Pleated items are very in right now. Every fashionista who likes this material is probably over the moon about that and even those who don't follow trends must be satisfied when a material they like becomes more available. I'm quite happy because I do appreciate the way pleat adds texture to our outfits. This expensive looking trend can be surprisingly affordable, especially if you're good at shopping second hand or just finding good discounts. Pleated items are simply perfectly for creating romantic, elegant and even whimsical outfits.  Pleat can even make old school glam seem easy!

Pleated items come in many shapes and form. I personally have a shirt I adore. However, perhaps the most practical incarnation of the pleated trend (for us ladies that is) would be the pleated skirt. A pleated maxi or midi skirt is such an easy way to add some femininity, texture and chic into your wardrobe. Today I'll show you how to style a beige pleated skirt for cold weather. Now, this beige pleated skirt isn't new. It isn't vintage or secondhand (for vintage pleated items check out this and this post), just old as if bought a few years ago. I wore it previously herehere here and here (in all seasons). Typically I don't wear this maxi in the colder months as often as I do in warmer ones, but inspired by the pleated trend, I decided to give it a try and this is what I came up with. 

Let's talk colours first. While I do admit that black has its charm and remains classic for a reason, I personally love to see some light colour in the colour months. I decided to pair this pleated skirt with a beige coat. I figured that beige and camel would make for a lovely colour combination. For warmth, I wore a blue turtleneck sweater. This knit sweater proved a good choice. Besides it being very cozy, I also happen to like the cobalt shade of it. I never noticed how well cobalt blue looks with camel. I need to make a mental note of that, especially since my skin tone is very similar to camel which can make my face look washed out. I need to remember to wear turtlenecks or scarves in a more flattering colour when I choose camel. It looks like I will be able to incorporate this camel coat in my wardrobe without any difficulties, despite the fact that it's not something I would choose myself. That would be the story of the main pieces of this autumn styling, let's now move onto details. I wore printed tights to add some visual interest and I paired them with square heels. This pair of shoes is second hand you could say (it was a gift)  but it is new to me. Square heels are in right now, so why not? This particular pair isn't the most comfortable choice but they look cute, don't they?
Besides clothes, today we will also talk books. I'll share some of my recent reads with you. If you know me, you know that I can't read without reading. My goal for this year is 100 books, I'm not sure will I get there, but I'm pretty close. It would be probably easier to achieve if I haven't had the preference for long novels. So, let's take a look at what I have been reading lately. From childrens' books to new authors, I've been doing quite a lot of reading.

Fortunately, I didn't buy this novel. I found it in one of those charming wood boxes that people here in Jelsa use to exchange books. Such a clever idea for making the most out of books! I applaud them for their ecological and sustainable thinking.  I'm a bit reluctant to put this copy back where I found it, though. It is because  I don't see how anyone could possibly enjoy this novel, but I'm getting a bit ahead of myself. Let's me explain. This novel turned out to be such a disappointment. Initially, I felt drawn to this story. The writing didn't seem bad and the characters were promising enough. The premise was pretty good: A thirteen year old boy named Lewis travels to Paris with his beautiful mother Alice. His mother is to translate a novel while Lewis perfects his French. The two of them will stay in an apartment of a wealthy French writer of Russian descent (Valentina) whose novel Alice (the boy's mother) is to translate. Immediately, the boy becomes smitten with Valentina. Not long after that the novel stops to make sense. 

We never learn why or how the boy becomes smitten because the author doesn't really care about character development or giving us some background information about the main characters. Yes, the novel does go on about Valentina and her past at times, but even she remains a mystery. As for the boy's mother Alice, she doesn't seem a real character at all. She disappears all the time and the interaction between her and Lewis seems odd and natural. I get that Alice has something to hide, but you can't just leave a character unfinished like that. The dialogues feel very unnatural and the boy protagonist sounds and talks like an intelligent forty year old women. Yes, a woman! His speech patterns are distinctly feminine, Lewis sounds like an eloquent middle aged lady who is prone to passive aggressive patterns in her speech. 

Perhaps the main problem of this novel is that Lewis (just like pretty much everyone else in this book) is not a well developed character. It was hard to sympathize with him because Lewis is never explained to us. We do get to know what Lewis is thinking and doing, but it is very awkward most of the time because he sounds like an adult and yet he is supposed to be thirteen. When another character disappears, Lewis decided to investigate. The police and everyone just let him do that and answer all his questions. How does that make any sense? Would you let a thirteen year old boss you around? Moreover, Lewis' fantasies about Valentina were unpleasant to read and there was altogether too many of them. His relationship with Valentina puzzled me. Does he have some kind of mental problem? Does he have issues with his mother? What makes him form such an unnatural attraction? At times it seemed to make sense because he might be looking for a mother figure and his mother is more than a little distant, but altogether Lewis doesn't make much sense. If Lewis was seventeen, the novel would have been more credible (but not significantly better because there are so many things wrong with it.).

The plot of this novel is a disaster. There are a lot of hints but nothing much happens. Towards the end it seems like things will get interesting, but the ending really disappointed me. Hardly anything interesting happens in this one and the ending makes little sense and feels rushed. A boy and his beautiful mother go to a foreign country. One immediately assumes something interesting will happen. At first it did seem that it will, but soon I discovered that just isn't the case. To conclude, I really didn't like this novel. The only thing I liked about it were a few clever sentences, but on overall this book just doesn't make any sense. I'm still willing to do give this author another chance, though. If you have read any good books written by her, do share. 

I'm so happy I decided to read this one, for it proved to be absolutely charming! I actually listened to an audio version of this book and it was lovely. Sometimes classics are not what you had hoped for, but this one earned its cult status. What a beautiful story this is! I'm sure I would be head over heels with it if have had the opportunity to read it as a child. Even as an adult, I really liked it a lot. The writing is beautiful and imaginative without being complicated and complex. Simply perfect for children. Moreover, I liked how the character of Dr. Dolittle is as dependent on animals as they are on him. I found that aspect of the book quite realistic (if you can call an aspect of a book where a man speaks with animals realistic).

For instance, it is the parrot that teaches Dr. Dolittle how to speak with animals. She is the one who points out the existence of animal languages to him. Dr. Dolittle is a clever and kind man, but without the instructions from his parrot, he would never have learned the animal languages or realized the importance of body language. That's another aspect of the book I liked, how the parrot teaches the doctor that animals can communicate without the words. Mostly, because well they do! Animals are capable of communications, every pet owner knows this. Sure, this book takes it a bit further and it's a tale for children, but one that is build on a logical foundation and I quite liked that. This story is the perfect mix of logical and imaginative! I would recommend it to both adults and children. Both the book's protagonist and other characters (the animals) are well portrayed.

Dr. Dolittle of the book is a kind but not very practical man. Without the help of animals, this doctor would be lost. Fortunately, the animals return the love he gives them and all is well. What is so wonderful about this is that it teaches children that it is alright not only to help but to receive help as well. Only by working together, we can achieve great things- that's the moral of the book for me. It teaches us about the importance of kindness, even when we have been wronged. It instructs that money shouldn't be the motivation but that one should be practical with it. All very good lessons, I should say.

The only downside to this book is that there are a few episodes that contain what could be described as racism and they all occur once Dr.Dolittle ventures to Africa. At the time, these episodes were probably not perceived that way and were definitely on the mild side of European negative perception & stereotypes of Africa. The author itself even excuses the actions of the black King against Dr. Dolittle and company by pointing out that it was the white man who took and stole things from Africa and never bothered to say thank you for the help he received. The reason why the black King acts hostile is because white people betrayed his trust. Therefore, he is not a cardboard villain, unlike the pirates who are just rotten to the core. So, in that sense at least, there is a bit of critique of white colonialism. Still, the episode featuring a black Prince who wanted to be white feet very awkward and there were a few unpleasant words along the way, terms that feel offensive today (such as darkies). Nevertheless, when reading this book to kids make sure to explain the cultural context, omit the N* word or explain why it shouldn't be used and so on. I'm sure every parent or educator who will read this book to children is perfectly capable of explaining these things to children and teach them why stereotyping on the basis of race is not a good thing.

Now, I obviously read The Little Prince before. I distinctly remember listening to a lovely Italian audio book in the public domain. Not being able to speak French, I sometimes read Italian copies of French books because these two languages are somewhat related. I read this book in Croatian too.  However, recently I saw a copy of it (with original illustrations by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry) up for sale so I had to bought it. While I was reading it aloud to kids I gifted it to, I remembered why I loved it so much to begin with. There are so many lessons one can take from this little gem of a book, the most important one perhaps being: “And now here is my secret, a very simple secret: It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye.”

Beautifully written, The Little Prince is an allegorical story that reads like a fairy-tale. This legendary tale of a pilot who meets and befriends a wonderful boy named 'Little Prince' in the desert, deserves its iconic status. Poignant with meaning and life lessons, it is a short read but a memorable one.

 I would recommend it to both children and adults (I first read it as an adult myself). I kind of wish I had read it as a child, but maybe it is better this way for I think we all need to be reminded of the child within and not only for sentimental seasons. When you reread books that moved you as a kid, there is always that element of remembering what being a kid feels like. What is precious about this book is that even if you haven't read this book as a child yourself, you feel like you have, because it really evokes that child like innocence. Moreover, there is truly something timeless about this story. As I mentioned earlier, I actually bought a copy recently (with the original illustrations that I simply adore!) and gifted it. I hope they will like it as much as I did. 
 As always, thank you for reading, visiting and commenting.Let me know what you think of this outfit, lovely Jelsa (on island Hvar) and my book reviews. Have a nice day!


  1. I love your Photos 😊 thanks for your sharing 😊 have a nice weekend...

  2. Wow, a hundred books! I will be lucky if I read 40 in a year! I have read both "Dr. Doolittle" and "The Little Prince" (which I first read in French when I was in high school). Ack, that's so awkward about the racism and language in "Dr. Doolittle" but you're right, it's an opportunity to explain how attitudes have changed over time.

    I am a fan of pleats, and this is a lovely skirt - great length and colour (good for any season!). I adore the cobalt blue with the two warm neutrals, and agree that it really looks great on you. That's why I believe anyone can wear any colour; you just have to know what can be worn next to your face!

    Have a wonderful weekend, Ivana!

    1. Thank you Sheila. So cool you have read it in French, I have never studied it (yet).:)
      I agree that what matters most is the colour that is the closest to our face, that is where we need to be careful.

  3. I really need to read more!! Ha. I have been reading short stories written by fans on Archive of our own. But, I need to get some actual books to read soon, might pop into the library sometime. Your skirt is gorgeous, love pleats :) x

  4. Just 64 books so far for me!

    Love how you've added that cobalt blue blouse to the cream and beige outfit, it really lifts it and suits your colouring.
    Have a fab weekend. x

    1. cobalt blue is one of my fav shades of blue.

  5. I have couple of nice pleated skirts, but never really thought of wearing them in cold weather. I love your look though, so with some similar styling I might give them a try :)


  6. hello ivana
    I also love pleated skirts, skirts, dresses, blouses, everything, I love it, I love it !!
    I think you described them perfectly !!
    Your look is very elegant with this camel coat!
    When I am reading a book and I come across this kind of writing unlikely and with so many gaps I simply stop reading the book !!

  7. I love seeing you in this skirt. It gives me ideas of how to style the one I just bought!!
    And you are so impressive in your extensive reading, Ivana!!

  8. Such a great pleated skirt and you wear it well, I like that coat with it! the book exchange is a great idea, we do have one here but it's not a place I pass frequently so I've never used it yet.

    I really liked the Little Price book too - there was a movie of it on Netflix that was so sweet as well.

    Hope that you are having a wonderful weekend :)

    Away From Blue

    1. I haven't seen the film yet. Thank you for your recommendation.

  9. I love pleated skirts! They look super sophisticated. I like that there are different variations of pleated clothing items. Black is the easiest color to pair other clothes with. You can't go wrong with other colors as well. I love your caramel coat!

    It is interesting that the story didn't really have character development. It is a bummer that readers don't get a sense of who the characters really are. At least you got to read through and see what the novel was about. It is good that you got to have redemption by Dr. Dolittle being a better read. I'm excited for the movie to come out! Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

    Nancy ♥

  10. Mi piace molto questo look, sia la gonna plissè che anche l'abbinamento di colori. Per quanto rigurada i libri...purtroppo io invece non amo il piccolo principe ma leggerei volentieri il dr. dolittle!
    Don't Call Me Fashion Blogger

  11. Nice place.
    Love your skirt.


  12. 100 books, that's just incredible. I haven't kept count - although I'm always meaning to, and then forget - but I'll be glad if I reach 30 this year. Mind you, at least 5 of them were blockbusters at 600 plus pages!
    I read The Little Prince in the original French as a schoolgirl. Belgium is bilingual, Flemish (which I speak) and French, and we are supposed to all be bilingual, getting taught French from about age 10. I haven't re-read it since, and I doubt my rusty French is upto reading it in the original language. I've also read Dr. Doolittle at some point. I think I read a Rose Tremain novel once. As I can't remember for sure, nor its title, I don't think it made a lasting impression. I've read novels which are all over the place, but it's usually the writing itself which makes me give up a book. It has to draw you in, if not, it is quite hard slog reading it, isn't it? As for your outfit, I do love pleats too, and have a couple of pleated skirts and dresses which I wear whether they are "in fashion" or not. I love the pop of cobalt blue with the camel! Wishing you a lovely weekend Ivana! xxx

    1. I haven't reached 100 yet but that is my goal.

  13. Che stile Ivana, bellissima la giacca cammello sulla gonna plissè!
    Kisses, Paola.


  14. Pleats are always classic and the color blocking you've got going in this outfit is really nice. Yes cobalt and camel do make a winning combination. I also didn't read the Little Prince until I was an adult and I think that actually made me appreciate the lessons in it even more.

    1. yes, that might be the case with me as well.

  15. Odličan način da se ukombinuje plisirana suknja kad je hladno! <3

  16. Wow 100 books. I think this year I've read around 6 books the most. LOL!
    Pleated skirts are so nice even during this season. Looks so perfect with a warm coat on!

  17. Stunning Outfit, you look amazing, dear Ivana! I love pleatet midi or maxi skirts - they are very feminin and chic. Unfortunately, such skirts do not suit me. They do not do any good for my figure ;-))
    xxxxx Nadine

  18. Amazing Photos! Beautiful Outfit <3


  19. LOVE a pleated skirt and you've styled yours so beautifully. Obsessed with your bag too. So pretty & chic!! xo

    My Curated Wardrobe

  20. This is such a chic look! I love the pleated skirt
    Julia x

  21. Ivana, this is one of your coolest outfits on your blog! You look so cool but you managed to create a really nice outfit with just a few pieces that are really well selected!

    The pleated skirt is one of those pieces that you take to a business meeting but also take to a casual restaurant for example! Definitely a good piece to invest in !



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