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How To Style A Cherry Print Dress in Summer?

Recently I have written about different ways to style a summer dress (you can read that post here), but truth be told, I'm not always that creative. Sometimes I want to simplify things and take it be easy. Sometimes I want to get ready in five minutes. When I feel like that, I tend to simply grab my favourite summer dress, a pair of  leather sandals and a cute bag. There is nothing new about this outfit, but sometimes you need to rely on your classics. Why not? Fashion isn't just about trying new things all the time, it's about finding joy in putting an outfit together! Fashion is also about wearing things you like and cherishing your favourite clothing items. That's my personal definition anyway. You've seen me wear this cherry print dress many many times. The bag and the sandals are spring purchases, but I've been wearing them non stop, so you must have seen them quite a few times as well. However, sometimes there is nothing wrong in relying on clothing items that just work. Do you agree? I do love a printed dress. Summer is perhaps the ideal time to rock printed dresses. With a printed dress, you don't need many accessories to get noticed. A printed dress is a statement piece on its own. In other words, perfect for those days when you're in a rush or feeling lazy. Not that you shouldn't get more creative if you feel like it? There are many ways to style a cherry print dress. If you want to see other suggestions you can check out this post where I wore this dress with a yellow bag to make it pop even more, or this post where I paired it with an oversize hat and kitten heels to make it more sophisticated and lady like. Here is a similar outfit, but with wedges. If you are the type that loves  perky accessories, check out this post where I wore this dress with hand made cat ears. 

How To Style A Cherry Print Dress? #fashionblogger

All of these photographs were taken in Mostar city, Bosnia and Herzegovina. (That's where I'm based, but even I wasn't, I'd probably still enjoy taking photographs here. I've been living here for a while now, but I never seem to get tired of this city. This particular spot is located near to the city's tennis club, where you can also grab something to eat in a really good restaurant. I love this area because I'm a sucker for cypress trees but also because there is a really cute duck family that lives in this stream.  If you are planning to visit Mostar, you can check out this post where I wrote my tips for finding perfect photo and Instagram worthy places in Mostar.  To make a long story short, here is a short version of my tips for finding great photo locations in Mostar:

1. Look for elevated places, artificial (church tower, buildings etc) or natural (hills, mountains). 
2. Visit old city centre (an attractive location mostly because its historical appeal).
3. Seek out bridges (there are so many bridges in Mostar, do visit as many as you possibly can).
4. Stroll by river and creeks (Neretva is the most impressive, but there are other lovely rivers and creeks in this city).
5. Look for historical, cultural or religious buildings (there are plenty of those here!)
6. Take a moment to relax in one of city's parks or in some other green area. 

How To Style A Cherry Print Dress?

How To Style A Cherry Print Dress?

Whatever you do, remember to have fun. As I wrote in my last post, taking photographs is important but so is living in the moment. Perhaps there is a way we can have both? I sure hope so. Tell me, do you have any photography tips? If you take photographs, how do you go about it? If you a fashion blogger/influencer or just somebody who wants to look nice captured on camera, what are your posing secrets? How do you choose your locations? Do you prefer to have your photo taken or to take photographs. It's an interesting topic, isn't it? Moreover, tell me do you have days when you feel like wearing some simple? Do you like print dresses? Do you wear them in the summer? Do you have a favourite dress? Do you often wear dresses? And if your answer is yes....What kind of dresses do you wear most often? It would be fun to know. That would be all for today. I'm currently working on preparing a number of (hopefully informative posts), so I decided to keep this post simple and not too long. Thank you all for visiting and for your lovely comments. Have a fantastic weekend!

How To Style A Cherry Print Dress?

How To Style A Cherry Print Dress?

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  1. You look so classy. Love the dress! Have a great weekend! xx

  2. What a beautiful dress! Perfect for Summer!

  3. Your dress is lovely! I agree, it's nice to have fun with fashion and try new things but there's nothing wrong with having classic go-to pieces! Pretty dresses like these are summer staples for me! They are such easy instant outfits. It will be no surprise to you that my favourite kinds of dresses are my maxi dresses :)

    Hope you are having a great week :) I went to a blogging event yesterday, it was a lot of fun and a nice way to start the weekend :)

    Away From The Blue Blog

    1. so great you went to a blogging event!

  4. Sei carinissima con questo abito che dà gioia

  5. Thanks a lot :D Really? It was cool :)

    loved all details :D your dress is amazing :D

    InstagramFacebook Official PageMiguel Gouveia / Blog Pieces Of Me :D

  6. beautiful dress!

  7. cute printed dress
    this is very nice
    Have a lovely weekend
    new post

  8. You look super stunning! Love your dress! The pictures are amazing!

  9. I love printed dresses - especially if the print is something funky, like pineapples or cherry :) also, I was looking for a perfect dress for summer, as I'm going for holidays to Croatia and it's super hot there, but couldn't find one I liked. Yours is very cute!

    1. thank you Dorota. I'm from Croatia:), I hope you'll enjoy your vacation.

  10. You look amazing my dear! Perfect outfit!

  11. nice post!

  12. Super cute dress and beautiful photos, Ivana! I am like you where I like to get photos of my outfits, but I also need to live in the moment. So when doing things like sightseeing or visiting the park with my kids, if I need outfit photos, we do those first, then I put the phone away and enjoy the moment. I love a cute little boho dress in summer on a hot day...although I have not been wearing very many dresses this summer and have been more of cut off denim shorts and kimono kind of girl this year!


  13. You look lovely in this dress and I love the print! It's also beautifully paired with the bag and sandals!
    xo Yvonne

  14. I love the post! The dress is beautiful ♥

  15. The dress is very beautiful and girly! I love printed dresses too, although I also have a thing for dark dresses like dark indigo, gray or black... You are waking up and you already have all the outfit done :-)

  16. Beautiful dress.

  17. so pretty! love this dress and the print.

    kisses dear

  18. This is such a beautiful dress Ivana, I would love to have such prints dresses. Summer are a great time to wear some fun prints dresses. I love your your style and the way you have styled it. The sunnies look so pretty too. You are looking so cute even in every picture.
    Have a happy Monday <3
    New post-

  19. You look really good and that place is really beautiful!

    Yellow Rain

  20. Gorgeous dress and thanks for sharing these tips.

    Bernie, xx
    The Style Fanatic

  21. You look so beautyful with this cute dress, Ivana! I love to wear those printed dresses too.
    xxxxx Nadine

  22. You look very beautiful and I really like your dress! I am the same like you, when I don't know what to wear, dress is the best option! I feel comfortable and elegant in the same time.

  23. loved the outfit! so cute this cherry print!

    Guria do Século Passado

  24. Esse look ficou lindo e muito elegante, amei esse vestido com estampas de cerejas.


  25. Nice and Perfect looking outfit..

  26. Hi dear. :) You look great!
    I also wish you a lovely week. <3

  27. Ivana, these summer proposals are ideal for any escapade during one of the best seasons of the year (but at least I prefer colder weather, like autumn). Love that you mentioned that fashion is not only about trying different stuff but finding joy in our clothes, something that we tend to forget when we only want to follow trends and copy style from others without thinking more about the final result and the happiness our clothes should give us right? You look great in this proposals and love that you're including a blast of colors (and vitamins due to the fruit pattern) in this dress!

    Best regards!
    Hey Fungi Blog

  28. The dress is so pretty. Loving the shoes too.

  29. Really loving this dress, babe- such a pretty print!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  30. que vestido mas bonito, me ha encantado

  31. This dress is super pretty!! :)

    If you want, check my latest editorial:
    TUSCANY BY THE SEA - A Summer Look

    xx Eva


  32. It's great when we try new things for our style. very beautiful dress

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  34. Great post :) I like it :) fantastic outfit :)

    new post


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