split city can boost all the benefits of a typical Mediterranean climate: lots of sunny days, mild winters, warm springs and summers absolutely bathed in sunshine. The chances that you'll visit Split city and not be able to explore it on foot because of harsh weather conditions are very slim, almost non-existent. I mean it does rain sometimes and once in a blue moon there is some snow, but mostly it is as sunny as warm as you would expect a Croatian coastal city to be.

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The next beach is line (one that comes after Zenta marine) is Firule beach. Originally I had planned to walk all the way to the city centre, passing another two bays (Ovcice beach and Bacvice beach) but because of the waves, we couldn't get to it without getting soaked by the sea (the path is quite narrow at one point) so we climbed the stairs, passing by restaurant Dvor I spoke about in one of my previous posts and proceeded with our walk. At that point, it started raining so we headed to Hotel Park.


As you can see, the day was beautifully cloudy (and yes you can get tired of sunny days when you live in this area) but he happened to leave our umbrella at home, instead option for basketball caps. Once it started raining, we decided to stop for a cup of coffee at Hotel Park. I quite liked it there. The decor is wonderful. It felt very peaceful there, probably because of the beautiful classical music they were playing and the fact there were hardly any other guests at the hotel's restaurant.  The prices are a bit high, but nothing extravagant. It is a five star hotel after all, so you must expect to pay a bit extra for a cup of coffee. The coffee was lovely, though. I decided to order a cake and opted for cheesecake, which was quite delicious. The cheesecake was so creamy and yummy (but probably quite unhealthy). I'm quite sure I shouldn't be eating a cake like that (it was definitely very sweet), because we all know sugar is bad for us, but I guess once in a while we can allow ourselves to have a dessert. 

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#modaodaradosti #fashionblog

That would be all for today.  I hope you've enjoyed my tips for making the most out of your autumn/ winter stay in Split city. Another thing I want to add is that Advent is a lovely time for visiting Split. I hope I'll get the chance to visit Split this advent so I can show you want I mean, but in the meantime feel free to revisit some of my old posts (here and here). Have a lovely Sunday (and week ahead)! Thank you for reading. Your comments are always appreciated.


  1. Amazing mood and photos! Cold winter see has it`s perfect energy.
    Sunny Eri: beauty experience

  2. Your green scarf is so cheerful and colourful! :) I like strolling along the beach when it's cooler as the heat here in summer can be a bit much sometimes! It's still good to get out and enjoy the beach no matter the weather though :)

    Hope that you are having a lovely weekend :) We are having another quiet and relaxing one here.

    Away From The Blue Blog

  3. Very nice photos. You look fantastic :)
    Have a nice day :)

  4. Love this look, Great post! x.

  5. Great Post with great tipps, dear Ivana! By the way, the last time I was in Split a few years ago was in October ;-) Amazing Outfit ... you look so pretty! <3
    xxxxx Nadine

  6. Ho sempre pensato che il mare, durante l'inverno, sia un po' triste. O meglio: a me (che sono veramente amante del caldo, del sole e dell'estate) fa un po' tristezza. Però alla visita "culturale" non avevo mai pensato. Potrebbe essere un'idea!!! Un bacio,

    Eniwhere Fashion
    New Vintage in Brescia

  7. Beautiful pictures, and beautiful it

  8. How wonderful to enjoy your area all year long.
    I love the green scarf as a punch of color!!

  9. La prossima volta che torno in Croazia devo cisitare Split! Bellissimo il tuo look!
    Kisses, Paola.


  10. Thank you for this travel guide Ivana. I haven't been to this city before. Love that it's cheap during this season, You look great! I like the layering.

  11. I think I would really like to visit Split in the cooler months. We went to Hydra, an island in Greece out of season and it was totally different. Your ideas are good ones- I do love walking place-especially on the beach. In Vienna, CBC wanted to hire one of the electric scooters each but I fought against it because walking is better (and safer!)
    By the way, I honestly think your outfit (especially when the scarf was worn in front tucked into the belt would be perfect for this week's Style Imitating Art with Jen here have a look at the inspiration picture- your coat and scarf, grey garments and even the red hat really remind me of it! If you fancy joining in, send one of your pics to Jen at by next Tuesday, November 20th, by 10 pm Pacific Standard Time. Would be lovely to have you, especially as an artist, as part of it!

    Hope you are well. xx
    P.S, I would totally eat at the Asian places all the time if I didn't have any Asian restaurants near me!

    1. yes, Asian cuisine is pretty awesome. Thank you for inviting me to join, I didn't have time this time, but maybe next time.

  12. Split seems like a nice to visit especially during the colder months!

  13. Ich mag den Blog, können wir kooperationen haben, ich verkaufen abendkleider und Brautkleider, wer Brautkleider Güntig kaufen möchten, dann können Sie zu mirkommen.

  14. Estupendo post! Feliz semana preciosa! ☃️☃️☃️

  15. Amazing views and thank you for the tips.

  16. Qué bonito es el lugar!!! Por cierto me encanta tus botines!!! Muackas!

  17. Tourism during autumn and winter can be good in certain places since it's usually the low season and one can take advantage of less crowds as well as get better deals on airfare and accommodations. Split definitely sounds like one of those places. I always enjoy seeing the city through your eyes. Thanks again for showing us around!

  18. Stuoenda la Croazia e tu sei bellissima! La bag rossa con le frange è un amore!

  19. Non immaginavo che la Croazia offrisse così tanto intrattenimento anche durante l'autunno/inverno!
    Io ci sono stata due volte in estate (non a Split però) e mi è piaciuta tantissimo, ma ho sempre prensato che questi posti di mare fossero un pò tristi in Inverno, ma a quanto pare mi sbagliavo!
    Sembra che tu abbia passato proprio una giornata piacevole, Ivana, ed il tuo look è delizioso! :)

    1. grazie Silvia, per me il mare e' sempre bello....

  20. Wow, amazing place, the seaside is gorgeous any time of the year. Great tips and fabulous look, thanks for sharing all this with us.

  21. Looks wonderful.. great pictures.

  22. What a fantastic place, and you photos are lovely dear! Thanks for sharing!
    Jessica |

  23. Ivana this is so great list with the winter things to do - I love your mix of pictures ( this real ones and this one that you draw ) Awesome post xx

  24. The photos are incredible! Thanks for the inspirational list-to-do, Ivana.

  25. Prima opoi giuro che metto piede a spalato (split), è una delle mete che mi sono prefissata, se vengo ti avverto e mi fai da cicerone!
    Don't Call Me Fashion Blogger

  26. Your suggestions for what to do in Split at that time of year sound wonderful, Ivana :) Taking a trip up a mountain and covering plenty of ground by foot sounds like a lovely suggestion! x

  27. Dear Ivana, you are so right that Croatia has its huge advantages during winter and believe me I'm thinking seriously about to visit Croatia in winter! I love this post and your outfit with the green scarf as well. I know now that you can discover Split by walking perfectly and how good you had the possibility for a break in the hotel when it started to rain. I understand the umbrella was missing but you look fantastic with the cap. Thanks for this beautiful post and enjoy this week as far as possible.
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

    1. thank you Rena. I'm learning how beautiful seaside can be in winter.

  28. Amei as fotos, que lugar maravilhoso!
    Você está linda!
    Diário da Lady

  29. Hey dear Ivana, hope you're having a wonderful week :) First of all thank you so much for your meaningful opinions on my blog posts, I really enjoy reading what you have to say.

    And well, you're the best to show us what are the coolest things to do in Split as a resident, those are tips that you will never find in a typical tourist guide. I'm dying to travel to Croatia, it is on top of my bucket lists and I love the pictures you're showing us with this mixture of architecture and urban projects with nature and especially the water, I feel like this is the main element that could represent Split (or by far the things I have seen on the media haha).

    Promise I'll come back to this guide as soon as I book a trip to Split :D


    1. I'm happy to hear you have found it useful. :) I hope that some day you'll get the chance to visit Split.

  30. You look amazing my dear! Perfect outfit!

  31. I love your outfit and thanks for sharing! I want to visit Croatia!

  32. There are many things you can do! Great

  33. Split is one of the most popular touristic destinations in Poland, I haven't been there yet but I want to visit it so badly :)

    1. I hope you'll get the chance to visit it some day.

  34. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.


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